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But he regrets not being able to say good-bye to the person before they left for their "better place". <3. He is gone, but I want his life to have meaning beyond his passing. Like my parents. I just recently found his grave (about 5 days ago) and have been mourning. I grew up quick got my life in check from being a dumb kid. I would like to take a moment from this very public ceremony to speak of something very personal. Everyone knew we liked each other. His name is Ryan White. He was a hemophiliac who was diagnosed with the AIDS virus when he was eleven. [20] Journalist David Browne, writing for Entertainment Weekly, claimed that the song "recasts the equally melodramatic Off the Wall hit "She's Out of My Life"; he noted that Jackson sobs during the finale of both songs.[21]. [6][7] Surprising his doctors, White lived five years longer than initially predicted and died in April 1990, shortly before he would have completed high school. He thus equalled his own record, set with Bad and its accompanying singles.

"Like a shooting star And I'll never be the same here without you [14] In Germany, "Gone Too Soon" peaked at number 45. [4] A hemophiliac, he became infected with HIV from a contaminated blood treatment and, when diagnosed in 1984, was given six months to live.

I think it's got different meanings, weather it be a friend who moved away, a loved one who passed away, or a break up.

Hier hat sogar jemand den Titel mit übersetzt, macht sonst KEINER.

"Gone Too Soon" is a ballad recorded and popularized by American musician Michael Jackson. Cause now I'm lost "Gone Too Soon" was promoted with a music video directed by Bill DiCicco, which showed footage of Jackson and White together, as well as scenes from the latter's funeral. "You were always there
ZU SCHNELL VORBEI Wie ein Komet Der über den Abendhimmel flammt Zu schnell vorbei Wie ein Regenbogen Der in einem Augenblick verblasst Zu schnell vorbei Leuchtend und funkelnd Und strahlend hell Heute noch hier Eines Nachts verschwunden Wie das Vergehen des Sonnenscheins An einem wolkigen Nachmittag Zu schnell vorbei. In the UK singles chart, "Gone Too Soon"—which featured an instrumental version on its B-side—reached number 33, becoming Jackson's ninth Top 40 hit from the one album (Dangerous). [10] [11] It charted in numerous countries outside of the US. [4] His funeral was attended by Jackson, as well as English musician Elton John, media personality Phil Donahue, First Lady of the United States Barbara Bush, and 1000 other mourners. So fast so far" The song was further promoted with a live performance of "Gone Too Soon" at President-elect Bill Clinton's inauguration celebration, An American Reunion: The 52nd Presidential Inaugural Gala. September 25th is his 3rd birthday. "Hey there now This song is about someone/loved one gone off, but you still care for that someone, but they are gone, but you know that you will never forget, I dedicate this to my friend who I always loved and crushed on for 9 years but she moved away, and my dad who died. "Gone Too Soon" was released on December 1, 1993—World AIDS Day—as the ninth and final single from the Dangerous album. "Shine on And it'll be time... Time to say goodbye, I hope we will always stay in contact. [Michael Jackson] treats [Ryan White] like he's not sick. Dangerous", "`Dangerous' squeals, rather than screams Michael Jackson produces pap, not power, on overhyped, overproduced, overdone new LP", "Jackson's Dangerous is testimony of his talent", "Jackson's new CD good but not quite 'Dangerous, "Michael Jackson's 'Dangerous' fails to deliver",,,,, "Singer Michael Jackson dead at 50-Legendary pop star had been preparing for London comeback tour", "Michael Jackson funeral to take place in Los Angeles", "Who Is Michael Jackson Memorial Performer Shaheen Jafargholi?

am 5. You're a part of me

As a mother who lost her twin daughters mid pregnancy (19 and 23 weeks), I feel as if he's singing about the loss of a baby.

Two people who mean a great deal to me, all in one day. Juni 2009, 15:53, Wunderschöner song......He will ALWAYS stays on the top... Love You So Much, Michael <3. :( and they were gone too soon, but back to my crush, I never said it. "Gone Too Soon" was released on December 1, 1993—World AIDS Day—as the ninth and final single from the Dangerous album. I decided I rather do whatever I could to make my son proud that I'm his father, so I feel as if he guided me to better myself and the people around me. Found 140 sentences matching phrase "Gone Too Soon".Found in 17 ms. [9] The music engineer also served as the co-producer for "Gone Too Soon", with Jackson producing the song.
[24] An alternate video[25] was released a few months after Michael's death, and was later released on Michael Jackson's Vision. During the performance, the entertainer—wearing dark sunglasses and a yellow rose pinned to the lapel of his jacket—approached Jackson's gold-plated casket, which was in attendance.

Where'd you go

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