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Stands with more frequent raking schedules have demonstrated increased concentrations of phosphorus, nitrogen, and carbon in runoff collected following raking of research plots. The Alabama A neighbor approached this differently. Taylor, E.L., and C.D. 4801 Arboretum Way

This sprawling, 400 acre property is named after it’s primary crop; the Loblolly Pine.

We ship freshly dug bare-root plants, carefully packaged to arrive in excellent condition. The genus Tsuga, (hemlock) has pollen that is spherical in shape with an exine that appears to possess a fringe.

As the trees grew and filled in, he had an attractive, effective screen, except for about 3 months in winter when the flowering trees lose their leaves. Widespread across the Southeastern United States, it tolerates a range of climatic conditions but thrives between Zone 6 and Zone 9. In most cases, contracts between landowners and pine straw dealers are either on a per-bale basis or a per-acre basis. woodlands/treetips/pinestraw.pdf. Stands with higher basal areas tend to produce higher amounts of pine straw.

Consult a professional when making decisions about implementing a burning program. I have never found any one who sells the male pollinator specifically cultivated for the Nellie R. Stevens, so it is best to plant a Chinese holly not too far away to help increase the berry production on the Nellies.

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If your trees are planted so close that they begin to shade each other, these lower limbs will begin to die and trunks will be visible. Production of nontimber forest products such as pine straw can be a good way for forestland owners to earn an income, especially when traditional timber markets are down.

Alabama is also home to true hickories, which have five to seven leaflets per compound leafm and pecan hickories, which have nine to 17 leaflets per compound leaf. This is not ideal for pine straw production. A stand may need to be commercially mowed or have large debris removed to gain or maintain access.

Eastern Hemlock. When his loblollies were smaller than those in the photo Alabama posted, he planted flowering native trees (dogwoods, redbuds, etc.) Remember that burns can influence the effectiveness of other treatments, such as application of herbicide or fertilizer. Pote, D.H., B.C.

visit the Auburn Soil, Water, and Forage Testing Lab online.

The need to fertilize may also depend on what species of pine you have; different species respond to fertilization in different ways. Time burns before this season to promote needle drop. The remarkable variety of these trees in Alabama can be daunting, but narrowing the field is easy once you know which characteristics to look for. It can be found throughout the United States and is especially prominent in the southeastern states. During the interval between pine straw harvests, a cover crop of cool season grasses can be planted to help protect the soil, suppress growth of weeds, and add soil organic matter. Loblolly Pine Trees are the most common trees in North America besides the Red Maple.

Landowners should consider the variability of pine straw and use caution when determining expected yields or income from pine straw harvesting operations. Alabama A&M University and Auburn University list 66 trees as those most commonly found in Alabama. Cooperative Extension System.

Most genera in the family Pinaceae produce pollen that is best described as having “Micky Mouse ears.” These genera include Abies, Picea, and Pinus. Short leaf pine acreage has dropped significantly in recent times and when harvested is seldom replanted; preference being given to replanting using loblolly pine seedlings. On the other hand, if you plant a variety of broadleaf evergreens in front of them, you'll have a much more interesting screen. During that winter weather event, 4 of my nearly 20 feet tall loblolly tree's main leaders broke off about 5 feet above the ground.

It also has a unique aroma that is quite noticeable and distinct. This publication includes questions landowners should ask themselves to determine if pine straw production is right for them.

However, not everyone will readily recognize the different species of pines native to Alabama and the Southeastern United States.

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Short leaf pine acreage has dropped significantly in recent times and when harvested is seldom replanted; preference being given to replanting using loblolly pine seedlings.

Native to the southeastern states and eastern coast of the United States, the loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) is one of the fastest-growing of the southern pines. Includes botanical profiles, images, distribution maps, pest and disease information, modern uses, Native American uses, food use and more. Short leaf pines, P. echinata, also were once present in large numbers in northern Alabama, both in pure and mixed stands. Casanova, V. 2007. I've been wondering lately if you can tip the branches on loblolly pine like what they do with white pines to make them more christmastree-like. | Disclaimer

Loblolly Pine Tree-Pinus Taeda are One of the Most Common Trees in North America . “Three Essays on the Pine Straw Industry in a Georgia Community.” Ph.D. dissertation, Auburn University.

Hayes, M.D., B.C. It occurs in an extremely wide range of habitats, from moist, poorly drained floodplains to drier, well-drained upland slops.

Landowners must know certain market or production requirements and understand that their objectives must match what is biologically possible on a site.

“Pine Straw Management in Florida’s Forests.” University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS).

The buckeye for example, has leaves palmately compound. Eastern white pine has long needles in bundles of five.

(Photo credits: Becky Barlow, photo of round bales, Janice Dyer, photo of square bale.). If the needles are only in clusters of two, the tree is likely a loblolly pine or a longleaf pine. The Alabama Cooperative Extension System (Alabama A&M University and Auburn University) is an equal opportunity educator and employer. The maximum yield for pine straw is estimated to be around age 15. They are amazing when planted in moist and acidic soils that are well drained. They usually bloom during the spring months of the year.

This means it has more than one hand-shaped leaf per stalk.

It does require several hours of sunlight daily to grow vigorously.

It is a fast growing conifer.

(4.5-8.5 inches), [efsthumbnail sdsd src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Loblolly-pine.jpg”], [efsthumbnail sdsd src=”/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Loblolly-pine-leaves.jpg”], Longleaf needles in groups of three:

According to one source, fertilization on nutrient limited sites has been shown to generate a return on investment through increased pine straw production. Because harvesters can maneuver between trees more easily than equipment can, there may be fewer preparations involved than if the site were a plantation to be mechanically harvested. Longleaf Pine.

The Loblolly Pine Tree is the most commercially important pine of the Southeast and is dominant on approximately 29 million acres and makes up over one-half the standing pine volume. “Pine Straw Market Analysis for Southwest Georgia.” Market Analysis 05-01. Copyright © 2020 Tennessee Wholesale Nursery.

Raking pine straw can potentially negatively affect the quality of local water resources. Slash, average from 6 to 36 years Slash, peak age (15 to 16 years).

Longleaf, site index of 90, basal area of 180 sq.ft./ac.

Optimum row spacing depends on the size of the equipment to be used, but at least 8 feet is usually needed between rows of trees.

To protect health and quality of standing trees, do this pruning by hand (figure 3).

White oaks have leaves with rounded lobes and no bristles. It is only moderately tolerant of shade and occurs in small openings or around the edges of mixed pine-hardwood forests. The pine species is known as the most commercially important tree in the Southeastern US.


Longleaf, site index of 60, basal area of 80 sq.ft./ac. 2004. Pine straw harvesting sometimes ends with that first thinning, but once the debris is cleaned up and understory growth is under control, pine straw harvesting can usually resume.

Before making these kinds of investments, landowners must first ensure that there’s a market and understand its demands.

Landowners also need to make sure any contract they sign specifies conditions of sale, when the baling will occur, when payment will be made, and what will be done about any damage done to trees during the harvesting operations.

I just love Shortleaf pines! If properly timed, burning can help control growth of unwanted species, such as hardwoods, and also promote needle drop. Bare Root: 79 Species of Hardwoods including native Oaks, Maples, Gums, Cypress, Sycamores, Persimmon & American Plum. This diversity, however, can present a problem for those trying to identify these trees.

This tree is one quickest developing trees in North America, and it towers over the rest. The reason loblolly is … A sloping stand, especially a natural stand where vegetation has not been controlled, is not an  ideal site for mechanical harvesting of pine straw. The predominant species of pine in our area is loblolly, Pinus taeda. Yes, that's what loblollies will look like - in a surprisingly short time.
My suggestion is to plant evergreen shrubs (hollies, wax myrtle, etc. It is over 300 years old. University of Georgia: Center for Agribusiness and Economic Development.

... Alabama is right.

Cooperative Extension System operates as the primary outreach organization The tallest loblolly pine tree is in Congaree National Park in South Carolina.

The Loblolly Pines were exactly as ordered. Regular burning may also continue during pine straw harvest years (for example, to promote grass growth for wildlife). Freshly fallen needles can be raked and sold to retailers, landscapers, and others who use the material as ground cover. “Effects of Pine Straw Harvesting on Quantity and Quality of Surface Runoff.” Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 59(5):197+.

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