The Synod of the Trinity offers several grant opportunities for presbyteries, congregations and students in our region. Below is a list of those options with a brief description. More information and the grant application is available on the grant’s designated page.

Innovation Grant

Through these one-time grants, congregations, presbyteries and faith-based organizations are encouraged to dream and explore new and innovative possibilities for ministry and mission. Learn more here.


Click on picture to learn about Krislund Camp and Conference Center’s Traveling Day Camps.

Innovation Grant for New Worshiping Communities

In partnership with the Presbyterian Mission Agency, the Synod of the Trinity will assist with a portion of the matching funds necessary for Investment and Growth Grants for New Worshiping Communities. More information here.

Mission Travel Grant

Short-term mission trip travel represents a special kind of peacemaking experience, and the Synod of the Trinity wants to help congregations and individuals put faith into action through this grant. Check out the details here.


Click on the photo to learn how the Presbytery of Lake Erie engaged in an international mission partnership trip to Ghana.

Partnership Grant

Is your group passionate about a common interest or concern? Is your team interested in connecting with another group to live out that call in ongoing ways? If so, this grant is for you. Find out more here.


Click on the photo to learn how First Presbyterian Church of Lancaster, PA, used its “Backyard Missions” to create short-term missions in their own community.

Peacemaking Grant

If gun violence, racism/white privilege or drug use/addiction are issues you feel called to help with, this Peacemaking Grant will assist you in your ambition. To see what other targeted issues will be strongly considered with this grant, click here.


Click on the photo to learn about the experiences of Hillary Leslie, a Young Adult Volunteer who spent time in Belfast and New Orleans.

Student Study Grant

A commitment to education lies at the core of the Synod’s affirmations and efforts. To learn more about the Synod’s undergraduate and graduate scholarship funding, click here. Other Presbyterian-related college grants can also be found on this page.


Click on the photo to read about how a Student Study Grant helped a pastor explore Theology of Missional Congregations.