300th transparentIn honor of the Synod of the Trinity’s 300th birthday celebration, we asked people from around our region to research the histories of their presbyteries and the unique places and people that have come from there. This is still a work in progress and will be updated as more historical stories come our way.

If you have a historical story to share, contact Communications Coordinator Mike Givler by email here.

Click on the titles below to access the individual stories. Enjoy!

Synod of the Trinity – 300 years of dedication to the region

Beaver-Butler Presbytery – Grown out of four presbyteries and two denominations

Presbytery of Donegal – Boundary (and spelling) changes didn’t deter this presbytery

Huntingdon Presbytery – Rural roots still shine today

Presbytery of Lackawanna – Still reaching out to its brothers and sisters

Presbytery of Lake Erie – 200 years of disunity and unity

Lehigh Presbytery – Immigrant groups found new home in Lehigh

Presbytery of Northumberland – A long history of ethnic diversity

Presbytery of Philadelphia – The first presbytery of the United States

Jedediah Andrews – Philly’s first Presbyterian pastor

Pittsburgh Presbytery – Enduring changes for centuries

Presbytery of Redstone – Paving the way to the “west”

Presbytery of Shenango – Missional focus continues to define presbytery

Upper Ohio Valley Presbytery – Surviving through war, Indians and change

First Church of Martins Ferry celebrates past, anticipates future

Washington Presbytery – Diverse cultures and mission work a staple here

Presbytery of West Virginia – Civil War caused a great division


Board of Pensions – Supporting pastors for 300 years

New Castle Presbytery – One of the original four

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