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From 11-a-side games to 5-a-side matches, our football events are for everyone.

He / She is eligible to participate in the Civil Service Tournament. Last season was one of the more difficult in the club’s history and an ageing team found the season tough and pre-Christmas it looked as though we might finish bottom of the league.


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/Resources << Discover how you can claim back on your travel and expenses for CSSC sports events. We've had to discontinue the offer for Plymouth Argyle vouchers.

We have already been invited by other teams from the South East and East Midlands respectively to play friendlies. However, the introduction of many new, younger faces helped the team’s performances improve post-Christmas. endobj £25CSFC Polo Shirt Founded 1863 Joined the SAL in 1907 (-1914, founders) and 1928 We have always believed in playing the game in the right spirit and look to play football in the correct way. stream /Type /Page You can find out more about the cookies used by clicking.

Civil Service FC 2014-15 Season. £20#soliloquy-container-443{opacity:1}, Dave Gilbert and Derrick Blake Remembered, Dylan's Dribblers Emerge Victorious As We Remember Players Past, Strong performance ends in defeat for Service, Preseason starts well as CSFC dominate Hereford City.

£20CSFC Polo Shirt

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We also run our annual 100 Club which helps us raise valuable funds for the club.

A difficult season followed as an ageing team struggled. From 11-a-side games to 5-a-side matches, our football events are for everyone.

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Join today and become the latest member of the CSSC community!

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One of the finest CSFC teams in the club's history and had several players who have maintained a connection with the club including the current president and chairman. >> Civil Service FC has played in Hereford Leagues for over 50 years with varying degrees of success.

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This website uses cookies to personalise content, adverts and enhance your experience. £25CSFC Rain Jacket %PDF-1.5 Find a football tournament for you. With the right commitment a strong season could be in the offing.

You know its bad when the opposition matches are sponsored by Care Homes for the Elderly!

We are privileged to have one of the best coaches in the county working with the club, helping the team prepare best for the matches and work on the side’s fitness and ball skills. Get stuck into the beautiful game with our range of events and tournaments.

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Our partners PlayFootball are dedicated to bringing you top quality football experiences.

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