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In Audio, Features, London theatre, Musicals, Native, Opinion, Plays, Reviews by As Yet Unnamed London Theatre Podcast9th September 2016Leave a Comment. John Cale & Andre de Ridder on the David Bowie Prom, David Bowie interviewed by John Wilson - New York, 2002. Great audio of people munching and talking about class struggle 10/chips would recommend, The State and Revolution: Chapter One, The State. O'Casey's daughter Shivaun, historian Dr Heather Jones, and Sean Holmes - director of the Lyric Hammersmith - discuss whether it still has the power to challenge an audience 100 years since the Easter Rising. Stalin's "Foundations of Leninism".Support the Plough & Stars: Patreon - - - - - The Worker's State Part I, What is a Worker's State?

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History, theory, and current critical analysis of the world utilizing the science of dialectical materialism, For this special May Day episode, all four hosts come together to discuss Bernie Sanders, electoralism and voter suppression in the context of the current crisis.Follow us on Twitter: @ploughandstarsGet in touch: contact@ploughandstarspod.comSupport us on Patreon: some of our RedBubble merch:, Support the show (, In this episode, hosts Catdad, Doc and Pay discuss the sharpening contradictions of capital in the current crisis, and how racial and class inequities are putting the most vulnerable among us at the highest risk.Website:, Redbubble: In this episode the hosts and a guest share their stories of moving leftward over their lives in honor of May Day. Reading the State and Revolution while we plan for our next episode, this is the first of the six-chapter work by Lenin written in 1917 and revised slightly in 1918 but never appended with the planned addition. These movements are the spontaneous results of the contradictions of capital sharpening. will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 3. Front Row. Left image credit: Nicole Cocoon Tunes: May 21st 2020; The True Cost of Cocaine; Reminiscence on the Radio: 1960; The Reminiscence Show And This Weeks Show Is The Year Of 1959 Catdad hosts an emergency episode detailing imperial meddling in Persia and Iran since the end of the 19th century and calling for all leftists to support the organization of a general strike to cripple the imperial war machine. Tallulah is available on Netflix from Friday 29 July. News, Reviews and Features Theatre Podcast: The Plough & the Stars, Allegro, The Collector Theatre Podcast: The Plough & the Stars, Allegro, The Collector In Audio , Features , London theatre , Musicals , Native , Opinion , Plays , Reviews by As Yet Unnamed London Theatre Podcast 9th September 2016 Leave a … Tiempo: 06:40 Subido 15/05 a las 12:48:08 18685336 The Plough and the Stars is running at the National Theatre until 22 October.

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New Plough & Stars Podcast Hey friends, a few of us have been working on a new podcast you should check out. Prom 19: David Bowie Prom takes place on Friday 29 July and Red and Catdad delve into a brief overview of James Connolly's life and then address his contributions to Marxist theory and his participation in the Easter Rising of 1916. We are the Plough and Stars Podcast, named for James Connolly’s oft-quoted line “The Irish people will only be free, when they own everything from the plough to the stars.” Our goal is to help prepare people for action with history, theory, and news. We continue our reading of the State and Revolution with Chapter Three, read by Paymyrant. In this episode, Doc continues out reading of Lenin's "State and Revolution" with chapter 5. Escucha y descarga los episodios de Near FM Podcast gratis. Bad Astronomy Phil Plait's old haunt at Discover. A production of Sean O'Casey's The Plough and the Stars has just opened at the National Theatre in London, which tells the story of the Easter Rising and the attempt to end British rule in Ireland. Phil Plait's new haunt (since Nov 2012) at Slate. Debating the national structure of the United States as a settler-colony, Catdad is alone in this episode arguing that Marx and Lenin misunderstood the material conditions of the U.S. and its social reproduction and so turns to Connolly for a fuller understanding of the U.S. constellation of forces. until 22 October. Join Mary Beard and guests for live and late debate on Friday evenings on BBC Two. Every week (or thereabouts), a group of regular, dedicated, independent theatre bloggers gather together for intelligent discussion “from the audience’s perspective” about plays and musicals they’ve recently seen in London. We also include a brief study guide with each episode.

Bourne, Man Booker Prize long list, The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, Presidential campaign music. Uncut version from the Front Row archives. In this episode, we discuss the post-revolutionary USSR and the destruction of agricultural forces that led to the market-reform adoption of the NEP in the wake of the civil war. Live magazine programme on the worlds of arts, literature, film, media and music. Copyright of underlying podcast content is owned by the publisher, not OwlTail.

Regular AYULTP talking heads include My Theatre Mate Johnny Fox, as well as Gareth James, Rev Stan and Phil from West End Whingers. Ellen Page stars in new Netflix film Tallulah as a rootless young woman who spontaneously steals a child from an irresponsible mother. In which we discuss the common pitfalls and dangers faced by revolutionary worker's states after a successful revolution. There are fractures appearing through the global capital empire; the periphery and the core are both suffering from massive upheavals. Geraldine Finlay and students from KLEAR Adult Education Centre in Kilbarrack discuss the play. The Plough and Stars hosts discuss the pre-revolutionary conditions of Tsarist Russia and the conditions that led up to the revolution, from the unique position of the Russian Empire in terms of ethnicity, to the freeing of the serfs. The Plough & the Stars, Tweets by, ‘Paul Kennedy gives a performance of note’: CONTINUITY – Finborough Theatre (Online review), NEWS: Comedy double act The Pin bring their debut play The Comeback to the West End, ‘The characters are bubbling with emotion’: Hannah Bristow stars in A Passion Play as part of the Written on the Waves project, ‘Develops into an intriguing & sinister plot’: CLOSE YOUR EYES, I’M FILMING – Greedy Pig Theatre Company, NEWS: Don Black & Ian McKellen will be honoured as part of the Olivier Awards 2020, ‘A special piece of theatre’: FINDING PERCY EREBUS – Elephant Talk Theatre (Online review), Album Review: Lucie Jones Live at the Adelphi, ‘What happens when the camera stops rolling & there is no self-editing?’: ALL BY MYSELF – Part of the Main Theatre Company (Online review), ‘Demonstrating the power of aural memories’: DIGITAL CARAVAN THEATRE – Series 2 (Online review), ‘Brilliantly adapted for digital delivery’: PLAY-ALONG PLINK & BOO – Can’t Sit Still (Online review). The programme also features dramatisations and narrati... Programa: Near FM Podcast. Doc, Pay, and the Commie Lawyer discuss what makes a worker's state a worker's state, and why the Nordic social democracies (and, indeed, any social democracy) is merely a form of rearguard capitalism that bolsters the world-imperial order. Hannah McGill reviews the film which was written and directed by Sian Heder, who also writes for the TV series Orange is the New Black. Lively, informed and entertaining. Presenter John WilsonProducer Jerome Weatherald. Credit: Johan Persson). Audio is streamed directly from Zolotin servers. (Image: Fionn Walton as Jack Clitheroe and Judith Roddy as Nora Clitheroe. The Plough and Stars hosts discuss the pre-revolutionary conditions of Tsarist Russia and the conditions that led up to the revolution, from the unique position of the Russian Empire in terms of ethnicity, to the freeing of the serfs. The Worker's State Part III, Red Reconstruction, The Worker's State Part II, The Fault in our Tsars, The Workers State Part IV, Safeguarding the Revolution, The State and Revolution: Chapter Three, Experience of the Paris Commune of 1871, State and Revolution: Chapter 5, The Economic Basis of the Withering Away of the State,,

Two of the Plough's stars - Dubhe and Merak - have been used throughout history to point to Polaris, and therefore north, by tracing a line directly through them. Theatre Podcast: The Plough & the Stars, Allegro, The Collector, Buy tickets for

Live magazine programme on the worlds of arts, literature, film, media and music. Downloads goes directly to publisher. © 2020 OwlTail All rights reserved. Founded in January 2011 and produced by T R P Watson, the (still) As Yet Unnamed London Theatre Podcast is recorded every Sunday and released the following week. Read about our approach to external linking.

The Plough and the Stars is running at the National Theatre

OwlTail only owns the podcast episode rankings. (Images: Ellen Page as Tallulah. Canal: Near FM Podcast. Tags: Allegro, John Fowles, National Theatre, Southwark Playhouse, The Collector, The Plough & the Stars, The Plough and the Stars, The Vaults.

We are the Plough and Stars Podcast, named for James Connolly’s oft-quoted line “The Irish people will only be free, when they own everything from the plough to the stars.”

... Astronomy excellent podcast learn astronomy from scratch.

John Cale discusses his participation in the David Bowie Prom, which also features Laura Mvula and Marc Almond, in a celebration of the music of the singer who died in January. Ellen Page in Tallulah reviewed, John Cale and conductor Andre de Ridder on tomorrow's David Bowie Prom, Sean O'Casey's The Plough and the Stars. credit: David Newsom/Netflix. Rivelli/Netflix). My Theatre Mates is delighted to syndicate the (still) As Yet Unnamed London Theatre Podcast (AYULTP). Main image
... Podcast. A season discovering where artists find inspiration and helping listeners get creative. We’ve created 4 episodes so far. The dialectic is moving, and we owe it to each movement to study it and its material circumstances to try to get a working understanding of how it plays into the larger scheme of resistance against capital.On this 19th episode of the Plough and Stars we discuss the movements in Haiti, Brazil, Egypt, Iraq, Chile, Bolivia, France, and Lebanon with special guest @kniferoach.Some sources to follow for more information on HAITI: Sandra Lemaire @SandraDVOA, Etant Dupain @gaetantguevaraon FRANCE: Priscilla Ludosky @PLudoskyJérôme Rodrigues @J_Rodrigues_OffFabrice Grimal @FabriceGrimalFaouzi Lellouche @FaouziLellouche, This time, Doc reads us some of J.V.

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