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Layout - The design or pattern of the main roadways and workings.

- A directed throw; in strip-mining, the overburden is cast from the coal to the previously mined area. - In a mine shaft, the device, similar to an elevator car, that is used for hoisting personnel and materials. The coal is burned in this bubbling, liquid-like (or "fluidized") mixture. Structures and surface features above the subsidence area can be affected.
- Rate of airflow in lineal feet per minute. Recovery - The proportion or percentage of coal or ore mined from the original seam or deposit. Like the phone rang and the call from the foremans office said don't stop, run another pass, pull the sprays, I don't give a fuck. The line along which the roof of a coal mine is expected to break. thanks for all of these...fantastic! - From the outby side of the last open crosscut to the face. Sumping - To force the cutter bar of a machine into or under the coal.

"If I get caught playing hooky one more time, I'm gonna get expelled!". - A vertical or inclined connection between two or more levels and used as an ore pass. Entry - An underground horizontal or near-horizontal passage used for haulage, ventilation, or as a mainway; a coal heading; a working place where the coal is extracted from the seam in the initial mining; same as "gate" and "roadway," both British terms. A drift follows the vein, as distinguished from a crosscut that intersects it, or a level or gallery, which may do either. Hosted by Miss Judy (real name: Lois Burns). - A coal mine cave-in especially in permanent areas such as entries. Break line - The line that roughly follows the rear edges of coal pillars that are being mined. - The combustible gas, methane, CH4. – As it pertains to mining, a document issued by a regulatory agency that gives approval for mining operations to take place. Bolter/pinner- roof bolter, called mainly a bolter up here, a pinner in parts of the south and especially Kentucky.
- The bottom of a shaft, or any other place in a mine, that is used as a collecting point for drainage water. To be "from da hard coal" is to be from the Coal Region of Eastern PA. For example, on the longwall everyone called the water-oil emulsion we used for hydraulics 'milk' because it sort of looks like milk.

Mostly called a kitchen up here, it drives southerners crazy, Bolts/pins- roof/rib bolts, used for support, Glue/resin- used in combination with bolts for roof/rib support. The canister contains a layer of fused calcium chloride that absorbs water vapor from the mine air. - One of to or more divisions of a coal seam separated by slate or formed by the process of cutting the coal. Highwall – The unexcavated face of exposed overburden and coal in a surface mine or in a face or bank on the uphill side of a contour mine excavation. Working face/face- area where mining is occurring. Glossary developed from materials provided by:  Kentucky Mining Institute. Muckers: movers of rock, which is also called “muck”, 2. All food is served family style by women who are usually in a hurry.

Azimuths are angles measured clockwise from any meridian. A trained engineer with knowledge of the science, economics, and arts of mineral location, extraction, concentration and sale, and the administrative and financial problems of practical importance in connection with the profitable conduct of mining.

- The payment of a certain stipulated sum on the mineral produced. Fractures include faults, shears, joints, and planes of fracture cleavage. Tailpiece - Also known as foot section pulley.

- A belt pulley, generally under a conveyor belt and inby the drive pulley, kept under strong tension parallel to the belt line. - An electronic instrument often mounted on a piece of mining equipment, that detects and measures the methane content of mine air. - Any conveyor used parallel to a working face which delivers coal into another conveyor or into a car.

– Mine waste or rock used to support the roof after coal removal. Its thickness may vary from a few to several thousand feet.

Bituminous coal – A middle rank coal (between subbituminous and anthracite) formed by additional pressure and heat on lignite.

Coal mining is the process of extracting coal from the ground. Raise - A secondary or tertiary inclined opening, vertical or near-vertical opening driven upward form a level to connect with the level above, or to explore the ground for a limited distance above one level. Bituminous, or "soft coal" is mined in Western Pennsylvania. Grain - In petrology, that factor of the texture of a rock composed of distinct particles or crystals which depends upon their absolute size. Descriptive of certain rocks and minerals. Contour - An imaginary line that connects all points on a surface having the same elevation. As a verb, it refers to this function; as a noun it refers to all the equipment and materials--timber, roof bolts, concrete, steel, etc.--that are used to carry out this function. Prop - Coal mining term for any single post used as roof support. Where the coal has cleats, main entries are driven at right angles to the face cleats. Heaving - Applied to the rising of the bottom after removal of the coal; a sharp rise in the floor is called a "hogsback".

Timber - A collective term for underground wooden supports. - The proportion or percentage of coal or ore mined from the original seam or deposit. Also known as "blind pigeons". Return - The air or ventilation that has passed through all the working faces of a split. Hydraulic control refers to the mechanical control of various parts of machines, such as coal cutters, loaders, etc., through the operation or action of hydraulic cylinders. Never heard of muckers as foot wear Muckers are trainee miners or machines used to remover material ore or waste material such as loaders of all types? The number 1 term you should know in the mining industry is… Your Fired. Hydraulic cement has a composition which permits it to set quickly under water. Conversation is nonexistent or light, and the participant(s) need to appear preoccupied in thought, typically staring into the bar top. Wire ropes are made from medium carbon steels.

I have a ton of questions but i'll start with these...thanks! - A sample collected with an approved coal mine dust sampler unit attached to a miner, or so positioned as to measure the concentration of respirable dust to which the miner is exposed, and operated continuously over an entire work shift of such miner. Load - To place explosives in a drill hole. Brushing - Digging up the bottom or taking down the top to give more headroom in roadways. - A mass of material with a slippery surface in the roof; shaped like a horse's back.

The Canadian Mining Hall of Fame will welcome five new members at its July 2021 gala dinner and induction ceremony in Toronto. In roof bolting, the plate used between the bolt head and the roof. Bootleg = leftover explosives after a blast, generally in the face.

- A nonvolatile combustion product of the oxidation of coal or coal refuse. Archived. - A rock formed by consolidation of clay, mud, or silt, having a laminated structure and composed of minerals essentially unaltered since deposition.

- A switch, in the shape of a bar, used to cut off power at the machine in case of an emergency.

One spark could easily ignite a … Boss - Any member of the managerial ranks who is directly in charge of miners (e.g., "shift-boss," "face-boss," "fire-boss," etc.).

- Unbalanced internal forces in the roof or sides, created when coal is extracted. The strike of a bed is the direction of a straight line that connects two points of equal elevation on the bed. Terms - Secondary or tertiary vertical or near-vertical opening sunk from a point inside a mine for the purpose of connecting with a lower level or of exploring the ground for a limited depth below a level. - To lower the concentration of a mixture; in this case the concentration of any hazardous gas in mine air by addition of fresh intake air.

One-tenth of 1% (.001) may be fatal in 10 minutes. - The complete or partial failure of a blasting charge to explode as planned. "Saving the mine.". In some localities the terms "undermine" or "underhole" are used.

Outby; outbye - Nearer to the shaft, and hence farther from the working face. Plan - A map showing features such as mine workings or geological structures on a horizontal plane.

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