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According to CIT, Bekshenev served in the Russian Navy. [432] German Parliament member Patrick Sensburg theorized that the killer could be associated with Wagner's PMCs. In its response to the killings, Russia's foreign ministry noted that the dead journalists had been traveling without official accreditation. [422][425] Russian and CAR state media initially reported that the authorities suspected Seleka rebels to be behind the killings. [115][123] The PMCs acted mostly in the LPR,[110] for whose authorities they allegedly conducted four political killings of separatist commanders. [14] Three or four companies of Wagner PMCs were involved in the fighting. [383] During these operations, the military and the PMCs bombed insurgent bases in two areas, pushing them into the woods. At this time, the insurgents launched attacks on two bases, during which more than 35 insurgents and three PMCs were killed. It is believed to be owned by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a businessman with close links to Russian President Vladimir Putin. [108] Early in 2020, Erik Prince, founder of the Blackwater private military company, sought to provide military services to the Wagner Group in its operations in Libya and Mozambique, according to The Intercept. [31][32][33] According to the Security Service of Ukraine's statement in September 2017, Dmitriy Utkin used to be a Ukrainian citizen. [268], In December 2018, the Ukrainian SBU reported that the umbrella structure of Wagner in the CAR is a commercial firm affiliated with Yevgeny Prigozhin – M-Finance LLC Security Service from St. Petersburg, whose main areas of activity are mining of precious stones and private security services. [24][25] By early March 2019, according to a British government source, around 300 Wagner PMCs were in Benghazi supporting Haftar. [236][237] Some of the men allegedly belonged to Wagner. Aleksandr Kuznetsov was born on July 22, 1992, in Sevastopol, Ukraine, the largest Ukranian port city on the Black Sea. [222], At the start of May 2019, it was reported Wagner snipers were being deployed along the Idlib frontline in northwest Syria in anticipation of a Syrian Army offensive. The violence spread to nine of the province's 16 districts. Two of the three were former Wagner members. On 11 February the Mikhailovsky Theatre soloist Alexander Kuznetsov will debut in the title role of Richard Wagner’s Der fliegende Holländer. The clinic is owned by large insurance company AO Sogaz, which counts among its senior officials and owners relatives of Putin and others linked to the president, according to the SPARK database, which aggregates data from business registries. Russian Kalibr missiles and S-300 SAM systems were also thought to be set up in Libya. [269], Overall, according to information obtained by the Ukrainian SBU, 1,012 Wagner PMCs were airlifted on two Tupolev Tu-154 airliners between August and December 2018, to Sudan, the CAR and other African countries. [252] "M Invest" signed a contract with the Russian Defense Ministry for the use of transport aircraft of the 223rd Flight Unit of the Russian Air Force and between April 2018 and February 2019, two aircraft of the 223rd made at least nine flights to the Sudanese capital of Khartoum. [32][100] The Wagner Group has also been compared with Academi, the American security firm formerly known as Blackwater. [119] Several PMCs were killed during the clashes. The Ukrainian SBU claimed 80 were killed and 100 wounded. The mosque’s photos and videos show the words in Russian written on burnt walls. [233], As of early February, PMCs were posted at the frontline in the Al-Ghab Plain of Hama province. Also in the picture is Dmitry Uktin, Wagner’s leader. Previously, the mercenary served in the Russian Navy, CIT found out. In March alone, according to The Telegraph, about 300 mercenaries were transferred to the African country. "A Russian company's secret plan to quell protests in Sudan", "В оккупированном Крыму прошел набор людей в ряды ЧВК "Вагнера" – руководитель аппарата СБУ", "Russia Revisits an Old Cold War Battleground", "UN arms embargo on the Central African Republic", Ответ заместителя директора Департамента информации и печати МИД России А.А.Кожина на вопрос СМИ о развитии сотрудничества между Российской Федерацией и Центральноафриканской Республикой, "Russia provides free military aid to Central African Republic — Foreign Ministry", "Foreign mercenaries in new scramble for Africa and the Sahel", "Как Россия подвергает своему влиянию кризисные страны Африки", "Российское присутствие в Центральноафриканской республике — Conflict Intelligence Team", "Russian journalists killed in Central African Republic while investigating mercenaries of 'Putin's chef, "How Russia Is Displacing the French in the Struggle for Influence in the Central African Republic", "Russian Journalists Murdered in Africa -- What Russia Does Not Say", "Moscow signs military co-operation pact with CAR", "France warns on Russian arms and advisers in Central African Republic", "Central African Republic calls on Russia to train its army", "UAWire - Ukrainian Security Service: Russian private military company Wagner active in Syria and Sudan", "Russian private contractors active in Sudan during protest crackdown", "Russian mercenaries help put down Sudan protests", "Hrytsak: "The lie stained with blood, greed and fear for the committed crimes – this is the true face of Russian special services. Рассказывают три командира 'ЧВК Вагнера'", "The Russian captives who may link Syria, Ukraine and the Kremlin's fight against the opposition", "Vladimir Putin posed for a banquet photo with a mercenary previously convicted of kidnapping and robbery", Песков подтвердил присутствие командира ЧВК Вагнера на приеме в Кремле, "Песков подтвердил присутствие Дмитрия Уткина на приеме в Кремле", "Russia flies 2,000 mercenary troops into Syria", "Moscow's mercenaries reveal the privatisation of Russian geopolitics", "Russian Mercenaries Take The Lead In Attacks On US And Allied Forces In Syria", "Exclusive: Russian civilians helping Assad use military base back home - witnesses", "Russia's Wagner group fighters sighted in Syria", "Exclusive: Kids' camp on a defense base?

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