Website logo for hateAccording to the Southern Poverty Law Center, there are 36 hate-related groups in Pennsylvania, and 41 more in West Virginia and Ohio. They are a quantifiable presence in our Synod. But beyond the groups, hate behavior is growing across the country as it finds its way into public commentary and actions. It shows itself through these organized groups as well as through individuals – and even some in our pews.

How can we shine a light on these behaviors and raise awareness in our congregations that leads to engagement? Too often, we act as if not participating in “hate” is our best option for addressing the behavior. It is not.

Below are links to websites, articles and other resources that will assist you and your congregation in taking a stand against hate groups and hate-related behavior.

Website Resources

Southern Poverty Law Center

Hate in America

Not In Our Town

Community Responders Network

Teaching Tolerance

Anti-Defamation League

Simon Wiesenthal Center

Life After Hate


Printable Handouts

Ten Ways To Fight Hate, Southern Poverty Law Center

Quick Start Guide, Not In Our Town



Welcome the Stranger trilogy by the Community Responders Network

Hate Crime Prevention: A Few Things to Consider by Jim Nolan, professor of sociology, West Virginia University

Documentary: American Hate

Speech on Perils of Indifference by Elie Weisel

The Victims in America’s State of Hate by CNN


General Articles


Chronology of hate groups in Pennsylvania

Chronology of hate groups in West Virginia

Chronology of hate groups in Ohio

Man plans for racially-separated Lebanon County

Retired Elizabethtown College professor founder of H.L. Mencken Club, “an organization for independent-minded intellectuals and academics of the Right”

Second Presbyterian Church of Carlisle at forefront of connecting community following KKK presence

A West Virginia man was indicted in 2017 for making derogatory comments regarding a woman’s actual and perceived sexual orientation and used a glass bottle to hit her multiple times in the head

Black freshmen at University of Pennsylvania receive racist messages depicting lynchings

Police in PA abusing state’s hate crime law to punish speech


Martin Luther King’s letter from the Birmingham jail

50 percent of pastors worry they’ll offend people if they speak about social issues

What makes people join hate groups?

Don’t blame incivility when America’s carefully crafted hate turns violent

Militias test the civility of an Arizona border town

Attacks by white extremists are growing. So are their connections.

The U.S. white majority will soon be over

White-supremacist propaganda on campuses rose 77% last year

In California, home to many hate groups, officials struggle to spot the next

KKK groups still active in these states



The Violence of Hate by Jack Levin and Jim Nolan

White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo

How to Make White People Laugh by Negin Farsad

What Does It Mean to be White? by Robin DiAngelo

You Can’t Touch My Hair And Other Things I Still Have to Explain by Phoebe Robinson

Beyond the Messy Truth by Van Jones