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But ultimately, Zadkiel failed in achieving his objective when the Furious Abyss was boarded by a small ad hoc force of Loyalist Astartes who had learned of the Word Bearers' role in Horus' rebellion and who proceeded to sabotage the massive vessel's plasma reactors and destroy it before its array of formidable weaponry could be brought to bear against the worlds of Ultramar. Skraal avoided all attempts to capture or kill him, as well as resisting being suborned by the baleful words of Zadkiel into joining the Traitors' cause. Within a short period of time, the Loyalist warships made visual contact with the ship that was responsible for The Fist's destruction. The XIIIth Legion would be forced to divert forces from the muster point on Calth to the aid of Macragge and would become caught in the subsequent asteroid storm of the moon's demise once they translated into the Macragge System from the Warp. Card Kingdom 96.03 - 96.19 . The Furious Abyss, the first ship of its class, was built in the Jovian shipyards of Thule which orbited the gas giant of Jupiter in the Sol System in the early 31st Millennium. This mighty vessel was the Blessed Lady. Navigate - Moondive EP Label:Pedo Beat Records Catalog#:PB 940004-1 Format:Vinyl, 12", EP Country:Germany Released:1994 Genre:Electronic … The Ultramarines Legion was badly crippled by the Word Bearers' assault at Calth and no longer presented a viable threat to Horus' plan to drive on Terra. The central tine served as the vessel's core: dense at the stern, encrusted with massive engines and tapering towards the prow, where it formed a pointed ram the size of lesser vessels. Abyss dreams are a more or less universal experience. The only thing they knew thus far was that the Astartes aboard the massive battleship had turned Traitor. The Word Bearers would then be able to strike the Ultramarines fleet as it was divided and damaged by the asteroid assault, allowing the Traitors to take them utterly by surprise. On another level, the abyss dream shows your loss of control in some aspects of your waking life. Though little more than a company from any given Legion would be expecting transit at any one time, Sectors Kappa through Theta of the spaceport were at the complete disposal of the Legions. This ship had been made for the Word Bearers, and in the Jovian shipyards its long-awaited construction had finally reached an end. The Loyalists finally determined that they had to find a way to disable the Furious Abyss. Battle for the Abyss is a novel by Ben Counter, and the eighth book in the Horus Heresy Series.Published in August, 2008, a sneak release of the book became available in July 2008.

Cestus wondered how far such treachery went and whether it was confined merely to this single warship or now permeated the entire XVIIth Legion.

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