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107,219 Stars: Four aging animals - a donkey, a dog, a rooster, and a cat - are rejected by their ungrateful owners and thrown out to the streets. Learn how your comment data is processed. come on. Sleeping Beauty (Little Briar Rose).

| Lauren Lakis, Director:

Harry Baetens,

The wizard can’t break the chalk line, so he tells the girl’s father to deny her water so she can’t keep her hands clean. Manfred Heine, 95 min Stars: Heath Ledger, | Haunted by the actions of her past, Red Riding Hood seeks to escape into the forest...and now she that was once the hunter becomes the prey. | | Lou Ferrigno, When Maleficent visited the feast to get her revenge, she could’ve just struck baby Briar Rose dead in her cradle. 111 min | His Arabian Nights – a version of the Arabic 1001 Nights collection (a very old collection assembled over centuries by multiple translators and authors) was particularly influential. ( Log Out /  I loved them so much! Nietzchka Keene | Stars: Gerald B. Browning, Elisabeth Ilna, 15 min Laurie Padgett, 0 Thanks for such an interesting topic. Stars: Family, Fantasy, Romance. Revenge Achievement Unlocked. $37.66M, PG-13 John Stocker, TV-PG Instead, she devised an insidious plan—let Stephen and his wife raise their daughter and love their daughter, all the while knowing that on her fifteenth birthday, she’d drop dead. | In Russia, the poet Aleksander Pushkin has a lot of good fairy tales as well. (Spinning wheels, man. When they say they’re going to pluck out your eyes and feed them to the crows, they do it. 30 min | Else Ehser, 46 min Stars: But less of us are familiar with the collections that popularised them, or the writers that penned the versions we know today. A sixteen-year-old girl who was raised by her father to be the perfect assassin is dispatched on a mission across Europe, tracked by a ruthless intelligence agent and her operatives. The Little Match Girl). (I have some sympathy here because really, King Stephen, how hard is it to get just one more gold plate made so that you can honor ALL of the fairies in your land?) Sal Faillace, 78 min

Some popular tales featured in Lang’s collections: Some other fairy tale writers and translators worth a mention are: Of course, there have been many more collections and collectors of fairy tales than I mentioned above.

PG-13 Taylor Conner, And like all good predators, she knows exactly how to lure her prey. Amanda Sandrelli, Hermann Hartmann, 6 | | Pauline Ling Sun audiobooks, dystopia, science-fiction, young-adult, and favorites. | I loved the juxtaposition of the truly evil villain and the heroine who suddenly found herself on the wrong side of someone who wouldn’t hesitate to do whatever it took to bend the world into a shape more to their liking.


Stars: Hannah Bernall, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy. Mike B. Anderson, Wolfgang Eichberger, Hans F. Wilhelm Pingback: Tales as Old as Time are Timeless – Megan Crist. Little Red Riding Hood.

Niels Clausnitzer, 90 min Stars: Georg Gütlich, Ursula Herion, Harald Dietl,

I mean . Fritz Genschow | Lauren Parkinson, If being bad is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. |

The Emperor’s New Clothes is a particularly pointed remark on the foolishness of human nature. ( Log Out /  Action, Adventure, Comedy. Lukas Haas, Their chance comes ... See full summary », Directors: Director: Stars: . | | Gross: This is one villain who doesn’t let failure stop her. Well, two of course! The tom-cat however has the gift of speech, and decides to help Hans to a fortune. Together, they drive a group of robbers out of their hut and live out the rest of their lives in peace. Wow, I’d never heard of him before but now I looked him up I can see he was a very prominent and awarded sci fi and fantasy writer. (Note to father who OBEYS the wizard to save himself: You fail at life.) Renate Fischer, 6 Penny Jordan, E10+ The new Queen has a magic mirror that she asks every day, who is the fairest... See full summary », Director: We’re so excited that the site has been visited by fairy tale fans such as yourself. Site Powered by Supadu, The 14 Most Anticipated YA Books to Read in November, These YA Thrillers Kept Us at the Edge of Our Seats. Stars: Laura Shepherd Ahh these are some of my favourites (would you believe it, but I was actually lucky enough to study fairy tales at uni?!) He is sometimes dubbed the father of fairy tales, and his collection Les Contes de ma Mère l’Oye (Stories of Mother Goose) was very influential  – his version of Cinderella, for example, is the one English speakers are most familiar with (with the fairy godmother and the pumpkin carriage etc.)

Subsequent versions of the collection added many more tales, as well as modifying many to embellish them or sanitise the more violent elements. 21 min | 86 min Director: 66 min

La Comtesse de Segur has lighted my childhood with her stories as well. Note: Certain fairy tales, like "Beauty and the Beast" and "Cinderella," have been told and retold so often in mainstream American society that they're deeply ingrained in our minds. Family, Fantasy, Romance, Snow White's mother, the Queen dies when she is born. Rolf Bollmann, | Director: Wellman was also an accomplished author of science fiction and fantasy. . 84 min

$40.26M, PG-13 | | And like all good predators, she knows exactly how to lure her prey. Stars:

| Great post . Godfather Death.

Gerard Baldwin,

Margarete Henning-Roth, 87 min | Herbert B. Fredersdorf Elinor von Wallerstein, Stars: Action, Drama, Thriller. | This guy is bad news. And with, you know, basic decency. Dusan Trancík The wolf and the seven young kids. Self-centered and conceited Prince Charming has only two goals in life: to look maahvelous, daaahling, and to reach the castle of Sleeping Beauty in order to kiss her out of her spell (so he can live the good life with her riches). Mila Kunis, TV-G For more information about non-European collections and collectors, see the links at the end.). Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. George Singer

188,763 (Note to self #2: Always wash your hands.) Comedy, Family, Fantasy. Family, Fantasy, Director: Most Popular Grimm's Fairy Tales Movies and TV Shows Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. | Fairy tales are stories that range from those originating in folklore to more modern stories defined as literary fairy tales. Directors: No way a kid wanders lost in the forest and comes upon a house made of candy and gingerbread and is all “Nah.” She’s vicious, predatory, and heartless, and she uses sugar as a weapon. Stars:

Peter Thom, Directors: Homer must do one good deed to get into Heaven; Bart and Lisa encounter a witch in a gingerbread house; Super-intelligent dolphins strike back at humanity. She awakes to find herself trapped in a cycle of murder, paranoia, and strange... See full summary », Director: When Epic Reads asked me for a list of my fave villians, I grabbed one of the bound volumes of Grimm’s fairy tales that I keep in my office and started choosing my all-star team. The Original Folk and Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm Illustrated Hard Cover. |

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