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Shinpachi saves a cat-eared cute girl named Erowitch from a drunken man and falls in love with her. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5e69e129a93a4929 "You Always Remember The Things That Matter The Least". While trying to pawn off Gintoki's wooden sword, Kagura is attacked by a crazed sword collector, who believes that Gintoki's sword is the one he's been looking for. He says he is a florist, but they are sure he is an evil monster plotting to take over the earth. Will they get to the castle alive, or will they be assassinated first? (Sub) Those Who Insist that Santa Doesn't Exist Actually Want to Believe in Santa/ Tolls of the Bell Won't Cast Away Earthly Desires! Just Raise Your Hand and Speak Up, (Dub) Some Things Can't Be Cut With a Sword. To her dismay, Sacchan, Otae, and Catherine begin a fierce battle over who will be the next heroine after Kagura's place. Gintoki was hit by a car and lost all his memories, not even who he is. • "Why Is The Sea So Salty? Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. The Yorozuya receives two Amanto carpenters from Sakamoto as an apology for destroying their home two episodes back. Kabukicho Snow Festival begins, and Odd Jobs trio build a snow figure to win in a contest.

But, the spaceship which handymen boarded is hijacked by soldiers of Sonno Joi.

Enjoy a collection of popular favorites in Spanish – CNN en Español, Discovery en Español, Discovery Familia, ESPN Deportes, History Channel en Español, and Universo.

"Responsible Owners Should Clean Up After Their Pets".

(Sub) Pee On the Worm and Terrible Consequence Awaits, (Dub) Characters Should be Unique Enough for Anyone to be Able to Tell Who They Are Just by Their Silhouettes. On New Year's Eve, he gets into a major battle with an mysterious man over comic books. Because You City Folk Pee Whenever You Go Swimming! They follow its strongest fighter, the Butcher Demon, and uncovers an unexpected truth hidden beneath the demon's mask.

(Dub) The More You’re Alike, the More You Fight/ Whatever You Play, Play to Win. The competition really heats up as Gintoki aims to win for a big prize cash. Besides the regular themes, episode 12 uses a remixed version of "Fūsen Gamu".

Shinpachi is furious with Gintoki and tries to stop Kagura. Meanwhile, a dangerous man was plotting to destroy the festival. The first season of the Japanese anime television series Gintama is directed by Shinji Takamatsu and animated by Sunrise. (Sub) Make Friends You Can Call by Their Nicknames Even When You Become Old Farts, (Dub) If You Make a Promise, Keep It Even if It Kills You.

A pantie burgular who calls himself Masked Loincloth is on the loose in Edo City, stealing women's panties and giving them to dateless men. Tucker had joined a bike gang and was heading down the wrong path. It is then followed by "Yuki no Tsubasa" (雪のツバサ, lit. (Dub) If You’re a Man, Catch a Marlin!/ if You Go to Sleep With the Fan On You'll Get a Stomachache, So Be Careful. On their search for her, they find out that an addictive drug is being sold, and the daughter seems to have gotten in trouble. But the Yorozuya have other concerns: a battle of wits and deception to take reign of the nabe pot! The Odd Jobs Trio delivers a package to an embassy. More than half of the members collapsed, muttering about a woman in a red kimono. Gintoki agrees to go look for it in exchange for a big cash. Live TV is available in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia only. (Dub)When You're Tired, Eat Something Sour.

[1][2] The anime is based on Hideaki Sorachi's manga of the same name.

He gets caught up in a battle for death over a special FAN. They follow the happy couple, plotting to destroy their date. "People Who Make Good First Impressions Usually Suck". Gintoki trains Sadaharu to win in a contest held by TV Show looking for a unique pet. A mysterious nearsighted kunoichi suddenly appears alongside Gintoki, yet this turns out to be a ploy to use him for her latest mission. (Sub) Only Kids Get Excited Over Snow/ Eating Ice Cream in Winter Is Something Special, (Dub) Ramen Shops With Large Menus Generally Never Do Well. (Sub) Sons Only Take After Their Fathers' Negative Attributes. (Dub) Good Things Never Last But Bad Things Come Repeatedly. The latter episode is about a giant sized cockroach invading Edo City.

Prince Hata, the prince of an alien kingdom, is missing his pet, and requests the Yorozuya find it.

(Dub) Those Who Insist that Santa Doesn't Exist Actually Want to Believe in Santa/ Tolls of the Bell Won't Cast Away Earthly Desires! Whoa, Scary! Can Hasegawa start his new life? (Dub) Don’t Be Shy! We Wouldn't Want Anyone Immature In Here...". Meanwhile, Yamazaki from the Shinsengumi is investigating a factory suspected for plotting terrorism. Kagura announced she wiill go home with her father but secretly stayed behind to see how everyone would miss her. "Love Doesn't Require A Manual (Continued)". Gintoki and Shinpachi (literally) run into Kagura-- a girl from the Yato Clan who's trying to run away from the yakuza. (Sub) If You Stop and Think About It, Your Life's a Lot Longer as an Old Guy Than a Kid!

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