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In addition it supports a number of great features to assist in a full transition to the Java programming language including viewing the generated Java code in a side by side window and even exporting your world into NetBeans to be able to extend the functionality by coding Alice worlds directly in Java. Learning outcome goal #3.We can use random numbers in many ways.One thing we can do with random users is to flip a coin or select a card from a deck.Those are things that we think of as random.We can also use random numbers to make movement seem more natural.When a person jumps up and down,they don't jump exactly the same amount each time,so we could have them jump a random amount within a range. Using the Handles to position objects: Use the handles to turn, roll, and move any of the objects in your project. Click on several different objects: Each animal says something when clicked. : We use a function to find height. View code as Java or Alice format: Set preference to Java to match the code in the lessons. The goal of this lesson is to learn how to change the properties and positionof the objects and camera in the Alice virtual world. at random intervals. Posing in Scene Editor: Learn to pose subparts in scene editor using handle tools. Number of servers: 2,500 Alice 3 has a new rich gallery of models that includes everything you need to spark your creativity including a full Sims character builder. How far is the cave? Playing Sounds: Video shows how to import and play any mp3 file. Ask the users name and say hello: Use the function getStringFromUser to ask the user his name, Flowchart for Rock, Paper, Scissors game: The top level flowchart for the rock paper scissors game is shown. Camera views: View the scene from starting view, layout, top, side, or front, Camera views: Stacking Boxes: Different views help to stack 3 boxes, How to Change the ground: Change the ground, opacity, add fog, light from above and below, Positioning with One Shots: Use one shots to move, turn and roll in design view, Using Vehicles: A penguin and Egg: Position the egg on penguins feet, then make the penguin the vehicle for the egg, Using Vehicles: Monkey holding Banana: The monkeys thumb is made the vehicle for the banana, Using Markers: Markers let you set up positions for objects to move to, Using Camera Markers: Camera markers let you set up positions for the camera to move to, Learn about variables and how to use them. Moving vertically: Use the handles to turn, roll, and move any of the objects in your project. Editing the say command: This video demonstrates how to create your first program.
Self Study Questions: What have you learned? Unlike many of the puzzle-based coding applications Alice motivates learning through creativity exploration. : A property can be accessed throughout the program. Control Structures: Control structures control the order in which statements are executed. Because Electronic Arts is difficult and is very protective over IP rights, Asylum is intended to be crowdfunded. Ask if it is nighttime: The function getBooleanFromUser gives a choice of true or false. Flowcharts: A flowchart is a drawing that shows the steps in an algorithm. Loop to add numbers and find smallest and largest: The first value is the smallest and largest so far.

Animals counting: An array of animals take turns to count, Birds spread wings and say something: An array of birds perform, Fish swim to cave with procedure: Each fish swims to cave with procedure. A Simple way to change scenes: Create scene procedures and change the ground and visibility of objects. Alice 3 is the newest installment of the Alice programming language. Raising the leg: Try raising the other leg. A Penguin Jumps Up and Down: Use a random value each time he jumps to make it look more realistic. A Fish swims back and forth: Random numbers for the distance to swim makes it more realistic. Using Functions: Shows the difference between procedures and functions. The goal of this lesson is to learn how to get input from the user and store those values in variables.You will be able to ask the user for information such as his name and age, and then use that information later in the program.
Loop to add numbers and find smallest and largest, Segments of an elephant's trunk as an array. Movement in Alice: Video demonstrates the basic principles of object motion and rotation, How Objects see the Virtual World: Video demonstrates move, turn and roll. Using AND: &&: Need restaurant with hamburgers and pizza, Teenager? Use several advanced techniques. Adding transitions to scene changes: Transitions are created by fading a billboard in and out. : See if you can add to this project, The goal of this lesson is to learn to use the control structures do in order,do together, count and while to create animation.Learning outcome goal #2b, #3. The goal of this lesson is to write your first program in Alice3.You will learn how to create a scene by selecting a template,then add a character and add and edit code.

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