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All audiences loved a good death, and they loved Magga’s more than any other. Tria and Denji lambasted their playwright over the quality of his plots, which fell into a predictable structure: tragedy strikes maiden, death finds maiden, death takes maiden.

You heard the legend that the Antediluvians diablerised their progenitors (ie the second generation) and received their respective curses from Caine as a result, even if you aren’t sure what all the curses are.

Mentioned: Hecarim, Kalista, Karthus, Kindred, Maokai, Thresh, Yorick. “Hark! Wolf paced in the snow while Lamb danced lithely from sword edge to spear tip, the red-blooded butchery never staining her pale coat. Mentioned: Ashe, Illaoi, Jax, Kindred, LeBlanc, Mordekaiser, Neeko, Rek'Sai. You have heard of the First City (Enoch) where Caine alledgedly settled with his legendary childer.

He then threw the rest of the bedding into the long grass nearby. As per tradition, they were played by one actor, his head covered by two opposing masks. My name is Alyssa Roshka Gloriana val-Lokan.

He looked once more for his hunter, but could see nothing but the darkening trees. Furthermore, you are aware that Torpor can last for centuries. When caught on the edge of life, louder than any trumpeting horn, it is the hammering pulse at one's throat that calls Kindred to their hunt. After each Harrowing, the town of Bilgewater gathers to celebrate its survivors and honor those granted a true death by Lamb and Wolf. You are aware that staking does not kill a vampire but only immobilizes them for the duration of the staking (See the embraced rulebook for rules covering this situation). Magga, the youngest of the bunch, agreed with Tria and Denji’s diagnosis, but kept her mouth shut. He staggered around, drunk on his own accolades-as well as the wine Parr gifted from the locals. Judging from the trails of blood, their deaths had not been slow. “Patience,” she murmured in his shaggy ear. Magga picked them up and held them in her hands. I am always Lamb to Wolf, and he is always Wolf to Lamb.”, “She is playing a boring game,” said Wolf. When Magga returned to the encampment, she found utter ruin.

“It is called ‘stalling.'”.

“I would never run from you, dear Wolf.”. He now stared at the roiling tide of bravery and desperation coming for him. You understand the basic concept of generation. “I-I would have yours first,” stammered Magga, stepping backwards.

You can name all the 7 Camarilla aligned clans (Brujah, Gangrel, Tremere, Ventrue, Malkavian, Nosferatu and Toreador) as well as the two prominent Sabbat aligned clans (Tzimisce and Lasombra). Lamb, who had trailed behind, laughed to see such sport. Wolf hunts down those who run from their end, delivering violent finality within his crushing jaws. Shepherd and the butcher, poet and the primitive, they are one and both.

“Let us play a new game, one of chasing and running and biting.”, “She is not playing, dear Wolf,” said the Lamb. With the twin threats of plague and war on the tongues of those in neighboring protectorates, death dramas were all the rage. The inebriated auteur set out his bedroll in pride of place next to the wagon. They had nattered on about the day the traveling company would stop in Jandelle, a town so perfect and peaceful they would set aside their vagabond ways to raise their child. Wolf stopped moving and cocked his head to the side. He had died protecting Tria, whose corpse lay behind him. Eventually, she left her bedroll and set out into the woods to soothe her unsettled mind. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The battle spilled over like a feast before them. Other things ripe for the chasing and the biting.

You have a basic, if somewhat stereotyped understanding of each of the clans (eg Ventrue are all rich businessmen, Nosferatu all live in sewers). Her slow escape was halted by the speedy Wolf, who materialized unsettlingly close behind her. In the dead of night, Magga came upon a low grassy mound with slabs of standing stone at its base. Lamb was gone. The earliest dated appearance of the eternal hunters is from a pair of ancient masks, carved by unknown hands into the gravesites of people long-forgotten. ↑ Kindred's profile page at You have heard of the Book of Nod, an ancient chronicle supposedly telling of Caines exile in the land of Nod. The wagon she had only just begun to call home had been ransacked and reduced to a smoldering husk. There was the ancient archway. “Madame!” said the stagehand. Instead, Magga tossed and turned, thinking about the looks on the audience’s faces as the coiled spurts of blood unfurled from her neckline. You are familiar with the general effects of the disciplines portrayed in the rulebook (this does not include Thuamaturgy). Magga prepared to leave for the stage. With a puff of smoke and glittering powder, Kindred made a grand entrance upon the stage. Is that what it is like to go with you?”, “No,” said Lamb, “though it is a nice thought. It hides behind her lips, afraid to come out. She had bitten into a rotten apple-yet again. Denji, the actor portraying both Lamb and Wolf, descended upon the young actress, awkwardly baring wooden fangs.

But to this day, Lamb and Wolf remain together, and they are always Kindred. Stand and greet Lamb’s silvered bow and her arrows will lay you down swiftly. “Begin your hunt.”. You are also aware that nothing good can come of this. The only thing that remained untouched were Denji’s Lamb and Wolf masks. Before her, perched on a weathered barrow-archway, was Lamb herself, flanked by her ever-faithful counterpart, Wolf. Wolf snapped in the air and rolled his face in the snow like a new pup. League of Legends Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. “Magga! Wolf’s great pink tongue lolled out of the sides of his mouth, and he proceeded to cackle. You are also aware that vampire can enter a torpor from starvation where the body will become withered and desiccated as the body tries to feed on itself for nourishment. The luster of youth had faded her eyes years ago, and left her with a long shock of silver running through her hair. Many had feared that the spirit blossoms would never return to Ionia, a sign of the imbalance still permeating the land and its people. You have heard the myth of the reawakening of the Antediluvians which will bring about the endtimes. Wolf passed over Magga and disappeared into the woods. “With light comes a clear shot.”, “There is no moon tonight!” cried Magga. Shepherd and the butcher, poet and the primitive, they are one and both. Speak, beautiful one. Do you prefer Wolf’s chase, or my arrow?”. There were trees.

The rest of the troupe built a fire and swapped stories. Denying Kindred is to deny the natural order of things. The squire turned and ran for the woods until thick black trunks passed in a blur. You are also aware this ecstasy is shared by the vampire who is feeding as well as the mortal being fed upon. Without the moon, what would be the last thing I would see?”, “We see the moon,” replied Lamb, as she caressed her fabled bow. He spoke directly in her ear. You have come to us tonight; we have not come for you.”, “I cannot chase Magga-thing,” said Wolf, with a hint of disappointment in his voice. When the final moment comes, it is said a true Demacian will turn to Lamb, taking the arrow, while through the shadowed streets of Noxus, Wolf leads the hunt. You are aware that vampires with less grip on their humanity tend to enter torpor for a longer period. Wolf reveled in the boy’s scream and crunching bones.

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