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I've got a child on my back!"? Hence she laughs, with satisfaction, in the end as she dies.

Converting to cipher provided another chance to introduce even more mistakes. oops x 2.

Her constantly spending time with Shel and Sam is some sort of mind control perhaps. Instead, they have to orchestrate it so that some else does.The client has chosen Jay to make his sacrifices, presumably for his work in Kiev. Great stuff! The opening "statement" - a couple having a nasty fight.
Now, this could be a dream or it could state that Fiona has some supernatural powers of control. Doesn't explain everything (confirms one or two of my concerns, tbh), but for what it's worth, here are some bits and pieces (might take a couple of posts):Gal's overt Catholicism - wasn't a scripted thing and isn't supposed to indicate anything regarding the wider plot. This explains why Shel has been more persistent about Jay not doing any work. To do that he must destroy the old one.

One example is even called “The Zodiac Alphabet.” While many of these have some symbols in common with those used by the killer, none matches closely enough to be considered more than inspirational. This is the symbol of the cult which means this family is now marked. and Gal corrects her with a line I can't recall . It is only matched by a rare few films such as Bone Tomahawk, Martyrs and A Serbian Film none of which I would recommend to the faint of heart. Jay agrees. The killer may not have liked that his first cipher was broken quickly and designed an improved cipher that, for example, wouldn’t begin with “I”—and if the word KILL appeared, the pair of Ls would be enciphered as two different symbols to make it harder to locate. In both the known and presumed Zodiac murders, no suspect has ever been arrested. One solution put forth years ago, which I believe is correct: “ALFRED E. NEUMAN,” the mascot of Mad magazine. Here’s the film Kill List explained, spoilers ahead. It comes out on video soon here in NZ, and I'm looking forward to giving it another look to see how it holds up on a second viewing.

Ostensibly pillars of any sane community but nothing about Kill List feels sane or communal. Oops I didn't see the twitter mention. The killer went on to threaten further attacks if the letters weren’t printed on the front page of the papers. So - maybe it's a metaphor for the rage between them they can not admit.

She’s keeping a close eye on Jay and his family. Somehow, Shel was knocked unconscious in the cottage by The Cult. When Jay tries to get out with Shel, he sees the tyres. The killer was at large for decades until DNA evidence led to the arrest of a suspect Joseph DeAngelo in 2018. This is one of several indicators that Zodiac was of above average intelligence. While Z 408 required only 20-some hours for the husband-and-wife team to solve, Zodiac’s next cipher stumped everyone—experts and amateurs alike—for decades.
Metamorphosis is one of horror’s most frightening and often stomach-churning facets. And that wasn't Shel "acting" a part for Jay's sake, he wasn't there at that point. "But yeah - I do wish I could turn my brain off more during movies.

Convicted serial killer and sex offender Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 17 males between 1978 and 1991. Gal goes up.

Fans of Robin Hardy’s The Wicker Man (not the Nicolas Cage one) will be pleasantly surprised at the faithfulness of Wheatley’s references.

Shel admits to initially not liking Fiona but now not minding the company.

As the murder did not seem to fit the Zodiac’s pattern, it was initially deemed a robbery until the San Francisco Chronicle received a letter claiming the crime. I didn't mean he was the masked guy, but the initial guy that Jay shoots at the sacrificial ceremony. Years later, Robert Graysmith's writing fueled the creation of David Fincher's critically acclaimed Zodiac, which hit the big screen in 2007 with Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. in starring roles. I SO didn't want to be right about that.It seems so pre-ordained that I feel like the Kiev thing was probably part of the set up, rather than just something that went wrong and led to Jay coming to the cult's attention, but they don't really give enough details about it to know one way or another.Also, I feel that any cult that regularly wears dry wicker masks and carries huge flaming torches probably doesn't have a lot of longevity. Which didn't so much ruin any sense of surprise but rather make that scene even more brutal to watch. I'm late to the party.. did anyone else notice that the hunchback scene was foreshadowed earlier in the film during the you sword fight? They break the wall down but get attacked from all directions. At the very beginning of Kill List the family cat kills a rabbit and rather than waste it Jay decides to cook and eat it. I found it jarring and a bit obvious, but I think they set it up well enough with the bricked over wall that there was a sense that the tunnels had been changed by the cultist and they were now lost and panicking. Despite the urging of his wife Shel, he has not worked since, and they are running out of money. Sorry for double up Doug! It's amazing how one can perceive such different notions i really enjoyed reading your analogies ..great blog ....thanks. "Kiev" is a purposely undefined MacGuffin, no more. Yeah, shoot me. The Z 13 cipher was incorporated into a letter sent to The San Francisco Chronicle.

The horror genre is full of houses that were thought to be ordinary but are actually hotbeds for ghostly activity. Serial killer Edmund Kemper murdered six young women in the Santa Cruz, California, area and several members of his family.

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