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What is the cost of the Public Service Obligation? A coal fired generating station was built at Arigna burning 55,000 tonnes per year of indigenous coal. This led to a gradual reduction in bituminous coal use in open fires.

Why do we need interconnection between the Republic and Northern Ireland? Coal mining at Arigna started in 1765 and at Ballingarry in 1826. How should we decide what generation sources we use in the future? According to the Eirgrid website in May 2016, coal-based electricity accounted for 21.5% of Ireland’s electricity generation in the previous month. What effect do movements in international oil and gas prices have on our fuel prices? 1Coal Direct Ireland will deliver your coal for free any where in Ireland. Railways, with their coal-fired steam engines peaked at this time with around 3,500km of track across the country. Who should pay for interconnectors with other countries and why?

By 1824 there was one coal gasworks in Dublin and the first streetlights were lit by coal gas a year later in 1825. The dominance of coal as fuel for Dublin industry from the late 19th Century was threatened by extra duties on coal in the 1930s and the wider availability of electrical power.

While over the short term Moneypoint is expected to continue to rely on coal, over the next ten to fifteen years it is likely that Moneypoint will be repowered to a low carbon power generating facility. Due to urban development and industrial expansion, the output of coal gas increased between 1904 and 1924. Following the oil crises at a time when Ireland was highly dependent on imported oil and with growing demand for electricity the decision was made to build Moneypoint and to link its output to the East Coast via transmission lines which now form a key component of the electricity generation and transmission system. The market for coal is also affected by the shutting down of older coal fired generation plants in Europe. How is the price for our electricity decided each day? Rated at 915MW, it is one of Ireland’s largest power stations. Do the power plants that provide our electricity operate all the time? Are there times when we produce too much wind? Coal supplies fell and soon even gas was only available at reduced amounts for certain hours. What climate impacts will we experience if we don’t embrace renewables and other technologies to reduce our emissions and just leave things the way they are? Coal Direct Ireland are one of Irelands longest established coal company's. With the landing of natural gas from the Kinsale Head field, and the development of the 160 km gas pipelines to Dublin, the Pigeon House generating plant was converted from coal to oil/gas during this time. The rise in sales of solid fuel stoves with higher efficiency compared to open fires has ensured a continued market for smokeless fuel in Ireland, however, overall coal sales have declined in comparison to previous years when coal use in open fires was common. We guarantee the quality of all our products at all times and know that we can deliver to your home, should it be Mizen Head or Malin Head, no matter what the weather is like. The number of households increased almost threefold from 600,000 to 1,600,000. Could we convert Moneypoint to biomass instead of more wind? With the industrial revolution (1760 to 1840 approx.) Coal mining at Arigna in County Roscommon began in 1765 and lasted until 1990. By 2004 solid fuels accounted for only 15% of residential energy use. Today, Ireland is dependent on importing coal from abroad, the majority of which comes from Columbia. Is our electricity system helping fight climate change? As Irish coal resources were limited, many coal intensive industries such as iron works, grain mills and textile works were located in Irish ports to ensure easy access to imported coal. All of our Coal and Smokeless Coal's are packed in 20kg bags and sealed. In the residential sector, Mary Harney, as Minister for the Environment, is credited with legislating to improve Dublin’s air quality by banning the sale of smoky coal in 1990. Have a look through the products and read their description, select the one that best suits your needs and simply follow the online ordering system and the Coal or Smokeless Fuel will appear at your door, it is really that simple.

Coal Direct Ireland are based in Derry and can easily distribute coal to the whole of Ireland with our fleet of trucks and also with the use of outside couriers. Coal had mainly been used to manufacture gas, to power steam engines in a variety of manufacturing industries, and as a fuel in foundries.

In the era of steam power and the introduction of coal gasification into Ireland (from 1800 to 1850) Ireland imported coal to produce steam for power and gas for lighting. A 1921 report estimated the total quantities of coal used in Ireland at that time as 4.7 million tonnes – but this was less than the amount of peat used.

For comparison Moneypoint currently burns around 2 million tonnes of imported coal annually. Over this period the fuels used for home heating moved from solid fuels (coal and peat) to oil; and natural gas fired central heating. Some closures are caused by plant owners who could not afford the significant investments needed to meet the EU emission requirements. These include pyrite, phosphate, barite, gypsum and coal, as well as bauxite and rock salt in Northern Ireland. In Ireland there were four worked coal deposits, the Leinster Coalfield, the Slieve Ardagh Coalfield, the Kanturk Coalfield and the Connaught Coalfield. What grid infrastructure is needed without wind? How does the PSO rise or fall when a) gas prices are high, b) gas prices are low, c) wind generation is high, d) wind generation is low?

By 1987 78% of homes in Dublin used solid fuel (coal, peat, wood) as a principal source of heating.

Because of the availability of more convenient fuels such as electricity, oil and natural gas its use is in decline as a fuel in domestic households.

Where does our oil supply come from?

By the census of 2011 about 43.7% of households reported oil as the primary source of home heating while 33.8% of households used natural gas. Coal was widely used in domestic households for heating and cooking at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Why do we guarantee prices for some generators and not for others?

Ireland was an early adopter of steam power with the first steam engine in Ireland being used to pump water in a mine as early as 1740. As a result, coal gradually displaced water and wind power for industry as it relocated and developed at port locations. Is the new wind coming in Gate 3 for export or only for domestic needs? 3Coal Direct Ireland will deliver your coal for free any where in Ireland.

Coal mining began in Ireland in the Leinster coal field in 1638. Smokeless coal continues to be supplied in Dublin and other cities covered by the ban on smoky coal. We carry a comprehensive range of solid fuels,Polish Coal, Colombian Coal,Triple Heat Coal, Doubles, Small Coal, Coal Singles, Coal Slack, Automatic Boiler Beans,Esse Anthracite, Redflame Anthracite, Eco-Smokeless Ovoids, Super-Glow Smokeless, Maxi-Blend Smokeless, Peat Briquettes and also a range of Golden Glow Coal Boilers. It is considered to have a useful life until at least 2025 and burns around 2 million tonnes of imported coal annually. Why has the price of petrol gone down as oil prices fell but the price of gas not fallen by the same amount as international gas prices? How efficient will new infrastructure be? What are the options if we do not want more wind? Why do we need to reduce our carbon emissions by 80%? What determines the price of electricity in Ireland? Is Ireland’s electricity system environmentally friendly? Do we pay a lot for our gas?

As part of the "Mc Laughlin Golden Glow" group, we have a history going back to the 1940's of importing and distributing top quality solid fuels. The 1990s brought with it the continued reduction in the use of solid fuels, partly due to the switch from the use of solid fuels in open fires and back boilers to more efficient oil and natural gas central heating and the use of enclosed solid fuel stoves. The Leinster coal field covers parts of Kilkenny, Carlow and Laois. This low cost relative to other fuels may be due, in part, to the rise in the availability of shale gas which is displacing coal for power generation in the USA. You must supply your own labour to get your fuel from point of delivery to your fuel store. The Leinster coal field covers parts of Kilkenny, Carlow and Laois. All of our products can be viewed on this site. After the 1973 oil crises, and due to Government concerns for the security of fuel supplies for electricity production, ESB was authorized to construct a 915 MW coal fired plant at Moneypoint, Co. Clare.

How is it imported or moved around the country? We will always try to deliver to your door, however if access is poor or unsafe for large trucks then we will deliver as close as possible. Coal has been mined and used in Ireland for four centuries. Call our help line 02871364721, from South 04871364721 or 0868572880.

Where does Ireland’s gas come from and what determines its price?

Where does the price of our home heating oil come from?

Although these coal reserves were mined, the coal seams were very restricted due to their worked seam height compared to British coal mines. A coal fired power station at Pigeon House was commissioned in 1903 and later taken over by ESB in 1929. The iron works ran until 1838. Could we have an electricity system without transmission lines? At full output the station consumes approximately 7,000 tonnes of coal per day. Are we on track to meet our EU emission reduction targets for 2020?

It was commissioned by ESB at Arigna in 1958 and ran until the end of the 1980s. In 2008 the ESB completed a major environmental equipment upgrade (costing €300 million) to make sure the plant complies with the strictest environmental requirements. Coal Direct are in total control of your coal or smokeless fuel from it leaves the mine right up until it reaches your home. Coal mining began in Ireland in the Leinster coal field in 1638. You must supply your own labour to get your fuel from point of delivery to your fuel store.

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