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In other places his command is less certain and borders on cliché - when the doomed young man speaks of his premonition of something dark, and indeed the shot of a black cloud a moment after the accident that is to prove fatal.
Summer Interlude; Summer Interlude Review. When the ballerina heroine takes a boat to the archipelago where thirteen years before she met the young man who was to become the love of her life, memory is unleashed and we relive in flashbacks her past happiness. | Love story perfectly told. Marie is someone who has spent the majority of her adult life building a wall around herself, her primary purpose in this is protection against the ghosts of her past. 9/10 Bethany Cox. I would date the emergence of the original Bergman voice from the appearance of "Summer Interlude" in 1951. "Our faces look 45 while our bodies look 18." First things first - All the 4 Bergmans I've watched till now were so heavily drenched in existentialism or religion or God and given the mood, I was in today, I deliberately chose to watch a lighter Bergman and it turned out that even his so-called light film is heavier than many heavy ones out there! Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show.

Bergman's films are always interesting to look at, and this one is no exception. The story still has the dramatic intensity and structural complexity that helps to form the best of Bergman's films. Although on the surface this appears to be a very conventional tale of an idyllic romance cut short by a tragic twist of fate, the sort of youth/love/death cocktail that was the mainstay of so much Hollywood drama ("Kings Row", "Love Story" and "Dead Poets Society"), the treatment is often very personal in a way that we can almost feel an innate artist struggling to express something beyond the superficial. Bergman also pays a lot of attention to sound here too, and in particular there is something rhythmic about the chugging boat sounds, and these sounds can be heard at times throughout the film even when the boat is not visible on screen. The four wives of four brothers share stories of their marriages as they each wait for their husbands in a small, secluded cottage.

"We're 28, and the younger girls call us 'ma'am'". The complicated relationships between a circus ringmaster, his estranged wife and his lover. "Kris" is a very two dimensional work that could have been made by almost anyone. The lead actress, Maj-Britt Nilsson is O.K. Despite some light foreshadowing of something else to come, I began to see the movie as an apprentice effort by this great master as he improvises an innocuous love affair as a sheer movie making exercise. External Reviews When an ex-lover's diary is mysteriously delivered to the theatre she is forced deeper into herself, to confront a past she has locked away for the last fifteen years. While it is in black & white, the cinematography and way the shots are framed is just striking and make the film well worth seeing. It's, I'm sure, an overused staple in Drama or Romance today; here, it is used to great avail, and it is the strongest part of the film. The last ten minutes of this film are so revealing. There is not a single scene that expresses anything like this that I can recall in Hollywood drama.

"Summer Interlude" is an exquisitely filmed movie. The two lovers were talking the strange language of love that makes them fool around and boost. Looking for something to watch? Bergman was first and foremost a stage director and Summer Interlude is exactly the kind of literal interlude that acts as a passage between the theatre section and cinema section of his career. Marie has got all the moves in the ballet and was so grief-stricken that she didn't even realize a man taking advantage of her grief until the memories of former lover came back flooding over her and the realization dawns upon her that she has been holding on to her past just as tightly as she asked Henrik to hold her when she got affected by a "toothache in the stomach"! The ballerina learns from her memories that her life has a continuation, that it is still possible to forge new relationships. Summer Interlude received positive reviews by critics. | Was this review helpful to you?

All-in-all, Summer Interlude is instrumental to the lyrical flow of various themes recurring in Bergman's oeuvre and there are some uncanny references to his later works, be it, the blocking of characters and Gunnar Fischer's (one of Bergman's constants before Sven Nykvist) framing on the island scenes that went on to be called Bergmanesque in scenes of many other films as well, or, a scene in which Marie takes Henrik to eat "Wild Strawberries", or, The Seventh Seal-esque chess scene in which Henrik's grandmother gets referred to as "death" and mentions that she should have died three months ago according to the doctor, or, the entire theme of art as an escape/introspection reminded me of the Knight from The Seventh Seal whose sadness gets cured while living with the artists amidst a pandemic.

As in that film, the focus is a look back at those wonderful days of first love, and the cinematography out on the Swedish archipelago is truly gorgeous. First things first - All the 4 Bergmans I've watched till now were so heavily drenched in existentialism or … That makes them feel the need to show off and to be something more.

She travels by ferry to an island nearby Stockholm, where she recalls her first love Henrik (Birger Malmsten). "Summer Interlude was my first film in which I felt I was functioning independently, with a style of my own, making a film all on my own." It showed the change that we all live trough the language that is familiar but we do not speak any more, the things in life and the life caught in the walls of self preservation, senselessness and absurd where the only one escape is the ultimate love - the only reality. Bergman was to regain something of this confident belief in the worthwhile qualities of life in later works like "Cries and Whispers" and "Fanny and Alexander" but not until he had become resigned to rather than angered by God's silence. They meet and soon are lovers (they both admit that up to this point they have never kissed another before but it doesn't take long before they're rolling in the hay) and we get nearly overkill sequences of hackneyed depictions of exhilarating young love : running on the beach, jumping into each other's arms, copious gropings, falling over each other with utter joy, endless kissing and hugging, excited expressions of mutual endearment ; it becomes withering after a while.

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