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Time takes care of everything, and one hopes that that’s the case here.

An old guy here, trying to talk to people who are thriving and alive and dominating the world through social media? If you can stay in business on television that long, good for you. In the beginning, it really seemed like, holy God, they’re coming over the wall, we’re all going to die.

A: Something applicable to these times? Cathy, his wife, was hospitalized.

He had three or four comics on and each comic made my heart sink deeper.

“Doesn’t it look like the new kid got to design it?”.

I think they still do enough business to keep people happy. Do you ever feel like saying anything similar now?

The veteran TV host is back with more episodes of his Netflix interview series and a perspective that has been altered by the coronavirus pandemic. But the Netflix people put me back in business in a way that has been, for me, really, really fun.

Q: Because of the pandemic, this episode has no audience — it’s just the two of you talking in her home studio. But there’s other people more capable. That may be part of the dynamic now. She has her prison reform program. A: I had a conversation with my son the other night that went this way. I did feel like, is this going to look stupid? Did it make you rethink how you might approach the series going forward? And he said, “Have you been drinking?” So that’s how that works at my house. For Letterman's arrival, CBS spent … A: I think it’s every parent’s concern, regardless of the age of their kids. No one cares. Q: You went to Yellow Springs, Ohio, to interview Dave Chappelle.

On the other hand, I recognize my own shelf life.

Q: Did you come up with a new standup set or use your past material? Did you perform at his outdoor comedy show there? I think I did it. By that point, there were protocols in place from the production company and from Netflix that we had to observe, gladly, and we got through it OK. Q: Kim Kardashian West, who is now a prized guest on your Netflix series, was a frequent target of mockery in your “Late Show” days.

But going forward, the requirement of an audience is not essential. “It looks kind of unfinished,” he said through a fabric mask that barely held back his unruly beard. Because once Dave puts his stamp of approval on somebody, it’s not as hard as you think it’s going to be. She had a family. A: Oh, I was at the head of that list. One morning last week, this veteran late-night host, broadcaster and comedian, now 73, was sitting in a park here, contemplating the Hudson River and cracking wise about the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge. I felt like it was a wreck.

So you’re going to get a story out of anybody. He had recorded two episodes, with Kim Kardashian West and with Robert Downey Jr., before the pandemic, and believed the season — if not the series — was finished. People have this hunger to see the current administration being assailed and embarrassing itself. I wonder how they’re feeling.

Even so, he found himself yearning for what he called “the carefree days of nonsense” when he could “bring people into a theater and talk to them for an hour, and when we were done I would go out into the crowd and shake hands, and everybody would want to tongue-kiss me.”. You think that’s something? I won’t comment on the ease of being married to Kanye West. We’re all in show business, but that’s as close a comparison as you can make, culturally. A: That makes me very sad. Nineteen years later, with the country in the midst of a monthslong pandemic, Letterman found it difficult to conjure up any similarly inspiring anecdotes. That’s the inner dialogue. Because we learned a lesson that these other people are dismissing. But all of these people who are resisting the idea of prevention, I just keep thinking: What about the families of the 220,000 people who are dead?

A: After we met with Kanye West (for the previous season of the Netflix series), I had a long talk with her at their home, and I started to think about how I had used her as a joke and regarded her as someone not to be taken seriously.

“Dad, you know you’re close to 100, you’d better not go out.”. I was always the one that thought we had to have an audience, because that’s how you built the show — your timing was generated by the audience. In 1992, Johnny Carson retired, and many fans believed that Letterman would become host of The Tonight Show. No, it was all of the moment. I don’t fault them for that. At first, I thought, oh, God, this is not going to work. Letterman spoke further about his pandemic experience, the making of his Netflix series and what he hopes the future might hold for him. Q: Your son, Harry, is 16 now. Which I don’t appreciate at all. It was grand.

Q: You had previously had Lizzo as a guest on your “Late Show” in 2014 before her career really took off. A: We had two more episodes (with Lizzo and Dave Chappelle) in preproduction, and we were eager to do something.

Q: How did the pandemic affect your work on your Netflix series? Because when I was doing comedy, a lot of it was (weakly) “Hey, where you from?” But these men and women, whoa — the level of it, the intellect of it, the presentation of it is so much more than it was when me and my little buddies were, “Hey, how ya doin’, I just got in from Indiana.” Really? Kim Kardashian (left) and David Letterman in a segment of "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with DAvid Letterman" on Netflix. The husband of a woman that worked at (“Late Show”), he died. TARRYTOWN, N.Y. — A few days after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, David Letterman sat behind his desk at CBS’s “Late Show” and shared the story of a … Not just for our culture and our government, but the simple act of voting will have been the reason that the rest of our country is put back together and, in many ways, saved from what appears to be tyranny, certainly jeopardy. A: I really did, until recently. Yeah, I keep past material in the treasure chest. One is to keep you safe. I would be eager to see if it works with more than Lizzo. But truth be told, Letterman was in a more melancholy than mirthful frame of mind. I wish I had the wherewithal to say something meaningful. Getting choked up, he told his viewers, “If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about the spirit of the United States, then I can’t help you.”.

And he is deeply frustrated by what he feels have been inconsistent, nationwide efforts to inform people about the pandemic and mitigate its spread. Q: How has the pandemic been for you?

And on and on and on. Is that why you went back to her now? The new show debuted on August 30, 1993, and was taped at the historic Ed Sullivan Theater, where Ed Sullivan broadcast his eponymous variety seriesfrom 1948 to 1971. In my day, the goal was just anything to make the audience laugh. Get outta here. And I stand by that. People keep reminding me that, at my age, I’m particularly vulnerable. And then when it was finished, I thought, wow, this is the most fun I’ll have all summer.

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