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Not only do they offer space to sneakily stow folded blankets at the end of your bed or board games in the den, but they lend style to your ensemble and add an extra spot to sit. You can see inside them, which is handy, and they keep a room looking “open.” While not intended to be submerged, I feel better having them in this hurricane state, guarding the things that are precious only to me! member? No worries about bugs or moisture. 100% airtight, our Weathertight Trunk is just right for protecting items from moisture, dust and pests. It keeps out the high humidity that one experience on a lake in Minnesota. 24 hours*. Great item!! Heavy duty. It is large enough to accommodate a variety of small items or serval larger things such as board game boxes, and keeps it all safe from the elements. They are made of hard plastic so they will be easier to crack upon impact. Small Animal Cages, Houses, Carriers & Pens, 40 Quart Stack & Pull™ Box, 6 Pack, Black with Red Buckle, 27 Gallon Utility Tough Tote, Black With Gray Lid, Large Portable Utility Storage Cases, Clear, Small Portable Utility Storage Cases, Clear, 27 Gallon Utility Tough Tote, Black with Red Lid, Remington 18 Gallon Store-It-All Tote, Black, Remington 10 Gallon Store-It-All Tote, Black. IRIS. Reach-in Closet Designer, footlockers storage trunks camp foot lockers. interest! They are well made, sturdy and have a great sealing lid. assistance. What more could I want? Perfect trunk, durable and well constructed. All rights reserved. Got it! If you are using a screen reader, activate this link for accessibility features or call 888-266-8246 for Monday through Saturday, I was able to keep my extra fabric stash for my sewing projects in the basement storage area of our old apartment even though there was a big mold problem there with no issues. $50 Lots of storage room. Great product. Also, Stephanie and her family suffered a terrible flood in the space recently. Would it get hot inside or would moisture build up inside? When the outside gets dirty, we just hose it down. It features a generous capacity and rugged construction. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut To schedule your installation, please call 888-202-7622 or fill out the form below. Totally air tight. Don't hesitate to purchase. 9 AM – 7:00PM Central Time. Join today and get 15% off your purchase plus get the following I wouldn't recommend checking them. While they are not waterproof the seal keeps moisture out. Sign In to view your Perks. I use one for Christmas decorations, another for all of our winter/ski gear, and the third to house our small collection of hiking and camping gear. Easy to carry. Thanks. Can't wait to add more, will definitely repurchase! Yes, though it is not it's purpose. Sign In to view your Perks. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris Have these in my backyard under an awning. Even a heavy duty trash can like those used in schools with the lid on tightly and trash tied as tight as possible with a drawstring can attract rodents and they have eaten through the can. An Elfa expert will get [call/email/text] you in the next 24 hours. 6 PM. Do you think it would work? Everything that I've put inside has stayed moisture free. 9 AM – This is a trunk, it won't fit in a freezer. Use the form below and we will contact you within Already a POP! It would probably get hot though. I am switching all my storage bins to these now. Can I store a large amount of boxed macarons in this, in the freezer assured that it is airtight? I've purchased probably like 25 for my storage unit and keeps things dry, and odor free. 6 PM. All rights reserved. They are big enough to hold lots of gear but easy to move and handle. 24 hours*. FAR superior to Rubbermaid. I am in love with the weathertight bins. I placed several packs of silica moisture absorber packets inside (just in case) and within a week, the beads within the moisture absorber packets changed color, indicating they're saturated. What? How are locks supposed to work on this thing? The top is reinforced so I am not worried that it will crack, like other similar containers, when other containers are stacked on top. We did not want a permanent storage bin. Already a POP! Very happy except that occasionally the handles will fall off when not engaged. I love them! I am making a move out of the country and I'm trying to bring everything I need on the airplane and would like to use something like this. Before I only had a couple of things that would barely fit and now with 16.5" of clearance on the bed frame this is PERFECT! Worth every penny! I've had other plastic containers get brittle and crack after as little as one year in partial or full sun. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. What am I missing here? Thank you. The trunk case is very well made of sturdy plastic and looks The material, while very good at resisting dust and moisture, is relatively brittle. Super durable. Will keep coming back for more as I get more organized. Perks in the future. Join today and get 15% off your purchase plus get the following I don't write reviews often unless it's an exceptional product. Got it! This works perfectly. The Clear Watertight trunk is an exceptional product. Choose options. It held a great deal of my fabric, I will need more of them. form below.The fee for measuring is 7:00PM Central Time. To schedule your in home measuring appointment, please call 888-202-7622 or fill out the Perks in the future. Restrictions apply. Visit our careers page and find the job perfect for you. Prices and availability are subject to change from the time and date you print this page Use of this site signifies your acceptance of The Container Store® Website Privacy Rights. To schedule your installation, please call 888-202-7622. We are moving from a dry climate to a more humid climate and needed to protect items from the humidity until we can unpack them and deal with them appropriately. Thank you. When I took out of the box it had a chemical smell, amazingly the smell disappeared in a short period of time. *Monday - Saturday 8:00AM - 8:00PM Central Time and Sunday 9:00AM - I needed it to be big enough and bug tight, and it met my criterion. I ordered three of these to help corral and organize the many odds and ends in my tiny Boston apartment. These trunks do feel sturdy so they'll probably keep everything else out. We have used them on rainy and dusty days with no problem. 10/22/2020. The large capacity Trunk with Wheels ... Monday through Saturday, 9. The construction is excellent, the watertight feature makes it a necessity and who doesn't love to organize trunks that can stack easily!? Great bin as long as you treat it carefully. for unlimited spaces due at time of service. beautiful. I used one to store my tent and dropped one this weekend only to find it totally broke in the corner. 100% airtight, our Weathertight Trunk is just right ... Load up! labore et dolore magna aliqua. I use these for storage in an outdoor shed. California Transparency in Supply Chains Act. © 2019 IRIS USA, Inc. All rights reserved. Shop Storage Trunks & Footlockers today. It truly is watertight. Love that its so sturdy and items visible. From revolutionary clear plastic storage boxes to our latest foray in home electronics. assistance. Weathertight Trunks Clear. We use this bin on our sailboat to store various items that need to stay organized, stored dry and yet be accessible at any time. I stored all my Christmas items and they are outside in our plastic shed. There are holes in all four corners, so you can secure the top and lock them down with a small padlock. You cant tell what fabric spent years in the basement and what was new from the store because these are so air tight. However, the frequently used space was very unorganized and had become a dumping ground for a myriad of items. I am looking for something to use outside where I can store emergency supplies such as water canned food clothes blankets etc. If you are using a screen reader, activate this link for accessibility features or call 888-266-8246 for assistance. Bought two more on sale for upcoming projects around the house. These are quality bins and stack great on top of one another! 4.1 out of 5 stars with 9 reviews. I would still buy them again without hesitation! To schedule your installation, please call 888-202-7622 or fill out the form below.

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