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Everything's the matter! They begin crawling towards each other, but Basic Bitch shows Blue Boy her breasts, which has him convinced that Basic Bitch should be with him. Cry-Baby wins, Baldwin is furious and gives up. He likes his women bad, Lenora, not cheap! : : She was created by Melanie Martinez to reflect a fantasy version of herself. | Hateful Guard at Maryland Training School for Boys I got some new rules, sucker!

[singing]  I love being bad cause it sure feels good. But that's the way a woman's got to be these days.

The punk got what he deserved. Later, it turns out that this relationship was only one-sided and she feels as if she couldn't "catch up to love." Wanda : Think Cry-Baby's got blue balls for the chick?

I'm burning inside to touch you, baby!

He likes his women bad, Lenora, not cheap! Lenora Frigid So, Cry Baby uses other ways to have Blue Boy like her again, which works.

[hesitates]  But no wonder we're together, honey. : Release Dates Something hill-billy... something colored!

Lenora, you filthy hag! Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker Wanda Pepper Yeah!

Today's a special day for me and your grandmother. Watch, it's easy.

Hatchet-Face Well, what have we here? Allison Pepper [offering to show her breasts]  Hatchet-Face I'm an orphan, too. : Her brother then wrote down "Cry Baby" as the child's name.

The first thing a Cry-Baby girl learns: our bazooms are our weapons!

These are the Cry-Baby girls. : You don't own me, Baldwin.

I give bare second on the first date. Cry Baby later has a crush on a boy named Johnny. Wade "Cry-Baby" Walker Mrs. Vernon-Williams, Allison's Grandmother Yeah, Lenora, your bosoms ain't nothin'! You're just like me. :

However, she doesn't care and says "the best people are crazy.". , The Judge Join StageAgent today and unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. Allison

, I've never given a French kiss before. Cry Baby wanted to toy with Blue Boy's feelings so she indirectly gives him a note that reads, "Do you want to play?" , Cry-Baby :

Heat lightening.

That Lenora ain't nothing to me! Yeah, Lenora, your bosoms ain't nothin'!

: Cry-Baby :

: Wanda My car and your jalopy!


: , , Wanda Lenora Frigid We're gonna play some cool music for you tonight, Ramona.


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