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the executive and bent on absorbing the government. snaffle reins, head bent, into her oval face a tint of color crept. As she bent to tie her shoes, a gory vision made her stagger. Hence sound rays, in passing from one medium into another, are bent in towards the normal, or the reverse, according as the velocity of propagation in the former exceeds or falls short of that in the latter. An excellent feature is the short distance between the eye-piece and the declination axis, so that 1 In the bent telescope refracting prisms are employed at the corners to change the direction of the rays. The genius of Lagrange did not at once take its true bent. The flowers are borne singly in the leaf-axils on a stalk about half the length of the leaf and jointed and bent in the middle; the corolla is blue-purple. initial reluctance among planners bent under the pressure of demand.

After the war McKinley returned to Poland, and bent all his energy upon the study of law. Passing to the university of Gottingen he took his degree in classical philology and ancient history, but the bent of his mind was definitely towards the philosophical side of theology. The Mexicans revolted a few months later, and the newly appointed governor, Charles Bent, and a number of American sympathizers were assassinated; but the rising was quickly suppressed. bent.

He could be broken but never bent, and his rude frankness accorded with his hard, sombre face, and alienated men's sympathies though it did not lose him their respect.

Fig 7. In 860, however, he was at St Germain d'Auxerre, bent upon completing his studies, and in 872 he was back again at St Amand as the successor in the headmastership of the convent school of his uncle, to whom he had been reconciled in the meantime.

He began modestly by the study of the municipal charters of St Omer. He bent his head and brushed her lips lightly with his own.

3); in Encephalartos, Dioon, &c., both rachis and segments are straight; in Zamia the rachis is bent or slightly coiled, bearing straight pinnae. His gaze was roving, and his air distracted even as he bent to give Hannah a kiss on the cheek. The spikelets are borne on a compound or branched spike, erect at first but afterwards bent downwards. The French adventurers, bent on finding either a "North-west passage" or some land route to the Pacific (which they believed to be no farther west than the Mississippi), naturally went west by the water routes of Wisconsin; as a fine field for their bartering and trading with water-courses by which they could convey their pelts and skins back to Montreal, the region attracted the coureurs de bois and fur traders; and it seemed promising also to the zealous French Catholic missionaries. . He earned the confidence of the Porte by the cruel discipline he maintained in his own sanjak, and the regular flow of tribute and bribes which he directed to Constantinople; while he bent all his energies to extending his territories at the expense of his neighbours. It derives its name from its ancient place of judicature, which was in the church of Beata Maria de Arcubus - St Mary-le-Bow or St Mary of the Arches, "by reason of the steeple thereof raised at the top with stone pillars in fashion like a bow bent archwise.". She took it quickly and bent her head over it.

But the governing powers were not fanatics, bent on seeking out victims; the spirit of Henry V. Aske was invited to come to London and hoodwinked by Henry into believing that the king was really bent on restoration and reform. The two modes of progression overlap in human life, but the child's tendency when learning is to rest on the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands, unlike the apes, which support themselves on the sides of the feet and the bent knuckles of the hands. The men of that nation and of that epoch were bent on creating a new intellectual atmosphere for Europe by means of vital contact with antiquity. I bent and grabbed a. cavalcade of crusaders bent on smiting infidels with their swords? Elected deputy again in 1869, he joined the opposition to the Empire, and in 1871 bent all his efforts to the election of Thiers as president of the republic, acting afterwards as his secretary. This diversion from his original bent gave him an inclination to the career of civil and mechanical engineering; and in the spring of 1826 he was elected by the trustees of the Albany Academy to the chair of mathematics and natural philosophy in that institution. shamblethe gorilla runs with a sidelong shambling gait, but more commonly progresses by resting on its bent hands. Under frequent cutting, common bent produces small tillers close to the ground.

Through the eyepiece of the bent 1 telescope E' another hour circle attached to the lower end of the polar axis can be seen; thus an assistant is able to direct the telescope by a handle at H to any desired hour angle. His native bent towards the study of things as they are preserved him from extravagances into which many of his followers have fallen. He was sent as a child to be educated at Port Royal, and there he received his final bent towards the life of a recluse, and even of a hermit, which drew him to establish himself in the neighbourhood of Port Royal des Champs.

He bent over, picked up her clothes and tossed them to her. On making a mesial vertical section of the uterus the cavity is seen as a mere slit which is bent about its middle to form an angle the opening of which is forward. At Rome in mature manhood Tertullian became a Christian, under what circumstances we do not know, and forthwith he bent himself with all his energy to the study of Scripture and of Christian literature. self-serving for an industry bent on technical advance, but of no help to the confused purchaser.

What does 'poke' refer to in the expression 'pig in a poke'.
The defective formation of the pony, the perpendicular shoulder and the drooping hind quarters, are modified; but neither the latter, nor bent hocks, which place the hind legs under the body as in the zebra, are objected to, as the conformation is favourable to rapid turning. [Illustration: " Are you not terribly impatient?

He determined the "elastic curve," which is formed by an elastic plate or rod fixed at one end and bent by a weight applied to the other, and which he showed to be the same as the curvature of an impervious sail filled with a liquid (lintearia).

", One Scotsman, bent on vindicating the fame of Scots learning, defied him to the combat in a detestable Latin hexameter: - "Maxime, si to vis, cupio contendere tecum.".

For more efficient condensation - and also for shortening the apparatus - the central tube may be flattened, bent into a succession of V's, or twisted into a spiral form, the object in each case being to increase the condensing surface. The history of his youth reveals no special predilection for the military service - the bent of his mind was political far more than military, but unlike the politicians of his epoch he consistently applied scientific and mathematical methods to his theories, and desired above all things a knowledge of facts in their true relation to one another. The " Scharnhorst " was hit twice with little injury; the " Gneisenau " received three hits, one of which bent the flap of the after turret, an injury of little moment. Their chief value to us lies in their having preserved versions of several French poems now lost, and in their evidence as to the feelings and bent of Icelanders in the " Dark Age " of the island's history. And the mystical bent of the Egyptians found satisfaction in the multiplicity of forms that their gods could assume; among the favorite epithets which the hymns apply to divinities are such as mysterious of shapes, multiple of faces. - and universal speculative bent which seeks, and never Mn ~~ fails to find, an explanation of the facts of the external god world. He walked from Oak to Main Street yesterday though he didn't see me as his head was bent against the driving snow and I, a distance away. He bent his head back on the seat and closed his eyes but he didn't answer.

He bent over and kissed the top of her head.

In 1202 the Western princes assembled at Venice, bent on a new crusade.

The uniquely designed silencer and large diameter mandrel bent piping reduce all unnecessary back pressure, resulting in unparalleled power gains. 150. Any bar should be capable of being bent cold to the shape of the letter Uwithout breaking it. Now the old man bent.

His mind had a natural bent towards compromise on unimportant points, and he showed again and again an almost uncanny gift for producing at a moment's notice the form of words that would give body to such compromises. What if they're not all rabid animals hell bent on killing vampires?

What's more, none seemed bent on murder, a decided improvement over some of Bird Song's earlier guests!
All the powers of his soul, as of every soldier there, were unconsciously bent on avoiding the contemplation of the horrors of their situation. His real bent and choice were towards a pastoral cure in a country parish; but he remained in Oxford, acting first as a public examiner in the schools, then as a tutor in Oriel, till 1823. When he was about fourteen, in the hope of changing the bent of his mind, his father sent him to live with his agent at Amsterdam, where he worked under a tutor for four or five years. tripod mast has bent forward in the intense heat. Finally, at the extreme west of the whole district, Cithaeron is bent round at right angles in the direction oft the isthmus, at the northern approach to which it abuts against the mighty mass of Mount Geraneia, which is interposed between the Corinthian and the Saronic Gulf.

Bent in a sentence 1. The resignation of the Gladstone-Granville cabinet further precluded the projected Italian occupation of Suakin, and the Italians, wisely refraining from an independent attempt to succour Kassala, then besieged by the Mahdists, bent their efforts to the increase of their zone of occupation around Massawa. After the trail bent toward the cliff, Dean could see down the gorge, all the way to the roadway bridge where ghost-like spectators continued to mill about in the whirl of falling snow.

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She bent down, kissed him, and gave him a pat on his behind. Around the western and northern edge of the Old Red Sandstone plain the underlying Silurian rocks (and even the Cambrian and Archaean in places) have been bent up so that their edges form hills of singular abruptness and beauty. How to use a word that (literally) drives some pe... Name that government! of length, and that a piece of the material may be bent cold 180 over a mandril equal to the thickness of the piece tested without fracture of the fibres on the outside of the bend.

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