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Find our submission guidelines here and email your date to us at and you may be featured on our blog, 50 First Dates. MH: Katie, just pretend you’re talking to your dog.

How they react is a big deal. I may take this back later. Henry Roth is a man afraid of commitment up until he meets the beautiful Lucy. 50 First Dates is coming to Netflix, so get ready to plan your nights on the couch accordingly. Hawai‘i is full of amazing places. MH: He went through a pansexual phase? KK: No I mean he might become so intimidated by her. Learning About the Life (and Interstellar Hopes) of Honolulu’s Tuxedo Man, Moku Kitchen Reopens in Salt at Our Kaka‘ako, Your O‘ahu Neighborhood Guide: Monsarrat Avenue, A New Okazuya Continues a Long Tradition in Waipahu, How a Lobster Roll Changed the Game at Feast in Mānoa, The Local General Store Offers Pastry Boxes and Virtual Butchery Classes Focusing on Local Farmers, 4 Reasons Why Maintaining Your Tires Will Save You Dollars Down the Line, 5 Reasons to Try 2020’s Hale ‘Aina Award Winner for Best Thai Restaurant, 4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Fish Local.

MH: She seems like the kind of lady who would send a cocktail back multiple times.
I need more drama. 50 Essential Hawai‘i Books You Should Read in Your Lifetime, Everything You Need to Know About Local Fruit in Hawai‘i, “This Is It, I’m Going to Die. KV: Ugh, who says I love you on, what is this, Day 4?

He is too low energy. Married at First Sight? It’s called Netflix Party, and all you have to do is download it, pick a show, send the link to your buddies and voilà—you’re streaming at the same time with a chat window running alongside your screen so you can share your thoughts as you watch. All promotional material including but not limited to trailers, images, logo's and videos are all copyright to their respective owners. MH: Why do all these guys look like knockoff clones of famous actors?

Here are 145 thoughts we had while watching Season 1, Episode 1: BT: It DOES feel like the start to The Bachelor! While you wait to get your #SandMoore on, there are plenty of other great things to devour on Netflix. KV: They don’t even know what they’re like on the weekends. KV: What else do they do all day when they're not dating? Ever since 1998's The Wedding Singer, it was clear these two entertaining humans should just continue to make movies together.

KK: Of all the girls … the boys are gonna fight over Jessica? Her voice is NOT sexy.

What are you gonna do, sue me? Henry Roth is a man afraid of commitment until he meets the beautiful Lucy. MH: Wesley, come to Hawai‘i. They hit it off and Henry think he's finally found the girl of his dreams, until he discovers she has short-term memory loss and forgets him the next day. MH: LOL this is not going well. Yes! Netflix rating: BT: I like that he’s focusing on her and not just taking notes. These people seem like they would be people we know.

There are plenty of short people here. BT: All the producers are high fiving right now. KV: That’s not a big enough bombshell. Better get crackin,' because Season 2 looks good.

KV: OK but they picked good looking people …. MH: That's a great question: What’s the weirdest thing about you? The Bachelor? BT: Hey this seems like a good match so far. MH: “You're Impressive as hell.” “I knooooooow!”. 2? KV: This is what being on TV does to you. MH: I feel like that’s not that odd. They need blind love too! The Boss Baby, which is nominated for Best Animated Feature, is also ready for your viewing pleasure. BT: C’mon Cameron, down a Red Bull or something!

Don't even try to deny it. KV: Haha I like Diamond, she’s got no time for this BS. There’s gotta be more. In addition to checking your horoscope and prepping your calendar, there are fresh Netflix additions to get pumped about. KK: Who is he?? KK: I’m going to do a phone call date and do a baby voice.

BT: Cameron reminds me of Serena Williams’ husband. 48.0 BT: Are there no Asian guys? KV: Their “connection” is just that they’re both from Chicago. 50 First Dates is coming to Netflix, so get ready to plan your nights on the couch accordingly. THANK U, NEXT. KK: Am I the only one noticing that with women she sounds normal and with men she’s babylike?

KK: I mean it’s weird as hell but I do kinda like them.

BT: Be careful, you might get engaged tonight. KV: EVERYONE WANTS A PERFECT MARRIAGE, JESSICA. KV: There is alcohol in every shot of this show. KV: She’s totally using a baby voice and I hate it. Rotten Tomatoes rating: Next month is already shaping up to be a good one. After falling for a pretty art teacher who has no short-term memory, a marine veterinarian has to win her over again every single day. KK: Why is her voice becoming more babylike??? Find out where 50 First Dates is streaming, if 50 First Dates is on Netflix, and get news and updates, on Decider. BT: OK reality check people, you are in two totally different life stages. The men just don’t need them. MH: Dude, with that much alcohol I’d be passed out mid sentence.

50 First Dates, about a woman with short term memory loss who wakes up every day without knowing what happened the day prior, quickly became a favorite with fans upon its release back in 2004. 50 First Dates, we are ready to have you at our fingertips when March rolls around. BT: They were smart to liquor everybody up.

KV: “I love my family.” “I love my family too omg!” Ugh. NetflixReleases is an unofficial site for Netflix fans. KK: I’m a totally different person at home! KV: Man, they are dressed up for never actually getting to see their dates. KV: This guy looks like a cuter Michael Phelps. MH: Dudes seem to be eating it up, though.

Netflix is a registered trademark of Netflix, Inc. BT: Wait so do they all get to meet everyone or are they only paired up with certain people? It will be nice to know you will be there for us on a lazy night-in in the near future. KV: The girls are not happy for each other, those are fake hugs. BT: He wrote down SALMON!

MH: I could be drunk, talk and play Pokémon at the same time. KV: The guys are totally spreading out, super chill, loving all the attention. After Jayson Harper graduated from Kaiser High School, he was eager to make his mark in New York. : If you’re going on any virtual first dates while on lockdown, please tell us about it! There must be a lotta Spanx going on! The Best Way to Celebrate End of Lockdown No. 50 First Dates (2004) is available on Netflix United States. KV: I feel like this is too not serious, like they know they can cancel. If you're looking for something a little less intense, the final season of Judd Apatow's Gillian Jacobs/Paul Rust will-they-won't-they edgy romantic comedy series Love hits the streaming service on March 9. KK: Have you seen Love Island? Mom, Help.” A Hawaiʻi Man Remembers His Days as a Black College Student in New York, COVID-19 Hits Home: Three Oʻahu People Who Contracted COVID-19 Talk About Their Illness and Long Recovery, The Original Magoo’s Pizza Is Back in Business After a Long Hiatus, An Old-School Mochi Shop Finds a New Home in McCully. Need something to read—or hand to someone who does? The full list of new titles coming to the streaming service won't be available until Feb. 22, though we are aware of one rom-com fave you can expect to binge-watch over and over again. If you need a refresher course on the twisty Marvel superhero drama, you can binge the first season now. But soon, an encounter with police taught him instead to be invisible. I’ve heard of the “girlfriend voice.”. Netflix has Best Costume Design and Best Production Design nominee Beauty and the Beast, as well as three Best Documentary Feature nods — Strong Island, Last Man in Aleppo, and Icarus. I don’t trust this Cameron. She said. MH: How come only the women’s rooms have blankets? Don't even try to deny it. In addition to faves coming back for more, March will see the premiere of coming-of-age comedy On My Block (which comes from the creators of MTV's Awkward) on the 16th of the month. MH: Seriously, he knows how to compliment a girl. The show's star, Krysten Ritter, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about how the story will differ in this upcoming installment. 6.8 Fruits are part of our history and culture, a way for us to feel connected to our community. BT: She is gorgeous so she has nothing to worry about.
Is this a show from South Korea? Their original film Mudbound, which is nominated for Best Original Screenplay, Best Original Song, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Cinematography, is currently available. Adam Sandler Returning to 'Saturday Night Live' to Host for First Time. You could find that by dating people in Chicago. This moment must be so scary. KK: I want to take a screenshot of his reaction. KK: It seems that these people are actually regular lovely people so far. MH: Da baby voice, guys. March is just around the corner, and you know what one of the most exciting parts of a new month is? P.S. MH: $10 he’s just doodling in his Moleskine. Here’s a peek into Hawai‘i’s coolest off-limits corners. Who doesn't love a feel-good comedy about two people finding love against all odds?

BT: They look like they could be brother and sister!

Oh no, jk.

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