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He believed he had never been given the chance to be a real actor and had never been taken seriously as anything other than a pretty face. He had begun in Hollywood as a laborer and enjoyed being around those who worked behind the scenes. He certainly knew all there was to know about a ‘great look’. A terrific article on Alan Ladd! At 20, Ladd graduated from high school on February 1, 1934. Rest In Peace Mr. Ladd. Ladd had appeared from time to time, usually inconsequentially, in movies since the mid-thirties; he had a small but important part in 1942’s Joan of Paris, and a bit role as a reporter in Citizen Kane. When that famous kitten-hating maid shows up, itching for one of the best slaps in movie history, the camera angle shifts from low to high, and Ladd, now looming over the girl, is suddenly ten feet tall. People born under this sign are persistent and straightforward. do they? He was well-regarded on the set. His breakout in This Gun for Hire is unforgettable. [5], In the early 1920s, an economic downturn led to Ladd's family moving to California, a journey which took four months. It’s just the sad way it is…. I had to get him to lower his voice too; it was too high. Sue Carol, ten years his senior, filled some of the void left in his mother’s wake, and Ladd came to consider the Paramount a surrogate home. It’s said that the publicity department invented him, but they didn’t really have to. Very good article. Paramount had owned the film rights to A Gun for Sale, a novel by Graham Greene, since 1936 but waited until 1941 before making a movie out of it, changing the title to This Gun for Hire. George Stevens probably got closer to the real Alan Ladd while directing  ‘Shane’. You captured Alan Ladd perfectly well done. When movies had a great story & were interesting. His portrayal of the gunfighter in “Shane ” is generally regarded as one of the best performances ever given in a Western movie. Alan Ladd had a great voice, too. Sa mère, Ina Raleigh, est originaire de Grande-Bretagne. I hadn’t seen the film but that deep voice was enough to make me a lifelong Ladd fan. It’s hard not to be characterized as a womanizer when they do that!” Even being a heavy drinker, these days we all know it could be a genetic predisposition, especially under so much pressure and temptations as a superstar in that decadent Hollywood. Son père était comptable et voyageur de commerce. Mark Fertig is chair of the department of art and art history at Susquehanna University in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. The search for photos was unending. [7], Ladd's performance in The Mikado was seen by a talent scout. This being under-appreciated by his peers after years of effort was a major cause of his unhappiness for his later years. I sit in a corner by myself and am tickled to death when someone comes over to talk to me.”, Copyright © 2020 /  The Celebrity  /  All Rights Reserved. Hi Marilyn, Thanks so much for the comment. Mark Fertig…Thanks for the interesting & excellent essay on Alan Ladd. You are definitely right about Ladd’s voice — it was amazing! Alan Walbridge Ladd Jr is part of G.I. I can’t play black or gray. Even the best actor can only do so much with the kind of material Ladd was given. He was a giant among so many fine actresses and actors of his day. It’s easy to believe he killed himself, but whether he chose to end his life that night or not, the more important truth is that some people are simply not blessed with happiness, despite fame and fortune, and try as they might their pain is such that it eventually overwhelms them. It premiered at Radio City Music Hall in New York City in April 1953,[77] grossing over $114,000 in its four weeks there (a large sum at the time),[78] and in all earned $8 million in North America over its initial run,[79] and led to Ladd's being voted one of the 10 more popular stars in the U.S. in 1953. "It wasn't on account of the picture", said Ladd. Never on TV or anything when they used to have late night movies. Rink was a strong role and I suspect Ladd could have made it a centerpiece. He claimed to have tripped over something, but many suspected that it was a suicide attempt… …Mark, Sonny, and Wayne, thanks for the interesting reading and insights. Alan Walbridge Ladd was born on Sept. 3, 1913, in Hot Springs, Ark., but his family moved to North Hollywood when he was 7. Bookmark this page and come back often for updates. Il devint star au début des années quarante et ce du jour au lendemain et il resta parmi les premiers pendant vingt ans. The strengths of this sign are being loyal, analytical, kind, hardworking, practical, while weaknesses can be shyness, overly critical of self and others, all work and no play. Poor Patrice was testimony to this sad fact, and seems she was supportive to the end. I knew him well, having met him when I was an actor in the early fifties. I always liked Van Heflin, too. Generation also known as The Greatest Generation. [80] His first film for Warner Bros was The Iron Mistress (1952), in which Ladd played Jim Bowie. Mais il était beau, avec une expression de violence contenue et de souffrance morale qui le rendait séduisant dans des rôles de bon ou de mauvais garçon, taciturne et vulnérable. No other star made so much money in such cheap pictures. The producers knew the film depended casting an actor able to portray a psychopathic killer who would come across as both cold-blooded and sympathetic. Their close friendship was widely publicized — they even purchased homes across the street from one another. Bendix was constantly out of town during the early sixties, working almost exclusively on the stage. Returning to This Gun for Hire after viewing the full arc of Ladd’s career is jarring: his blonde hair is burned into our memory, though for his debut Paramount ironically dyed his hair black — a character named Raven couldn’t possibly be fair-haired. His other notable credits include Two Years Before the Mast (1946), Whispering Smith, his first Western and color film, (1948) and The Great Gatsby (1949). Just a beauty face and body without good acting skills–could this carry a movie? [49] He also found time to make a cameo in a big-screen version of Duffy's Tavern. Rackin wrote and produced Ladd's subsequent film, which he made for Warners, titled Santiago. I can’t be a villain or anything close to one. I bet it was. He wouldn't look at me. There were some musicals, and films I could pass on, until one day I saw The Dark Corner. In 1950, the Hollywood Women's Press Club voted Ladd the easiest male star to deal with in Hollywood.

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