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Over time, Leafy would eventually become semi-friends with Keemstar. General Information; Sizing Guide Leafy stated that Keemstar had leaked the info of another YouTuber, Josh A, and sent his DramaAlert Nation to attack him. Keemstar then tried to get in a Flame War on with Leafy on Twitter. After the video was uploaded, Keemstar started to gain back many of the subscribers he lost, eventually re-hitting the 1.6 million mark. GradeAUnderA was initially working on an exposed video on Keemstar, however, as Grade sifted through Keemstar's past trolling videos, he eventually took a liking to him and contacted him to let him know what he was doing. by 'i' PROTIP: Sep 17, 2020 at 06:46AM EDT He also threatened to doxx him. [4], The New Show! Keemstar interviewed Salek on the episode, and Salek played audio of a man, allegedly Diaz, screaming at her, saying "“It’s not about you. Eventually, the combined efforts of Leafy and Grade caused DramaAlert to lose over 200,000 subscribers though ironically, they also brought the channel more views than ever before. Salek also alleged that at one point Diaz' home was raided by police searching for her, and Diaz hid her inside a bed boxspring. Keemstar was invited to become a member of a trolling group called the "Federation of Asshole Gamers" or F@G. Along with his fellow F@G members, he would go on Xbox Live and troll kids in Halo to post on their YouTube channel.

He then said that he was considering suing Keemstar for slander, and had his friend Zaptie (who attended law school) state how exactly Keem had committed slander against Leafy. Keem was first featured in a video recorded and uploaded by his friend, YouTuber DERANKER, on January 21st, 2009. The playground insult match between LeafyIsHere and Pyrocynical was hosted on his channel. View the daily YouTube analytics of KEEMSTAR and track progress charts, view future predictions, related channels, and track realtime live sub counts. In similar vein to the "Alex is a stupid nigger" quote, this quote has been used in "Keemstar Exposed" type videos. "Let's Get Right Into The News" is the memorable introductory line from DramaAlert, which has been often mocked by Keem critics and parodied. However, Keemstar began to regain his reputation after HeyWatchYourMouth uploaded a video exposing Leafy for being a piece of shit. The term gained popularity after iDubbbz's video on Keem, in which he's despicted destroying several lawn gnomes.

Summary . In the video, Nick also claims that Leafy only turned on Keemstar for business reasons. He has also hosted discussions between Leafy and other YouTubers, such as Whitney Wisconsin (the dog fucker herself) or Tila Tequila (The alien from another world). LeafyIsHere came into contact with Keemstar after DramaAlert reported on the "hissing" meme and cited Leafy as its source. Keemstar goes out of his way to find a story involving PewDiePie, even if it's the most miniscule thing. Keemstar has become widely popular online in the last few years, most notably due to his personality as well as his internet news show DramaAlert. It is a known fact that Keemstar suffers from Mass Popcorn Consumption Disorder (MPCD). 30 minutes after Ecy uploaded a video "exposing" Leafy for using sub bots, Keemstar threw his hat in the ring and uploaded a video reporting on Ecy's claims and presenting them as facts. Origin: YouTube.

On July 11th, 2019, Keemstar uploaded a video titled "LAPD ARREST him NOW! This didn't stop him from threatening to release Leafy's private DMs when Leafy said he might be making a video on him, proving once and for all that the Gnome king is the biggest hypocrite ever.

In response to the video and social media pressure, the LAPD[8] tweeted that they had directed a team of investigators to look into the allegations (shown below). It has also become a way to make fun of Keem by those who do not care for him. DramaAlert still has yet to change their description to "the #2 source for news on the social interactions in online entertainment". In his post, he claims he gave Leafy his first big shout-out and that he convinced him to donate to FUPA, an account started by h3h3 to defend YouTubers from false copyright strikes. Half the video titles have "PewDiePie" in them in order to attract more viewers. (shown below) in which he responds to the various allegations placed against him, In the aftermath of being "betrayed" Keem announced on Twitter that he would start a new show on YouTube with a tweet on June 22nd, 2016 (shown below). In response to Pyrocynical's video criticizing Keemstar for his handling of the Tobuscus rape controversy, Keemstar leaked pictures of Pyro's face and posted them on Twitter. He has stated that one of the Golden Rules of the Internet is never release private conversations. It's description states that it is the "#1 source for news on the social interations in online entertainment" (The number one source being Scarce).

Pyrocynical later made a video explaining his side of the story.

Keemstar is the most dedicated newscaster to live, he loves his fans and is the only place to get ROOOOOOOIIIIIIIIIIIT INTO THE NOOOOOOZ (because scarce doesn't exist) Powers and Stats . (shown below).

The hate against Keemstar eventually died down and Keem began to reclaim his lost subscribers, almost getting back to the 1.5 million mark.

Keemstar has also gathered a substantial amount of criticism from various people online, most notably on YouTube. I'd like to suggest an edit: 'v' This, ironically, brought more hate to the channel; this time from the 10-year-old members of DramaAlert Nation, who were still loyal to Keem and didn't take kindly to someone else filling his position. Once again, Keemstar stepped down as host of DramaAlert and gave the position to TyTrends. He ended by apologizing for saying the "N" word eight years ago.

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