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But when he discovers the alien device known as the Omnitrix, he gets the ability to turn into ten different alien heroes. Warner Bros Entertainment. The series first aired on Cartoon Network as a sneak peek on December 27, 2005 as part of "Sneak Peek Week", airing alongside other shows, including My Gym Partner's a Monkey, Robotboy, and Zixx.

During their vacation, the Tennysons are attacked by various enemies ranging from space aliens to supernatural entities. She later becomes a member of the Negative 10 to get revenge on the Tennysons, though her grudge is mainly against Gwen. Tara Strong voices the title character Ben Tennyson, Upgrade, Benwolf, Lucy Mann-Tennyson, Ken Tennyson, and Sandra Tennyson. The series premiered on Cartoon Network on April 18, 2008 and ended on March 26, 2010. She is Gwen's archenemy. [6] Some of the early names for the transformations were "StrongGuy", "Inferno", "RazorJaws", "Dragonfly", "Plantguy", and "Digger". A WarnerMedia Company. He was the main antagonist of season four. It’s Hero Time! Baker is also notable for voicing various characters and aliens. Use the powers of Four Arms, Heatblast, XLR8, Diamondhead, Upgrade, Overflow, Wildvine, Cannonbolt, Stinkfly, and Greymatter to save the day. Patricia Lentz – Shelby the Waitress, Mildred, This page was last edited on 19 October 2020, at 07:38. Ben 10 (retroactively known as Ben 10 Classic) is an American animated series created by Man of Action (a group consisting of Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle), and produced by Cartoon Network Studios. Charmcaster – Hex's gifted 15-year-old niece, who at first appears loyal to her uncle but was actually using him to get power for herself. These items include Ben 10 books, action figures, card games such as Top Trumps, toys, video games – notably Ben 10: Protector of Earth, bedding, and footwear. It revolves around Ben (Graham Phillips), Gwen (Haley Ramm) and Grandpa Max (Lee Majors) returning to their hometown of Bellwood and attempting to adjust to being ‘normal’ again. Play free Ben 10 games featuring Ben Tennyson and all his alien heroes! With his newfound superpowers Ben has to learn the responsibilities of being a hero. She later attempts to use a spell to swap bodies with Ben in order to gain possession of the Omnitrix only to switch with Gwen by mistake and be foiled, and have her spell book stolen by Gwen. It was stated during the premiere of Alien Force that Secret of the Omnitrix was intended to be the chronological finale of Ben 10, even though it was broadcast long before the last episode, which was not canon. Steven Universe. Play games online with Cartoon Network characters from Ben 10, Adventure Time, Apple and Onion, Gumball, The Powerpuff Girls and more. The show would go on to spawn a franchise. A remake of the series was launched as the 2016 version.[2][3]. games v. Teen Titans Go! Warner Bros Entertainment. Richard McGonagle voices Ben's Four Arms transformation, and the villain Exo-Skull. After learning of the Plumbers' secret "sub-energy" weapon the Forever King assembles the Negative 10, a team of the Tennysons' human enemies, to steal it to achieve his goal. [16] A video game of the show is now out for the Nintendo DS, Wii, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable. [17], Another sequel series, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, premiered on April 23, 2010 and takes place 3–4 weeks after the finale of Alien Force.[18]. The franchise revolves around a boy named Ben Tennyson who acquires a watch-style alien device, the Omnitrix, which contains DNA of different alien species and allows him to transform into ten aliens initially and later on new aliens are added in the Omnitrix. Her powers include mana manipulation and spellcasting. A third version (in which XLR8 was featured) aired on October 20, 2007. [5] Many of the unused designs for Upchuck were recycled in the episode "Ben 10,000" as two of Ben's aliens "Spitter" and "Articguana", and as villain Sploot. On their first night camping in their grandfather's RV affectionately named the "Rustbucket," Ben finds an alien pod with a mysterious watch-style device named the Omnitrix. The Amazing World of Gumball. And Jim Ward voices the transformations Diamondhead, XLR8, and Wildvine, and the character Gordon Tennyson. Play games online with Cartoon Network characters from Ben 10, Adventure Time, Apple and Onion, Gumball, The Powerpuff Girls and more. Attached to his wrist, it allows him to transform into various alien creatures with different abilities, allowing him to fight evil from Earth and space with his cousin Gwen and grandfather Max. After Ghostfreak was created the creators added dialogue into the first season to give the audience that there is something more to Ghostfreak. The Complete First Season: Commentary for "Secrets" (DVD). Richard Steven Horvitz voices Ben's Grey Matter transformation and the villain Sublimino. The group worked on Ben 10's concept roughly 3 years before Cartoon Network picked up the series. [5] Originally Cannonbolt the 11th alien transformation in the series, was going to be in the original set of aliens, but was replaced with Ghostfreak.[5]. [4], Early on in development, it was decided that a villain would be within the Omnitrix. Ben 10 was succeeded by Ben 10: Alien Force, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and Ben 10: Omniverse. Some of the early designs for the aliens are more human and superheroic, similar to Dial H For Hero.[6]. Ben 10: Race Against Time is the first film in the series. While on summer vacation with his Grandpa Max and Cousin Gwen, Ben Tennyson discovers an alien watch, the Omnitrix. In the movie the group stumbles upon a hive of alien nanobots using humans as host bodies in order to take over the world. Steven E. Gordon worked on an early version of the show. You can also watch the best free videos of your favourite shows including We Bare Bears, Teen Titans Go and Ivandoe. Ben 10: Protector of Earth is the first Ben 10 video game, released in autumn 2007. You’ll find special Omni-enhancements and funny costumes along the way, as well as unlockable hats and critters with bonus abilities to help you go even higher! | DC Kids FanDome, Batman 101 | The Batsuit | DC Kids FanDome, Teen Titans Go! The first is a regular animated feature called Secret of the Omnitrix, in which the Omnitrix is accidentally set to self-destruct and Ben must track down its creator to stop it. It is about Ben (Ryan Kelley), Gwen (Galadriel Stineman), Kevin (Nathan Keyes) and Grandpa Max (Barry Corbin). Dee Bradley Baker voices Ben's transformations Stinkfly, Eye Guy, and Wildmutt, Baker also voices Ben's school bully/friend Cash Murray, and many of his enemies such as The Limax, SixSix, Acid Breath, and the character Elsgood. Meagan Smith voices Ben's cousin Gwen Tennyson, and Paul Eiding voices Grandpa Max and his version of Upgrade. Animate yourself now and create your own We Bare Bears avatar! Moxy. Ben Tennyson is on summer vacation with his cousin Gwen and Grandpa Max in the Rustbucket RV. [13][14] The movie was released in 2 different versions on Asia.
His concept work reveals that Ben Tennyson was originally going to be a red-headed young boy. The series is about a 10-year-old boy named Ben Tennyson who gets a watch-style alien device called the "Omnitrix". Fred Tatasciore voices Ben's aliens Ripjaws, Cannonbolt, and Way Big, Tatasciore also voices a future version of Ben in "Ben 10,000". A trailer of the film was released with the film Billy & Mandy: Wrath of the Spider Queen, and it aired August 10, 2007. Kris Zimmerman was in charge of casting and was the voice director. Ben 10: Alien Swarm is the second film in the series. Ben 10 (retroactively known as Ben 10 Classic) is an American animated series created by Man of Action (a group consisting of Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle), and produced by Cartoon Network Studios. Following the success of the Ben 10 animated TV series and films, various Ben 10 merchandise has been released for general sale. The series is about a 10-year-old boy named Ben Tennyson who gets a watch-style alien device called the "Omnitrix". cartoon network. TM ∓ © 2020 Cartoon Network. is part of Turner Entertainment Digital which is part of the Turner Sports ∓ Entertainment Digital Network. Play free online games featuring Ben 10 on Cartoon Network! In the game, he serves as a "Player Guide" offering guide-based missions and special items that can only be used with certain guides. The Filipino viewers heard the Philippine winners while the rest of Southeast Asia heard the Malaysian kids.[15]. Karaoke | Cool School | DC Kids FanDome, LEGO Robin | Brick Builders | DC Kids FanDome, Draw Along with Jim Lee | DC Kids FanDome. [7] The main title were created by Renegade Animation, who was well-known for Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi, which was created by Ben 10's executive producer Sam Register. Man of Action is a group consisting of comic book creators Duncan Rouleau, Joe Casey, Joe Kelly, and Steven T. Seagle. When doing test animations for the series the first alien transformation to be tested was Four Arms. Ben 10: Alien Force is the sequel to the show set five years after the original series. The show later began airing on January 14, 2006 and ended on April 15, 2008. Cartoon Network is home to your favourite cartoons and free games. Steven Blum voices Ben's alien transformations Heatblast and Ghostfreak, as well as the series' main villain Vilgax. Driscoll / Forever King – A former Plumber kicked out in disgrace after being caught stealing technologies from alien criminals for personal gain, who joined the Forever Knights and eventually became their leader with the goal of achieving world domination. The device then permanently attaches itself to his wrist giving him the ability to transform into a variety of alien life-forms each with its own unique skills and powers. The theme song for the series was written by Andy Sturmer and sung by Mz. Attached to his wrist, it allows him to transform into various alien creatures with different abilities, allowing him to fight evil from Earth and space with his cousin Gwenan… The Nanochips, or "alien swarm", are controlled by a single consciousness and Ben and his friends must work together to stop them. Let your creative juices flowing and see how creative you can get!

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