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Heat map data is critical at identifying both what is working and what is not working. A comprehensive marketing automation platform allows for more comprehensive digital intelligence when delivering content to visitors. This “dashboard” style makes the widest variety of documents and reports available to users at-a-glance, Sustainability Reporting Trends and Best Practices, Drop us a line – we’d be happy to take a look. As a result, your emails are eventually diverted towards the promotional tabs or spam filters. Some examples include Salesforce CRM, Hubspot CRM, Microsoft 365 Dynamics, etc. Tell your investment story by providing relevant, timely information for investors … There are literally thousands of options to select, but our advice here is to focus on a product that is both simple to use and effective. Agile Digital Investor Relations is a digital marketing agency that specifically caters to publicly traded companies. When you consider investor research, that number is further exacerbated. This is because PDFs, particularly annual reports and corporate responsibility reports, permit more comprehensive keyword searches and annotations – and can be integrated into a variety of digital analysis tools. Please send me your annual Sustainability Reporting Trends research. Mobile continues to grow each year by leaps and bounds, and it already eclipses desktop traffic by a significant margin. That I why marketing automation and list management tools have emerged as one of the cornerstones for digital IR solutions. SEO may take many investors directly to the top page in your Investor Relations silo. Investor Relations website design is trending towards modular, grid-based layouts. Is your investor website mobile compliant? They need your reports to have logical filenames and to live in a single location – one that doesn’t change year over year. Drop us a line – we’d be happy to take a look. It’s important to have a strong grasp of the best way to present your Investor Relations story online. There measure where your visitors are clicking, or even looking on your webpage. September 5, 2019. Our investor relations website design services includes hosting, on-going maintenance and management on a 24/7 basis. This can be mitigated or even avoided by being proactive by ‘scrubbing’ lists of inactive subscribers, hence preserving your pristine reputation. As a rule, we never have a barrier to entry (name squeeze) to gain access, although we do utilize Pop-ups to suggest volunteering contact information. A major obstacle to any digital marketer is getting their emails in front of their subscribers. It’s likely that good SEO will take investors directly to the top page in your Investor Relations silo. Designs like these are also extensible – they display well on a variety of different devices and screen sizes. There is no longer a need to navigate to several different pages to get a full picture of performance. You don’t have to take our word for it – for more insights into what makes for great, analyst friendly disclosure, check out our interviews with Michael Jantzi of Sustainalytics and NEI’s Bob Walker. Don’t leave your audience guessing – make it very clear what you’d like them to do next. And be sure to download The Works’ Sustainability Reporting Trends and Best Practices to learn more about innovations in corporate reporting. Investors have come to expect that they can download an IR package for a company, without the hassle of calling the investor relations contact listed on the website. If not, then you are missing out on a huge portion of your potential audience. Your email address will not be published. Annual Report” or “ABC Company Investor Deck” will likely bypass your home page altogether. This makes it easy for organizations to update investor presentations, news releases, webcasts and more. Agile Digital Investor Relations is a digital marketing agency that specifically caters to publicly traded companies. Not only will it be easier for your audience to navigate through information, it will also ensure that investors get a good sense of your value proposition and the business you are in. If you’ve subscribed to In Scope Digest, you’ll receive it quarterly. There are hundreds of investor relations friendly plugins available on the WordPress framework (many for free), and this makes it a logical choice for IR departments. Assume that it may be the only thing a visitor ever sees – particularly if you link to it directly in press releases, on social media or in other correspondence. CRM for Investor Relations: Top 5 Best Solutions. The Works started out as a design studio, finding elegant and compelling ways to present other ... You’ll be added to our mailing list as soon as we know where to find you.

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