300 and 1

Bolt John

2018 Synod Moderator John Bolt

Well, that was fun. The Synod of the Trinity’s year-long celebration of its 300 years of existence featured a good deal of remembering how we got to where we are, lifting up congregations and ministries.

But more importantly, perhaps, why we are, and where we can go from here.

In a denomination that prides itself on being connected with each other, synods tend to be on the outside looking in, with continuing questions of their usefulness and purpose. Fortunately, Trinity is currently in a strong position and its constituent presbyteries are by and large engaged.

I hope you’ll take some time this year to explore the ways the Synod can assist your various ministries and that you’ll take advantage of programs, including grant opportunities, and planned meetings to learn more about your fellow Presbyterians throughout the region.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, observations or suggestions. You can reach me at moderator@syntrinity.org.

Grace and peace,

John A. Bolt

2018 Moderator,

Synod of the Trinity