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Armor None Location Dragon Age Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The Legion of the Dead can be recruited after you finish the main quest in Orzammar, "A Paragon of Her Kind." Heraldry: Legion of the Dead

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The Dead Caste
When the Warden and their party reach the Dead Trenches, they meet a group of Legionnaires led by Kardol, who appears to be a high-ranking officer of the Legion. The Legion then turns to their second choice, the re-established Inquisition to aid in an expedition to find the source of the quakes and neutralize them as part of The Descent DLC. During The Dead Caste quest, the Warden can deliver an insignia to the Shaperate which will possibly elevate the Legion to minor nobility because one of their former members was the last member of noble House Ferald. A sudden series of earthquakes in the aftermath of The Breach interfere with a Legion of the Dead investigation on behalf of the Shaperate and seriously imperil Orzammar's most efficient lyrium mines. The Dead Caste is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins. Schematic Stats The quest can be initiated in the Dead Trenches. Legionnaire's Plate If it is possible to do so, the remaining Legionnaires bury their fallen brethren. Appearances When a Legionnaire dies, there is a second funeral to return them to the Stone. Legionnaire Altar found in the Dead Trenches [4], Legionnaires are typically marked with grim tattoos and equipped with heavy armor.

Schematics are special plans that allow you to craft items in game. There is evidence that the Legion of the Dead could be connected with the noble House Ferald and, should the Warden complete the quest, it is thus probable that the Legion will be elevated to minor nobility.

Dragon Age Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The Legion is a military organization not unlike the Grey Wardens in that it accepts anyone from any level of society. Empty Sigilwith Trespasser Dragon Age: Inquisition. Yes, Stone's greetings, friend. The Legion of the Dead must carve out the worse of themselves as a prerequisite to face the gangue. Legionnaire Scout

Furthermore, a fully adorned Legionnaire who interacts with a shrine faces the Gangue shade which is believed to be the gangue — the waste and unstable rock — which must be cut away from the raw Stone that encircles and protects the dwarves.[4]. One more night to spill their blood and hear their cries of terror! Rock-Knocker

Before they permanently leave Orzammar and enter the Deep Roads, the Legionnaires undergo a symbolic "funeral" where last goodbyes are spoken to friends and relatives and all ties to their former lives are cut. Restriction

The gangue is described as "the waste and the unstable rock that must be cut away from the Stone." A Legion grave located in the Ortan Thaig.

[1][8], The headquarters of the Legion of the Dead used to be located in Bownammar, also known as the City of the Dead, an impressive fortress which was designed by the Paragon Caridin. The Legion of the Dead is an independent branch of the dwarven army that answers directly to the monarchy of Orzammar. Start It begins with chanting and toasts, then the dwarves bid farewell to their friends and loved ones. The Legion of the Dead also bears the unique responsibility of purifying the Stone from a corruption called the gangue.

1 Walkthrough 2 Rewards 3 Gallery 4 See also 5 References The quest can be initiated in the Dead Trenches.

Headquarters, Five items must be acquired to complete this quest -- all of which are located within the Dead Trenches area of the, After all four pieces have been acquired, the codex will reveal a location found inside the tunnel leading up to the. Races [2], A legionnaire warrior in Heroes of Dragon Age, A legionnaire scout in Heroes of Dragon Age.

Dragon Age: Origins.


The Legion reach out to their traditional allies, the Grey Wardens for aid in investigating the matter but are unable to contact them. Location Units of the Legion of the Dead are sometimes supported by Grey Wardens in the ranks, who as part of their Calling, go to Orzammar to honor an ancient pact with the dwarves by fighting till the end against their common foe. In 9:13 Dragon, it was abandoned to the darkspawn with great regret. Now it is time for you to return to the Stone, in the sight of the First Paragon. Legionnaire Scout armor set Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne Dragon Age: Origins Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Dragon Age II - Legacy Dragon Age: Inquisition - The Descent Heroes of Dragon Age. Commander Lieutenant Sergeant Corporal Legionnaire Scout It is the toxic influence contaminating the Stone, and whose harmful influence impedes all dwarves from achieving prosperity. It doesn't matter who you chose to become the king of Orzammar, only that a King is crowned. Codex entry: Legion of the Dead The only known human to join the Legion was a man named Sir Aurelian Pentaghast who was disgraced when he attempted to assume the throne of Nevarra in 8:60 Blessed. 215–250–280–309 Sigils

They are recorded as dead in the Memories, viewed as having found glorious and redemptive death in battling the dwarves' eternal nemesis, the darkspawn. [2][11], The nature of the Legion, however, means that as their numbers dwindle the very last of them will not be buried and given their return to the Stone. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Many join the Legion to avoid punishment for various crimes or to regain their honor. Only the fully adorned of the Legion are worthy enough to face and destroy the gangue. When a Legionnaire dies in battle the Legion entombs them, thus returning them to the Stone. Some even join for the glory, and the Legion accepts them all the same. 1 Acquisition 2 Notes 3 Trivia 4 See also 5 Gallery Looted from within the Sunstop Mountain Tomb during the Hissing Wastes' side quest The Tomb of Fairel. Legion of the Dead Armor Schematic is a tier 3 heavy armor schematic in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Dragon Age Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Ranks Orzammar Shaperate Upgrade Slots Quest

Warrior onlyDwarf-trained only Many join the Legion to avoid punishment for various crimes or to regain their honor.

Rest well, my friends. As a result of the alliance between Orzammar and the newly re-established Inquisition, the legionnaire Korbin is assigned to aid the Inquisition in their conflict on the surface.
Appearances Helm of the Deep

The Dead Caste is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins.

Dead Trenches Codex entry: Second Legionnaire's Journal, We have survived one more night, my brothers and sisters! Legion of the Dead Some even join for the glory, and the Legion accepts them all the same… The Legionnaire must then work to make this a fact through a courageous and honorable death. He can later be persuaded with Master Coercion to bring the Legion to the surface to help with the Fifth Blight.

Bownammar (formerly) Orzammar Heavy Armor Schematic When initially asked about his plans for the Blight, Kardol states the Legion will cut off the darkspawn's retreat once the Archdemon is defeated, although if they are brought to the surface, he will personally fight alongside the Warden in battle against the Archdemon.

Alternatively, if the Warden is of dwarven Origin, Kardol happily offers to back the Warden.

[3] This funeral clears the dwarf's name and restores their family's lost honor. Type

It is considered to be the most intimidating and devastating force in the dwarven military and many attribute this to the fact that the Legionnaires consider themselves to be already dead.

Legion of the Dead armor set Others join to have their debts forgiven, thus restoring their Houses' lost honor. ---- Our secrets die with us.

Hissing Wastes - Sunstop Mountain The Legion is a military organization not unlike the Grey Wardens in that it accepts anyone from any level of society. Legion of the Dead Armor is one of the Heavy Armor Schematics in Dragon Age: Inquisition (DAI).

Military [5][6] The Legion celebrates the fact that the fallen has finally found peace. For one hundred and twelve nights you lasted.


One more night to deliver vengeance on the spawn that stole our lands! As seen with the sarcophagi found in the catacombs of the, Mentioned in conversation between two Legionnaires in the Legion Camp of the., Looted from within the Sunstop Mountain Tomb during the, This schematic crafts an armor that is closer in appearance to the.

The bodies of the dead are placed in sarcophagi which are sealed within graves in order to protect them from being defiled by darkspawn. Armor: 21 MetalDefense: 12 MetalDefense: 8 MetalDefense: 8 LeatherMasterwork: 1 Masterwork Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [1] Once you reach Skyhold, you will have the opportunity to complete the Arcanist mission at the War Table which will unlock masterwork slot on armor and weapon schematics. Appearances Legion of the Dead Armor Schematic Provided they come to the surface, the Legion supplies troops known as Legion of the Dead Avengers to join the battle alongside regular dwarven troops, equipped with the distinctive armor set of the Legion and battleaxes. Type


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