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AIP put Bronson in the romantic lead of Master of the World (1961), supporting Vincent Price. He appeared with fellow guest star Lee Marvin in an episode of Biff Baker, U.S.A., an espionage series on CBS starring Alan Hale, Jr.

They remained married until her death in 1990. [41], Bronson told critic Roger Ebert in 1974 that "I'm only a product like a cake of soap, to be sold as well as possible." The “hotline” was designed to facilitate communication between the president and Soviet premier. He harbored those feelings even though in interviews he continued to work hard to create an image of toughness. No friends. The movie is based on the book, Act of Vengeance by Trevor Armbrister, a story about the corruption that occurred during the United Mine Workers' presidential elections in 1969. It was a massive box office success but Bronson was only the third lead. Name: Charles BronsonBirth Name: Charles Dennis BuchinskyHeight: 5' 11''Sex: MNationality: AmericanDate: November 3 1921Birth Place: Ehrenfeld PAOccupation: actorCharles Bronson really has a coal mine to gold mine story, born one of 16 children, fifth in line, into a poverty stricken Polish/Lithuanian family, he followed his father and brothers into the mines, working first on the coal face and then underground, his father died in the boy's tenth year.His own life was at risk after a cave in, in which he was trapped, an accident that resulted in him having a fear of small, enclosed spaces, a fear he took to the screen, in his performance as Danny the Tunnel King, in the classic POW film 'The Great Escape', much like Michael Landon did in the Bonanza episode 'Between Heaven and Earth', where his fear of heights was was the topic for the episode.Money being more than tight, there were times when he wore his sister's hand me downs to school, even so he was the first member of his family to graduate, although at first the mines were his only option.Military service came to his rescue in 1943 he enlisted in the USAF as an aerial gunner he saw action as a member of a B-29 Super Fortress crew, based at Guam earning a Purple Heart for injuries received.After various odd jobs he joined a theatrical group in Philadelphia, at the time he shared an apartment with Jack Klugman, both aspiring to take to the stage.1950 saw him married to a young actress Harriet Tendler and moved to Hollywood, where he accepted whatever was on offer, usually walk on's, extras and the odd small role.His first uncredited part was as a sailor in 'You're In The Navy Now', another early screen role was as Igor, Vincent Price's gopher/man servant in 'House of Wax'.This state of affairs continued for a number of years, he boxed with Roy Rogers in a show called Knockout, and then in a skit on the Red Skelton show, again as a boxer.In the 1954 film Drumbeat, opposite Alan Ladd, he drew acclaim as a murderous Modoc warrior Captain Jack, who enjoyed wearing the tunics of the soldiers he had killed.It was also in that year he changed his name, at the insistence of his agent from Buchinsky to Bronson, it was the year of the 'House of Un-American Activities Committee', the man feared that Bronson's East European surname would not do him any favours, he suggested a change, at the time Charles and his young wife lived opposite Paramount Studios, which was on the corner of Melrose Avenue and Bronson Street, the entrance gate to the studios was called The Bronson Gate, and so Charles Bronson was begate or begated.During the 1950's and 60's as like many young hopefuls he appeared in numerous TV series, usually playing an Mexican/Injun, or Gangster/Detective...Gunsmoke, Have Gun Will Travel, Wagon Train, Twilight Zone, Rawhide etc., and of course Bonanza.He actually took the lead in a 1958-1960 ABC detective series 'Man With A Camera', he took the part of Mike Kovac.1959, he took a major step along the path that would lead to success, he met up again with the director John Sturges, he had in 1951 played a small uncredited part as Angelo Korvac in 'The People Against O'Hara', a film that did not make a big impact in the world of Movies.

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