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During that raid, he fails the test when he stumbles upon the “Diddler.” Corwin, an apparent kidnapper and molester, was upstairs claiming, “it was an accident. Author House, 2007. Your privacy is extremely important to us.

In their detectives’ world of dubious moral crevices, they could easily lose their own ethical center. Then wait until he gets out of prison to repeat his crime, or save the system money and the life of some kid in the future?

Even Lionel, who plays Helene¿½s brother says to not feel sorry for her sister, as she does not care for anybody else. Our starting gates .

The movie, Gone, Baby, Gone is a film that from the beginning of the movie to the end reminds the audience of its theme throughout the entire movie. However, when Bea, Helene¿½s aunt entrusts private detective, Patrick Kenzie and his wife Angie the role to help with the abduction of Amanda McCready, it sparks the moral dilemmas and reason in Patrick Kenzie all throughout the movie and shows that even in a city with corruption, a person must do the right thing at all costs. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It’s the sides we choose, the mistakes we make, and who we leave behind.”, Denis Lehane, the film’s writer, explains, “We have not solved remotely the issue of how to raise and protect children in this society. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of

“This ain’t no strip-clubbin in Lynn, Patrick. Thus, the life of Amanda in the family of Captain Doyle was almost perfect, and the intentions of Doyle were good because he wanted to demonstrate the better life to the girl.

Although the life of Amanda in the family of Doyle was rather harmonious and comfortable, Patrick chose to report about Doyle’s illegal actions in order to provide Amanda with the opportunity to live with her mother. He had no right to live.¿½ In addition, Kant also claims that, ¿½altruistic actions that result from feelings of sociability deserve praise and encouragement, but they cannot be classified as possessing strictly moral value.¿½ (Kant, 149) All things considered, Patrick as well as the society as a whole sees killing in order to save other children is the right behavior, however, Patrick knows for a fact that morally, it does not exhibit moral value. In a crucial scene towards the end of the movie, the dialogue between Patrick and Jack supports Kant¿½s ideas; ¿½to act as to treat all human beings as ends in themselves and never as merely means to ends.¿½ (Kant, 154) Patrick defends Kant¿½s ideas stating to Jack, ¿½does it make you feel better doing it for the right reasons?

Angie’s relationship with Patrick, however, depends on honesty. Philosophy Murder is a sin.¿½ In which Remy responds by saying, ¿½depends on who you do it to.¿½ Patrick says, ¿½No, that¿½s not how it works, it is what it is.¿½ Patrick is applying the universal concept that murder is wrong, no matter to whom it is to. People should be kind of torn emotionally and confused about the question they’re left with.”, According to Ben Affleck, the director of the film, “The right thing is really the difficult thing to do because it has consequences that are unpleasant often times. (A Valentine's Day Challenge). IvyPanda. Cookies Policy, The Morality of the Movie “Gone Baby Gone”, The Film “Remember the Titans”: Leadership Roles, The Social Worker Role in the Film “Crash”, The Marble Column from the Temple of Artemis at Sardis, “Christina’s World” Painting by Andrew Wyeth, “Miss Ever’s Boys” a Film by Joseph Sargent, The “Straight White Men” Play by Young Jean Lee.

( Log Out /  There was a funny comment on this post, but sadly it has to be removed due to its advertising content.No ad for you. She would have a caring family and would have grown in a positive environment. The setting could have been any dark corner of anyplace in urban America, because the theme is universal—what is easy is usually not what is right.

The girl was separated from her mother Helene McCready, and she was brought up by Captain Jack Doyle who intended to provide Amanda with the better life conditions and more opportunities. While the whole film is full of dramatic moments, its final part is the most powerful as it brings about the crucial question: should the character’s decision be governed by law or morality? But between them, almost buried, there exists an ethical gap.

Likewise, he uses Lionel (Titus Welliver) Helene’s angry, un-articulate, recovering alcoholic brother, and Dotty (Jill Quigg), Helene’s central casting skanky friend to add powerful seasoning to the decaying neighborhood aroma. He cares much more about the outcomes of the action than about his moral duty. Freud and his mother: the Oedipus complex in The D... Are you feelin' the love?

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