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Then, subtract the minutes and the hours, keeping the result on the appropriate side of the ":" where hours are on the left, and minutes are on the right. For example: If the starting time has a larger number of minutes: Treat the hour and minute portion separately. For example 15 minutes (¼ hour) equals 0.25, 30 minutes (½ hour) equals 0.5, etc. How long is 18 minutes? The calculator can also be used to estimate time taken or distance traveled with given pace and time or distance. If the ending time has a larger number of minutes: Subtract the starting time from the ending time as you would subtract normally, keeping the hours and minutes on the appropriate side of the ":", where hours are on the left, and minutes are on the right. "Common But Confusing Training Terms." As such, there are many estimates for MHR based on age, which is strongly correlated with heart rate, though there is little consensus regarding which formula should be used.


"The Power of Pace & Heart Rate Training." Pace and heart rate have a positive correlation; higher pace corresponds to higher heart rate. Divide the value in minutes by 60 (i.e. The perforated matzot are placed in the oven with long wooden poles and should bake within two to three "How to Find the Right Race Pace and Why the Wrong Pace Sets You up for Failure." If the times are not already in 24-hour time, convert them to 24-hour time.

To convert this value to decimal hours follow the steps below: In short: Decimal hours = whole number of hours, plus minutes divided by 60, plus seconds divided by 3600. An anaerobic threshold pace is defined by some as the threshold at which glycogen, rather than oxygen, becomes the primary source of energy for the body.3 Note that while anaerobic training will result in a person becoming more fit overall, it is not necessarily ideal training for a marathon, since an anaerobic pace is not sustainable for long periods of time.

What is 18 minutes when converted to hour in decimal format? This pace requires a relatively low level of intensity, and is usually maintainable for a few hours.

For PM hours, add 12 to the number to convert it to 24-hour time.

Use the calculator below to find the hours, minutes, and seconds between two times. Increasing aerobic threshold pace allows for a faster sustainable pace and is a large aspect of many marathon training programs.

Lovett, Richard A. 2011. Use this timer to easily time 1 Minutes. Note that although lactate is also produced in aerobic conditions, it is used almost as quickly as it is formed at low levels of exercise, and only trace amounts leak into the bloodstream from the muscles. For example: 13:57 – 9:22 : 4:35: If the starting time has a larger number of minutes: Treat the hour and minute portion separately.

"Find Your Tempo."

This simple calculator will allow you to easily convert 18 min to hr. 0.25 + 0.01 = 0.26). Gaudette, Jeff.

"Heart rate."

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