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'The Miners Union in the Anthracite Coalfield' by J Griffiths; in. S.163Q    'Abnormal places' problem explained by Union leader. S.289Q    Coalowners' proposed wage cuts. Coal Society - A History of the South Wales Mining Valleys 1840-1980. hide. S.219Q    Insanitary conditions in Rhondda UDC. South Wales Miners Library, S.153P    The Federation Song.

S.207Q    Details of food of the period 1900-14, and its price. South Wales Miners Library, S.314P    Part of the 1931 march in Bristol. S.159Q    Report of  SWMF Annual Conference in 1922. S.63P    Water balance at Cwmbyrgwm Pit. S.269P    Keir Hardie at Dowlais Top in 1900. S.155Q    Newspaper report of the founding conference of the South Wales Miners Federation. BBC © 2014 The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Published by Gomer Press, 1987 (3rd Impression 1992) Welsh Teaching History Materials; a project funded by the Welsh Office Education Department and based at University College, Swansea. Download Lightning Ridge opal prospecting maps .

'Wales and the Atlantic Economy', B Thomas; in. NLW.

S.73Q    Example of partnership formed in 1858 at Penygraig Colliery, Rhondda Valley. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. S.255P    First pupils at Beddau Board school in 1878. S.337P    Pentre, Rhondda as it is today. 'The Miners: A Test case for Oral History', C Storm-Clark: in, S.199Q    Abergwynfi miner's wife describes how pit life  dominated her life. S.161Q    Newspaper account in 1906 of campaign in Maesteg area against non-unionists. South Wales Miners Library.

Cardiff City library. S.127Q    How job learnt by James Griffiths of Ammanford who began as a collier's lad in 1904. S.281Q    Part of evidence of Hugh Bramwell of the South Wales Coalowners Assoc to the Commission. S.256P    Class in Treorchy Girls' School in 1913. Published by Gomer Press, 1987 (3rd Impression 1992) More than 50 years ago, Aberfan, a small coal mining town in Wales, was irreversibly changed in a few minutes when 144 people, mostly school children, were killed by a coal-waste landslide. S.245P     Salvation Army Band, Pentre, Rhondda, 1912. S.303Q    A Rhondda minister's account of an experience in the USA. S.238Q    Miner's letter to newspaper re Sunday closing. S.182Q    Doctor's comment about differences between  ways of life in anthracite and main part of the coalfield. S.316P    SWMF Notice re a 'Show Cards' week to combat non-unionism. S.305Q    Table issued by the Co-operative Wholesale Society of food prices in June 1937.

Rhondda Public Library, S.136Q    Wage slip from Nixon's Navigation Company Ltd, Cwm Cynon Colliery, 1902?. 'Pithead Baths', A Lovat-Fraser; in. S.104P    12 yr old John Davies at Ferndale Colliery in 1911. S.7M     Cross section through Neath/Abercynon/Pontypridd/Nantgarw. S.203Q    A miner reflects on why his mother died so young.

Explore our Common Ground web application. NLW. BBC Hulton Picture Library. S.221Q   Author describes the ill-health of some of his classmates at Pontlottyn at end of 19th century. S.107Q    Joseph Keating's first day at the Navigation Colliery in 1883.

S.108Q    Bert Coombes, Resolven, describes his various tools.

S.322Q    Results of 1945 General Election in coalfield constituencies. S.249Q    A Pontlottyn miner's evidence of the chapel's lack of influence on temperance .

S.300Q    Table showing loss of population in certain South Wales towns  1921-1931. S.81Q    Distribution of profits by some SW colliery companies, 1899 to 1914.

S.264Q    Tredegar miner Archie Lush talks about an adult education course. S.208Q    Shops in houses, by Bert Coombes of Resolven. S.177Q    Thomas Jones of Rhymney comments on the decline of the Welsh language. S.253Q    Description of Sunday school classes in the Rhondda. S.122Q    Edward Edwards, aged 9, describes his job as a 'trammer' at Esgyrn Colliery, Briton Ferry in 1842. S.87Q    Extract from letter by Lord Rhondda in 1916. S.174P    Julio Bracchi in his Tonypandy cafe in early 1900s. S.306Q    A story of hardship told by a South Wales miner in the 1930s. S.22Q    Coal production statistics 1865-1914. S.185P    Woman employed as hauliers at Abergorchi Colliery in Treorchy, 1880s.

Welsh Teaching History Materials; a project funded by the Welsh Office Education Department and based at University College, Swansea. 2 85 mines were in production at the time the data was entered into USGS records. S.121Q    What 10 yr old Elizabeth Williams who worked as a door keeper at the mines of Dowlais Iron Company told the Commissioners in 1842. S.30M    Plan of the undertaking of Ocean Coal Co Ltd 1893. Although there was some respite in the 1970s due to the oil crisis, by the 1980s it was almost all over for the coal industry in Wales and the rest of the UK. S.9M    Map of Pembrokeshire coalfield in C17th. S.66P    Pit bottom furnace for ventilation at Bwllfa Colliery, Aberdare in early 1900s. S.334M    Map showing collieries that still existed (in 1980). No less than 57m tons of coal was produced in 1913, by 232,000 men working in 620 mines. S.120P    Surface workers on screens at Middle Duffryn Colliery, Cynon Valley, 1911. S.37Q    Extract from Lord Seymour's 3rd report in 1851 on Admiralty trials re best coal for British Navy. S.144Q    Extract from ceremony when someone joined the Friendly Society of Coalmining in 1831. S.133Q    Dalziel describes custom of colliers controlling output. Tracing your Welsh roots? J E Thomas: in.

S.186P    'Patch girls' of Tredegar, c 1860s ?. South Wales Miners Library. There had been small-scale mining in Wales in the pre-Roman British Iron Age, but it would be undertaken on an industrial scale under the Romans, who completed their conquest of Wales in AD 78. S.287Q    Export figures to various countries 1913 & 1931. S.276Q    Population Figures, 1921, 1951, 1981. S.116P     Hauliers at work at a Pontypool mine c 1910. S.194P     Private builders at work at Tallis St, Cwmparc, Treorchy in 1890s.

S.115Q    Account of work of an underground haulier. S.40Q    'Disposition of the total output' figures for year ending 31 Dec 1891. Fit-for-purpose platform for the end-to-end management of exploration and mining titles launched.

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