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The formal founding convention was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota from November 10 to 12, 1919.

A Post member is distinguished by a navy blue garrison cap with gold piping. Former Union Army soldiers of the American Civil War of 1861–65 established a fraternal organization called the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), while their Southern brethren would join together in the United Confederate Veterans (UCV). Plans were made by some of the marchers at the conclusion of their patriotic demonstration to storm and ransack the local hall maintained by the Industrial Workers of the World, a labor union founded 14 years earlier at a convention of socialists, anarchists, Marxists and radical trade unionists from all over the United States, which had been the target of multiple arrests, large trials, and various incidents of mob violence nationally during the months of American participation in World War I. Two members from each Boys State are selected for Boys Nation. A County Commander is distinguished by a navy blue garrison cap with white piping. [15] At the end of the first day, the officers retired to the Inter-Allied Officers Club, a converted home across the street from the YMCA building. [87] Local posts picketed films they perceived as anti-American, and the national organization was formally involved in Hollywood's efforts to clear films of such influence. [13], —The Story of The American Legion (1919)[14], The session of reserve and regular officers was instructed to provide a set of laws to curb the problem of declining morale. [46] Everest was taken alive, kicked and beaten, and a belt wrapped around his neck as he was dragged back to the town to be lynched. [18], As "Temporary Chairman" Teddy Roosevelt, Jr. had already departed for America, the session was gaveled to order by Eric Wood, who briefly recounted Roosevelt's idea and the story of the 20 AEF officers who had jointly helped to give the new organization form.

[11] The group decided to declare all of their actions provisional until a duly elected convention of delegates could be convened and made no effort to predetermine a program for the still-unnamed veterans organization. American Red Cross, "World War Adjusted Compensation Act", updated: July 19, 1926, pp. As the new veterans returned home, membership soared to 3.3 million in 1946, triple the prewar number. [88] The list of names and organizations the Legion provided to movie studios formed the basis for the Hollywood blacklist, and supported the work of the House Un-American Activities Committee and its predecessors before and during the Cold War. [69] This publication switched its frequency and renamed itself The American Legion Monthly in 1926.

The Posts are grouped together into a state level organization known as a Department for the purposes of coordination and administration.

[3], Similarly, the conclusion of the short-lived Spanish-American conflict of 1898 had ushered in another ex-soldiers' organization, the American Veterans of Foreign Service, today known as the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). Fondata nel 1919 dai soldati di ritorno dalla Francia al termine della Prima guerra mondiale, il suo quartier generale è situato a Indianapolis, nell' Indiana. The Legion's failure to take a similar position allowed the much smaller, less prestigious VFW to rally support while accusing the Legion of ties to the FDR Administration and business interests. Pacifism was popular in the 1920s, and Legion locals ridiculed it and sometimes booed the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom During World war II it accepted the wartime alliance with Stalin against Nazi Germany. This pneumonia killed 34 people at the convention and later became known as Legionnaires' disease (Legionellosis). [42] This nationalist isolationism would remain in place until the very eve of American entry into the Second World War. In 1942, the Legion adopted the practice of the VFW to become a perpetual organization, rather than die off as its membership aged as that of the Grand Army of the Republic was rapidly doing. The Post is the basic unit of the Legion and usually represents a small geographic area such as a single town or part of a county. Merchant seamen from receiving benefits under the G.I. "[37], A minor crisis followed when Roosevelt twice declined nomination for permanent chairman of the session, to the consternation of many overwrought delegates, who sought to emphasize the symbolism of President Theodore Roosevelt's son maintaining the closest of connections with the organization. [58], Taken by surprise by the armed defense of IWW headquarters, many Legionnaires rushed home to arm themselves, while others broke into local hardware stores to steal guns and ammunition. [54] This nationalist isolationism would remain in place until the very eve of American entry into the Second World War. Alec Campbell, "Where Do All the Soldiers Go? [29] In his keynote opening remarks Wood recommended to the delegates of the so-called Paris Caucus that they do three things: first, set up an apparatus to conduct a formal founding conference in the United States sometime in the winter; second, the body should draft a tentative name for the organization; and finally, the body should compose a provisional constitution to be submitted to the founding convention for its acceptance or rejection. [40] Those partially disabled by their wounds were to receive lesser payments.

Eliminating annual hearings before a joint session of the Veterans Affairs Committees will lead to continued budgetary shortfalls for VA resulting in veterans being underserved. : Veterans and the Politics of Demobilization", in Diane E. Davis, Anthony W. Pereira, eds., Suzanne Mettler, "The creation of the GI Bill of Rights of 1944: Melding social and participatory citizenship ideals.". Bill. Along with the VFW, it maintained files on supposed Communist sympathizers, and it shared the fruits of its research with government investigators. The original draft is preserved at the Legion's National Headquarters. On that day a parade of Legionnaires took place in the mill town of Centralia, located in Southwestern Washington. The Legion also served a strong social function, building and buying "clubhouses" in communities across America at which its members could gather, reflect, network, and socialize.

The post completed the constitution and made plans for a permanent organization. [51], Chief on the Legion's legislative agenda was a dramatic improvement of the level of compensation for soldiers who suffered permanent disability during the war. [56] A group of marchers rushed the hall, smashing the front plate glass window and attempting to kick in the door. Additional resolutions passed by the founding convention emphasized the need for military preparedness, albeit maintained through a citizens' army of reservists and National Guardsmen rather than through the costly and undemocratic structure of a vast standing army led by a professional military caste. A minor crisis followed when Roosevelt twice declined nomination for permanent chairman of the session, to the consternation of many overwrought delegates, who sought to emphasize the symbolism of President Theodore Roosevelt's son maintaining the closest of connections with the organization. One semi-official historian of the organization has noted the way that this explicit refusal to affiliate with one or another political party had the paradoxical effect of rapidly building great political power for the organization, as politicians from both of the "old parties" competed for the favor of the Legion's massive and active membership.

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