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Myōjin Yahiko (明神 弥彦) is an orphan from a samurai family who was forced to work as a pickpocket to repay the debt he had presumably owed, as his parents died before they could repay it. Kenshin proves himself a worthy apprentice until the news of the war reaches them. 80] Despite assuming the sword to be a normal one, Kenshin is forced to use it to stop Chō; only to learn that it is another sakabatō.[ch. He had witnessed Shishio brutally killing policemen, but instead of killing him, Shishio ordered him to keep him in a safe house and to provide for him. As the series continues, Kaoru develops strong romantic feelings for Kenshin, who is constantly haunted by his past deeds and believes he does not deserve happiness. Physically, Hiko is a tall man with a somewhat angular face and a very developed physique. In the anime, Gohei is the only brother to appear and is more intelligent than his manga counterpart. For Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration, Watsuki did not plan on making any drastic changes to Kanryū but was inspired to after seeing Kagawa's "fanatical" performance in the film.

84] Fifteen years later, Kenshin seeks out Seijūrō and begs him to teach him the final technique of Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū. 127] Pardoned for his crimes, Saizuchi uses his gifts of persuasion for the Foreign Ministry in secret negotiations.[ch. 214] After receiving control, Heishin tries to have the Sū-shin take Enishi's revenge by killing Kenshin.[ch. Initially, Hiko simply refuses point blank to have anything to do with him, but as Kenshin begs him, he sits down to listen to Kenshin's reasons for returning. In a similar manner Raijūta injures Yutarō's right arm, and Yutarō goes to Germany for medical treatment. Watsuki decided to give Hyottoko the ability to breathe fire, because he felt it would be natural for an "onmitsu" to be "flashy." He agrees to complete Kenshin's training, spoiling the moment somewhat by mentioning that he only agreed to do it because he didn't want to be bothered with killing Shishio himself.

Although originally not interested in the idea, Watsuki decided to go with it after discussing the Shingan ability that read people's emotions by listening to their heartbeat and pulse. 188] For Enishi's Jinchū he creates a corpse doll of Kaoru to fool Kenshin into thinking she had been killed by Enishi, he considers this his masterpiece.[ch. During the Battle of Toba–Fushimi in the Bakumatsu, Kujiranami's right arm was cut off by Kenshin.[ch. Otowa seeks Kenshin's death in revenge for the death of his friend Nakajō, whom he had competitive killing sprees with.[ch. 156] Because many of the Juppongatana were characters that were "hard to hate," Watsuki wanted to make the five comrades (excluding Enishi) in this storyline as "scum-like" as possible. Watsuki described the creation of the brothers as a "direct function of the story." She is loyal to her friends and is always there to heal their wounds, especially Sanosuke, whom she often cautions about fighting. Yūkyūzan Anji (悠久山 安慈), also known as "Bright King" (明王, Myō-ō) after Fudō Myō-ō,[ch. Male His weapon was a shirasaya nihonto with the name Fuyutsuki ('Winter Moon') painted on its hilt.

The author said he used "no thought" while creating Tae, including a lack of planning in her character design, which originates from a rejected model for Kenshin with a prototype Kenshin hairstyle colored black and a "softer, female" face.

He said that Tae was his first character to evolve in this manner and he would like it to continue to surprise himself. The author revealed that by the end of the Kyoto arc, Hōji would become "a pretty cool guy."[23]. Heishin was designed to be "heavy" on black to contrast with the "whiteness" of Enishi. Inui attacks Maekawa dojo as part of the Jinchū campaign while Otowa Hyōko simultanesouly attacks Chief Uramura's house.[ch. The face originated from Eva #2, but Watsuki's assistants believed the design looked too similar. 25] Shikijō received no prosperous government job offers because he was a traitor.[ch. 226], The idea for a one-handed fighter originates from Iba Hachirō, a swordsman from the Bakumatsu. This is because of his superbly muscular and peak-developed body, which lets him use the legendary style regularly and for long durations without any debilitating side-effects, as the Hiten-Mitsurugi-Ryu puts so much strain on a body that it will gradually cause permanent damage to a user with any less of a conditioned body than Hiko himself.

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