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Even if the developers promise that sacred sites will be “restricted to Navajos only” is upheld, Hopi, Zuni, and other Indigenous Religious traditions would be barred. . It is a site where many ceremonies and pilgrimages are performed, and has long been considered by Hopi as a very sacred site. Historically, the Navajo people have often been left behind economically in these types of developments, and people are afraid that this will again be the case. Many Navajo are concerned that this development will hinder the usage of this sacred site in a variety of ways.

Due to this law, residents of the area were unable to repair homes, develop infrastructure or create access to basic utilities. Yup! The distinct color of the Little Colorado River is a product of calcium carbonate and copper sulfate minerals in the water. These precautions seem inadequate at best, if not completely dismissive of the value of Navajo faith. . Backcountry Trails There are three principal tracks leading towards the much deeper lower canyon of the Little Colorado River. The development is planned to stop 300 feet from where the rivers meet, but will be entirely visible from the confluence. Coppens, Philip. In 1966 the Bennett Freeze was put into affect, banning development of a 700,000-acre area of land owned by the Navajo Nation in the Black Mesa region of Arizona. Additionally, the developers seem to be unable to compare the magnitude of destruction caused by recreational usage versus large-scale construction and traffic. At this point we had stopped pestering the guides with questions like, what mile is this, where are we, and so I’m not sure where exactly we were on the river until we hit the Little Colorado. Each day of this trip is better than the last. We took millions of pictures here. 2 Nov. 2012. The proposed development would be a few miles from the Salt Trail and the Sipapu, which the developers maintain is sufficient to avoid any negative impact on the Hopi heritage and tradition (Grand Canyon Escalade). The woman says thank you, and leaves without the water. Web. “Philip Coppens.” The Wanderers of the Fourth World. It is hard for those coming from a Western background of owning land and using it for personal gain to understand the prerogative that the Hopi people feel to protect the land. Outdoors Unlimited is the only company offering full paddling, and this series of posts will show you that this is the only way to go! Many of the opponents of the plan are skeptical that no money will reach the local Navajo, and that only the development corporation and high up Navajo officials will profit. It was such a blast. No matter how much effort is put into minimalizing environmental impacts and blending in the construction with the natural landscape, no one can argue that this development will not take away from the natural beauty of the area. The developers also fail to recognize that the Navajo people do not have the ability to stop recreational use on the Colorado River. Historically, the Navajo people have often been left behind economically in these types of developments, and people are afraid that this will again be the case.

Wittig, Stacey.

The proposed development will include a large complex along the canyon rim, and a gondola that will carry people to the canyon floor near the confluence of the Colorado River and the Little Colorado River. There is no doubt that the construction would significantly decrease, if not entirely destroy, the power of the area to be used as a sacred site. Web. Every trip is guided differently, sometimes different campsites are chosen, sometimes different side hikes are done. When the ban was lifted in 2006, 77% of homes in the area were deemed unfit to live in by the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs (Associated Press).


N.p., 13 2009. 2 Nov 2012. We ate Carnitas bowls and burritos for dinner and ate Pineapple cake to celebrate our guide Sophie’s birthday.

We had a new one going.

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We must appreciate the value of land to these traditions, and realize that the Escalade development does not threaten a specific site, ceremony, or history but that “the land is sacred and if the land is abused the sacredness of Hopi life will disappear.” Certainly the area can be used to bring much needed revenue to the Navajo people, but the proposed plan does not seem to be the best way to do so while still preserving various cultures. I walked past everyone’s entry point to photograph the rest of the river. Much of the conflict surrounding this sacred space is due to the difficulty many people have in understanding the role that land and its preservation play in Indigenous faiths. Grand Canyon Escalade.

Land is central in Indigenous traditions, thus the preservation of this site is essential to the Hopi people and their faith. The water in the Little Colorado …

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