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→ Class is a singular collective noun. What pronouns and verbs are best for pairing with the collective noun you’ve chosen? a. When members of a collective noun act as individuals, that collective noun is plural and must be paired with plural pronouns and plural verbs. A collective noun (e.g., team, group, herd) is a word that denotes a group of people or things. In this article, we will explore more about collective nouns, their definition, examples of collective nouns, and finally worksheets for collective nouns.

You can’t have a team without individual members; even so, we discuss a team as a single entity. Uninstall instructions, End-User License Agreement & Privacy Policy, Fall – Often used to discuss weather, such as rain, snow or hail.

h. Beside the museum there is a ________________________ of garbage, a. f. Ismat opened a ____________________ of chocolates from her bag. So, individual elements or members constitute the team and it got a name called collective nouns.

As a noun, it is a name. A fleet of ____________________________ b. A collective noun is a noun that represents a group. It is a specific word that represents a number of people or things. If you are unaware of what animals are called in groups, Here is an impressive list of collective nouns for groups of animals.Sorry!, The collective noun group is used for representing a group of people, islands, dancers, doctors, engineers, guinea pigs, etc. Option for the same is given at the end of the worksheet. Let’s take a look at the few common collective nouns: The collective noun pack is used to represent a group of dogs, hounds, bears, gulls, mules, rats, sharks, wolves, etc.

But there are some specific names given for certain groups of nouns to make things more interesting and funny. → Committee is a singular collective noun. So, Whenever we need to name a group of people, animals, or things we have to use collective nouns. So collective noun is the name for the collection of the group. Collective noun is the name we give to a group of nouns to refer to them as one entity. A ___________ of Students participated in the cricket competition. Soon enough you’ll be able to use plural verbs without worrying whether you have made mistakes. Example: A gang of criminals. Members of collective nouns can act the same way, as individuals doing their own thing. Example: A shoal of fish. The boat’s crew worked all night to stop the leak. Give a _________ of cereals to the begger in the door. They run away as a single unit as they attempt to make a getaway, galloping across the savanna in the same direction. The __________________ of musicians performed well. The following collective nouns are used for things. In everyday English usage, we encounter various collective nouns. For better development and depth on each subject students should practice more and more worksheets or question papers.

These nouns are endless and these are just a list of those used more often. When individuals are in a team, a choir, a committee, or part of any other collective noun, that noun is singular and is paired with singular pronouns and singular verbs. As you read the following examples, you’ll notice that members of the collective noun are not functioning in unison. Today, Ms. Kennedy’s class takes its SOL test. Shoal as a collective noun is used for a group of fish, salmon, herrings, etc. Collective nouns are names for a collection or a number of people or things.

How can you tell if it’s plural? Our extended family includes great-grandparents and second cousins.

Once you are familiar with these words, you’ll notice that they are used in a variety of situations. Today we list the collective nouns used for the different groups of people. Thank you. Gang as collective nouns example is used for a group of thieves, prisoners, laborers, slaves, criminals, etc. After eight hours sitting in the stuffy courtroom, the jury. Sometimes we may not be aware that the word is a collective noun. As mentioned above, collective nouns are a class in themselves.

Collective Nouns in English! link to Countable and Uncountable Nouns: Definition, Rules, Lists, and Worksheets (With PDF), link to Subject and Predicate: Definition, Rules, Examples, and Worksheets (With PDF). Keys, marbles, and rubber bands were just a few of the things in the pile of objects in his drawer. As you continue to work on improving your English, you will stumble across many more. It can be singular or plural depending on its use in the sentence. You can use different words to compose your sentence to be sure there is no agreement error. Well, I am a Science Graduate, currently a housewife and mother of two. Committee: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ b. Shoal : _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ c. Mob : _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ d. Heap: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ e. Set: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ f. Stack: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ g. Series: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ h. Colony: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ i. Shower: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ j. Orchestra: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ k. Clutch : _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ l. Tribe: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ m. Company: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ n. Gaggle: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ o.

Are they all doing the same thing at once? Let’s take a closer look of the following sentences: In all the above sentences, the blue highlighted words are collective nouns that are representing a group. Collective nouns are names for a collection or a number of people or things. f. A ____________ of experts will decide the results of the contest. The same goes for the collective nouns we find for animals; the names arose from 15thcentury French and English hunting traditions, where hunting was common and names and terms were given to all aspects of the sport. This is understandable, because a collective noun can be singular or plural, depending on a sentence’s context. Every morning, the herd follows its leader to the watering hole for a drink. The following lesson explains collective noun definition and provides a list of commonly used collective nouns for humans, animals, and objects. a.

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