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Of the estimated 1300 people on board, only nine survived. After the defeat at Gravelines Recalde's galleon led San Juan de Bautista (750 tons, 243 men) and another small vessel (almost certainly a Scottish fishing smack seized to assist with navigation and inshore work). The authorities did their best to salvage the wreckage but times were hard in the Rosses at that time and those that found butter, etc., were loathe to hand it over to the Receiver of Wrecks. The weather was difficult. Soaked to the skin and frozen to the marrow, after their long journey by side car, they arrived in Letterkenny just as the first game was due to commence. The third part is the most extensive, and contains 876 pages. He immediately applied the brake and promptly pulled up, as carriage No. Bridget was born on November 30 1885, in Mullaghderg Mountain, County Donegal, Ireland.
On Tuesday, July 19, 1949, I joined Driver Hannigan on the footplate of No. Following the defeat of the Armada the English sent their own fleet against the Iberian peninsula, but failed to press home their advantage and returned with similar losses. The Nugents were and still are Lords of the Manor in Portaferry and this, I take it, explains the ship’s name.
Newspaper reports also painted a picture of the scene: The cries of the passengers could not be heard in the darkness owing to the screaming of the gale from the open Atlantic, which filled the valley with its eerie moans. In addition, wherever possible, there is a constant reference to the authority of Hippocrates and Galen, whose opinions are regarded as final. Under Phlebotomy we learn that it is especially for the sanguineous, bilious, and other robust persons, for the depressed individual and nurses rarely, and never for pregnant women. in Derry. With the rails gone, the metal girders remained in place for a few more years until they too were stripped away in the the 1950’s, leaving only the stone pillars and central steel columns, still standing to this day, both as a tribute to the skills of the contractors and a memorial to those who lost their lives on that stormy night of January 30th 1925. Hannigan, meantime, made what haste he could against the force of the wind to Creeslough. Kathleen took his advice and returned to her boarding house [11]. It met with armed resistance in the English Channel, when a fireship attack off Calais broke its formation, and was driven into the North Sea after the Battle of Gravelines. endstream endobj 1000 0 obj <>/Metadata 30 0 R/PageLabels 995 0 R/PageLayout/OneColumn/Pages 997 0 R/PieceInfo<>>>/StructTreeRoot 34 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 1001 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Rotate 90/StructParents 0/Tabs/S/Type/Page>> endobj 1002 0 obj <>stream Forgotten to-day, in his time he was one of the most distinguished members of the medical profession in Spain, France, and Italy, where for many years he had a long and distinguished career. Signa.-Make a mixture after the manner of an opiate, and take one drachm by itself, or with a convenient liquor, as often as necessary.

The sightings were believed to be that of the ghost of an individual killed during the building of the Extension. It was the Ireland of the Tithe Agitation, of Father Mathew and the recently-established “Poor Law” The latter was but a superficial remedy for the many ills of the time. Two miles further south, in 1853, an anchor was recovered from another unknown Armada wreck.[15]. He even possibly appeared on the night as the train approached the viaduct. Their landing party was fought off, but they did secure some supplies and managed to repair their ships. Mary married Hilding "Ding" Victor Williamson in 1935, at age 21 at marriage place , Michigan. Charles McBride replaced Frank O’ Donnell in goals, and the latter playing now in the forwards, put more bite into the attack. It has been said that his brother (?) The descent continued as the train negotiated the curve leading to the Viaduct. There were two pilots living in Pollawaddy (Arranmore) at that time; one Tom O’Donnell and another whose surname (Coll?) This would be unimaginable in the Donegal Gaeltacht at that time, because the windows in the houses then (where there were such) had very small panes. The degree of alarm among the English at Dublin was extreme, and Fitzwilliam put out false reports that reinforcements from England were due to arrive with 10,000 troops.

[9] Sunday Independent Feb 1st, 1925. It was, or has been, a milestone in that age of illiteracy which had yet to know the usefulness of both a clock and a calendar! In the days before the hungry years of the 1840s, the first parish priest of Lower Templecrone, An Sagart James “Rua” McDevitt had quite a handling trying to coax parishioners to his newly roofed church. For twenty-four long hours, she battled with fearful odds against probably the worst storm of the century and then, having sought refuge and safety, she only met, tragedy and doom. Find unique places to stay with local hosts in 191 countries. The day of the Games dawned, and Rosses people were early astir. It was still blowing a strong gale, and I had occasionally to hold on to the railing to prevent myself being blown over. The Rosses team had been drawn against Glenswilly. Between the chains there is a piece of plank with canvas under it, nailed on, where she would appear to have been stoved in by a vessel running into her.

It was a difficult manoeuvre, demanding prior knowledge of the coastline. Three days later Recalde led the remaining ships out of the sound and brought them to Spain, where he instantly died. The covered wagon following the engine was derailed and leaning against the parapet wall; the next vehicle (3rd class Swilly Carriage) had turned somersault and was, as far as I could see in the dark, a complete wreck, three compartments having being completely demolished in the contact with the parapet wall; the next vehicle on the train, a Burtonport trio, was lying over on its side, some distance down the stone embankment; the last vehicle of the train (Burtonport Combined Van) was partially hanging over embankment, only about half of this vehicle had cleared the main hand rail on the viaduct. Early in life he left Ireland, and settled in Spain as early as 1602. There is a drowned forest of pine, some 4,000 years old on the beach which Mitchell (1990) describes as the finest example of “submerged forest’ that he knows. In all, 12 ships were wrecked on the coast of Connacht, and 1,100 survivors were put to death. In the Armada he had command of the galleon San Juan de Portugal (1,150 tons, 500 men, 50 guns) of the Biscayan squadron, which engaged with the English fleet in the Channel and held off Francis Drake in Revenge, John Hawkins in Victory, and Martin Frobisher in Triumph. His immediate impulse was to open the door on the high side to get out, but with the roaring wind he was frightened to do so. Concepción de Juanes del Cano grounded at Carna 30 km further west, having been lured to shore by the bonfires of a party of wreckers from the Clan O'Flaherty. Big, brawny and powerful as the Rosses’ men were, they looked comparatively light, when matched against the Derry policemen. I then went down the embankment and examined carriages, the embankment under them and the marsh surrounding to make sure that no person had been overlooked. 20 Oct 2020 - Rent from people in Glenties, Ireland from £15/night. The Spanish soon moved on to another castle, where they were met by a host of fellow survivors, approaching from the wreck in Broadhaven of another ship, which had entered that bay without masts. but who is remembered by his nick-name, Slip-on.” There was a certain amount of rivalry and jealousy it is said between these two men of the same calling, but for once, at any rate, they joined hands in face of the common danger! per square foot would have been required to overturn the coaches, equivalent to a wind velocity of 93 mph.

The residents of the islands perceiving that she was steering on a dangerous course —probably towards Cruit and Keadue Bar—decided to light beacon tires to direct her on a safe course to the anchorage between Arranmore and Rutland. In the following year he published the Tractatus de Peste, an interesting commentary on the treatment of plague. This playing ground par excellence is now home to Naomh Muire CLG. From there it was due to sail from North Uist in the Hebrides Islands until it caught sight of the distant islet of Rockall, but failed again. Soon after, he reckoned that only about 100 survivors remained in the country. Tradition has it in the Rosses that the ship’s steering was by that time defective and that on hearing this, O’Donnell decided to return to his island home. With the assistance of an Irish chieftain, MacSweeney Bannagh, Girona was repaired and set sail in mid-October with 1,300 men on board, including de Leyva. The interest of this work consists in the many personal observations scattered through the text, and incidentally the treatise shows a very extensive knowledge of the dread disease. Seven ships anchored at Scattery Roads, probably with a pilot who knew the coast. Donegal: La Trinidad Valencera (1,000 tons, Levant squadron, 360 men, 42 guns) had taken on more water than could be pumped out. The remainder of the way across the Valley was occupied by a length of 134 yards of embankment at a maximum height of 35 feet and having in it two masonry arches of 40 feet span each. On that occasion, a sudden violent gust, ripped through the station, knocking over wagons just taken off the train and ripping off part of the station roof. Some had cut their anchors in the flight from the fireships, which severely diminished their ability to navigate close to shore. This banner text can have markup.. web; books; video; audio; software; images; Toggle navigation ), Gortnasate; Frank O’Donnell, Cruit Island (Goals); James Rodgers, Belcruit; Teague Ward, Meenbanad, Charles Boyle (Neil), Cruit Island; Hugh O’Donnell, Cruit Island; Seamus O’Donnell, Kincasslagh, – all of whom are now deceased. Between 17 and 24 ships of the Grand Armada were lost on the Irish coast, accounting for about one-third of the fleet's total loss of 63, with the loss of about 6,000 men.[14]. It was certainly a big undertaking at the time to convey two teams from the Rosses to Letterkenny, a distance of 40 miles over bad roads. It was early apparent in this game that the Letterkenny team was to provide much stiffer opposition than Glenswilly, but the Rosses men now scenting victory, were not to be denied, and in the end ran out easy winners by 7 goals to 3. The rebel's son, Maurice Fitzmaurice, had died on board, and was cast into the sea in a cypress chest. On Thursday March 28th Rosses side An Clochan Liath host Aodh Ruadh under lights at the “Banks” starting at 6.30pm. Father Walker, who was still standing by, addressed the crowd (which by this time must contain some thousands), in very suitable language.

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