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'Hall's Heelers' became famous among Hunter Valley cattle-men and were in much demand for station work.,,, to enjoy a relaxing stay in the historic Segenhoe Inn, to explore the town on the Historical Aberdeen Walk, to drive through the rich horse stud area between Aberdeen and Scone, to learn about the origins of the famous "blue heeler" sheep dog. * In 1864 a school was opened in the town. The Australian Dictionary of Biography explains: "Thomas managed the Dartbrook property for the family partnership and later inherited it. Aberdeen has its own pre-school, which was founded in 1977.

Kia Ora was founded in 1914 by Percy Miller. Lake Glenbawn Holiday and Recreation Area Hall , like many early settlers, used Dartbrook as a base while sending his children north to work large cattle runs. It lies in the heartland of the Hunter Valley horse stud area and is surrounded by rich pasturelands which have bred horses for all over the world.

Aberdeen is a small town in the upper Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia, in Upper Hunter Shire. Jefferson Park  is land which was set aside over 100 years ago and is now the town's main sports and recreation venue. Two kilometres north of Aberdeen on the New England Highway, Segenhoe Road heads east and after another 5 km there are roads leading to Lake Glenbawn Holiday and Recreation Park. Domain has 412 Real Estate Properties for Sale in Aberdeen, NSW, 2336 & surrounding suburbs. * In 1908 a police station and court house was built in the town. Located 242 km  north-west of Sydney on the New England Highway and 139 km north-west of Newcastle, Aberdeen is 186 m above sea-level . Aberdeen has two churches – St Thomas's Catholic Church, and St Mark's Anglican Church. The land was granted to George Smith Hall, a free settler who had arrived in 1802 and settled near Windsor. Cast a line and you can catch our famous 'big bass', golden perch (yellow belly) and catfish." * Prior to the arrival of Europeans the area was occupied by the Wanaruah people. Aberdeen is a small town in the upper Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia, in Upper Hunter Shire. 5.3 km along this road is a turnoff to the left which will take you up to Brushy Hill where there are two separate lookouts with impressive panoramic views across the lake. In 1941 it sold 105 yearlings at the Sydney Easter Sales. Hundreds of people were left without work, and despite promises from both the New South Wales and Federal governments to encourage new businesses to open up in the area, nothing of note eventuated.

It has a hipped roof and bull-nosed veranda. * The meatworks closed in 1999. It is now an upmarket bed and breakfast destination which has been richly furnished so that it captures an era when the town was the home to some of the richest men in the early colony of New South Wales. Today this famous stud is known for its exceptional brood mares which include Hurtle Myrtle, Sister Madly, Mimi Lebrock, Set For Fame, Buckleupbuttercup (USA), My Chicharita (NZ), Deer Valley, Swiss Rose (NZ) and Radharcnafarraige (IRE). [2] * MacQueens' financial situation in England declined and he moved to Australia, living at Segenhoe from 1834 to 1838.

B. * By 1894, 200 men were employed by the meatworks. Aberdeen does not have its own Visitor Information Centre. Surveyor-General Thomas Mitchell, explorers Allan Cunningham and Edmund Kennedy, and Governor Bourke all used the house as a base. * In 1881 the population of Aberdeen was 36. Segenhoe Horse Stud It was used as a base for explorers such as Thomas Mitchell, Edmund Kennedy and Allan Cunningham. It is believed to be the oldest mill of its kind still standing in Australia. In the township the main attraction is the historic Segenhoe Inn (1837). Although the properties are privately owned it is easy to appreciate the richness of the area and the way the original properties have been turned into successful horse studs. The lake's shoreline is predominantly open woodland with over 100 species of birds including galahs, eastern rosellas, pelicans and king parrots. The result is a popular spot for water skiing, fishing, swimming, wind surfing, sailing, canoeing and sailboarding. It is the birthplace of seven Melbourne Cup winners. The single-storey stone Georgian homestead  which dates from the 1830s is difficult to see from the roadside as it is set back from the road. Segenoe Inn, the most impressive historic building in town, is located on the corner of the New England Highway and McAdam Street. The website ( boasts that "Lake Glenbawn is also one of the best freshwater fishing spots in NSW. In the beginning it was started with just half a dozen mares but over the years it has produced many champions and become one of the great studs. It was famous as a stopover point for exploraters heading north.

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In 1837 Segenhoe Inn was built, which Potter McQueen named after Segenhoe Manor, in Bedfordshire, where he was born in 1791. It covers 2614 ha, draws on a catchment area of 1295 square km, has a storage capacity of 750 000 ml and a maximum depth of 85 m. The main wall is 100 m high and the length of the crest is 1125 m. The inn was built on McQueen's land which had been named Segenhoe after the Segenhoe Manor where he had been  born in Bedfordshire in 1791. According to the 2016 census of Population, there were 1,894 people in Aberdeen. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people made up 6.7% of the population. The Commercial Hotel is also available for budget accommodation. A. Jefferson Park To the north is the Liverpool Range and to the south and west the valleys of the Upper Hunter.

After 1870 a pair were taken to Sydney where the breed was improved, chiefly by the Bagust brothers, who 'bred a lot and drowned a lot' until by 1890 the blue cattle-dog bred true." It is 12 kilometres north of Muswellbrook on the New England Highway.

* By 1866 there were two churches, a post office, a lock-up, a school, three inns, some shops and a steam-driven mill. One factor in closing down what was once a very important abattoir for Conagra, was that the financial cost of upgrading the Aberdeen Abattoir was deemed too high, thus the abattoir - which was the largest single employer in Aberdeen - was closed in 1999. To the north of Aberdeen, Dartbrook Road heads west through farming land to a T- intersection where the Dartbrook estate was established. The dog became known as a 'blue heeler' for the colour of its coat combined with its tendency to nip at the heels of cattle, thus moving them forward in a controlled manner. * The town's first post office opened in 1856. D. Segenhoe Inn He responded to the urgent need for good cattle-dogs and imported a pair of wall-eyed blue 'merles', a cross between the Scottish collie and Italian greyhound. I’d like to find out the address of my father’s childhood home. Domain makes searching for your new home easy with over, Semi detached houses for sale in Aberdeen, New & Off the plan apartments in Aberdeen. This is the heartland of the Australian throroughbred industry. Today Aberdeen is a small country service centre located on the side of a hill beside the Hunter River between Muswellbrook and Scone. 86.7% of people were born in Australia and 90.4% of people only spoke English at home. Aberdeen is possibly best known for the former abattoirs in the town centre, which operated for well over 100 years, before the most recent owners - an American company called Conagra - decided to close down their New South Wales abattoirs and concentrate on their Queensland operations. Now calling itself Segenoe Inn Historic Bed and Breakfast, it was built in 1837 by Thomas Potter McQueen. He crossed the river, discovering Dart Brook and Kingdon Ponds (two tributaries) just to the north-west of the present townsite. The closest is the Scone Visitor Information & Horse Centre, cnr Kelly & Susan Streets, Scone, tel: (02) 6540 1300. The Commercial Hotel on the New England Highway.

A short distance along Rouchel Road (pronounced 'roo-cawl'), just over the railway line, to the left, are the ruins of the old mill, built c.1840. View our listings & use our detailed filters to find your perfect home. The country surrounding Aberdeen is more interesting than the town. Have your say below. Aberdeen is a small town in the upper Hunter Region of New South Wales, Australia, in Upper Hunter Shire. It is 12 kilometres north of Muswellbrook on the New England Highway. Located 242 km north-west of Sydney on the New England Highway and 139 km north-west of Newcastle, Aberdeen is 186 m above sea-level . Next to St Thomas's Catholic Church is located St Joseph's Aberdeen High School.[4]. The town contains two schools: the Aberdeen Public School, catering from kindergarten to Grade 6; and St. Joseph's High School, a Catholic co-educational high school catering for Grades 7 through to 12. Such legends of the Australian turf as Amounis, Windbag, Shannon, Delta, Hydrogen and Evening Peal were born and reared at Kia Ora. * In 1983 Elders IXL took over the town's meatworks.

To the east are Mount Woolooma, the Mount Royal Ranges and Barrington Tops. Media related to Aberdeen, New South Wales at Wikimedia Commons, This article is about Aberdeen, New South Wales. The inn also had a detached kitchen, a tap room and storeroom. The town has a local rugby league team, the Aberdeen Tigers. It put 400 local people out of work. Major extensions in the 1980s facilitated the development of the recreation area.

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