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At the Kingdom Dance, she wears her hair in a thick braid with smaller braids woven in and adorned with various flowers. In "Beyond the Corona Walls," Rapunzel is hesitant to marry Eugene at first, but when he was nearly forced into marrying his ex-fiancee, Stalyan, she decides to marry Eugene straightaway, only for him to insist that they should wait until she truly decides it is the right time. [14][15] Some media outlets reported that Chenoweth and Witherspoon would actually be sharing the title role,[16] while The Guardian reported that Witherspoon would actually be voicing "a modern girl who gate-crashes Rapunzel's fairytale world. With no choice, Rapunzel drops her disguise and rescues him from a waterfall. She loves trying new things and hanging out with her closest friends. Voice Actor Although Richard Corliss of Time thoroughly enjoyed the film, he felt that too much emphasis was placed on Flynn Rider and not enough on Rapunzel.


She is shocked by his betrayal and at the end of the episode she tells her worries to Eugene; meanwhile, Varian discovers that the Sundrop is no longer in the flower but it is now Rapunzel herself.

Freedom, adventure, art, singing, dancing, floating lanterns, ducklings, music, reading, sewing, knitting, climbing, hair-brushing, astronomy, chess, puzzles, darts, baking, papier-mâché, ballet, ventriloquism, candle making, friends and family, hazelnut soup, hugs, challenges, peace and quiet, bunnies, pranking people, making new friends, helping others, riddles, children, Pamona Percy, Being confined, selfishness, limitations, wearing shoes, Monty's rudeness, Eugene and Cassandra's bickering, breaking promises, lemonade, overprotective rules, dishonesty, Stalyan (formerly), Calliope's arrogance, Eugene's past romances, King Trevor, Cassandra's betrayal, being abused by Gothel, Zhan Tiri. We wanted all this girl power and to really drive this story, so she doesn't wait around for anything ... she's a smart girl, she has these hopes and dreams and she's going to get what she wants out of life. She uses it as a weapon to defeat Lady Caine's accomplices with Eugene and Cassandra's help, saving her father. "[106] LoveFilm's Tom Charity commented on the character's independence, likening Rapunzel's spirited personality to those of both Ariel from The Little Mermaid (1989) and the title character of Mulan (1998). In "What the Hair? In "The Alchemist Returns," she is manipulated by Varian into gaining him access to the Sundrop, whereupon she finds that Varian's real intention is not to help Corona but to use the entire flower to save his father. Her friends help her escape, but as soon as she's free Varian sends a monstrous version of Ruddiger to attack everyone, while he sneaks in and kidnaps her mother. Princess Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore) is more assertive in character, and was born a princess. Traits Films Rapunzel's no-nonsense attitude and proactive air, however, reminds us that the blondes of yore were not to be trifled with. However, the black rocks' reaction to Rapunzel causes her to realize that her connection to them allows her to control them, and with their aid, she manages to defeat Varian.

Ward revealed that, in real life, the character's hair would weigh roughly 60 pounds, "more weight than a real person would be able to move around as effortlessly as we allow Rapunzel to do in the movie". A woman named Mother Gothel (voiced by Donna Murphy) kidnaps Rapunzel for her magical hair which would help maintain her youth.

", "The hairy task of creating Rapunzel in 'Tangled, "Animation Director Glen Keane Exclusive Interview TANGLED", "Exclusive Interview: Tangled Directors Nathan Greno And Byron Howard", "EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: We're "Tangled" with Mandy Moore! She is famously known for her long golden blonde hair which is roughly around 70 feet in length.

It has a pink bodice that has swirly patterns on it and a corset lacing at the back. She tries her best, and despite having a loving family and supportive circle of friends, Rapunzel feels overwhelmed with the amount of responsibility that comes with being a princess. Keane said of the original plot, "It was a fun, wonderful, witty version and we had a couple of great writers. To create it, the director says, animators created a series of tubes that looked like spaghetti. Exhausted from their previous endeavors, Maximus sits down, nudging the wedding cake in the process and causing it, which has been positioned on wheels, to roll down the aisle.[59].

[39] Rapunzel is depicted as a barefooter,[25][40] and Moore was barefoot herself while recording her lines. When Flynn escapes and arrives at the tower to save Rapunzel, Gothel stabs him. Accessories

destructive, lethal abilities of the Moonstone,, Princess Rapunzel (by Eugene, Nigel, Varian, Sugracha the Eternal, King Frederic, Pete, Adira, Kiera, King Trevor, Monty and Lance), Blondie (by Eugene, Stalyan and Cassandra), Raps (by Cassandra, Eugene, Hook Foot and Andrew), Sundrop (by Adira, Eugene, Varian, Lord Demanitus and Zhan Tiri), Princess (by Varian, Monty, Rapunzel herself, Lance, Pete, Kiera, Attila, Captain of the Guards, Nigel, Sugracha the Eternal, Xavier, Griffin, Eugene, Stan, Adira, Hook Foot, Vex, Lady Caine, King Frederic, Cassandra, Shorty, Stalyan, Hook Hand, Queen Arianna, Tromus, Feldspar, Maisie, Mary, Captain Creighton, Vladimir, King Edmund, Dwayne, Catalina, Zhan Tiri and Brock), Healing Light; heal minor or even fatal wounds, Surrounds one and allies with a glowing orb-shaped shield, Heavenly embodiment of all positive and negative forces in the universe(Wields the ultimate power), Martial arts(Can contend with Cassandra rather easily), Reunites with her birth parents, defeats Zhan Tiri, and marries Eugene, Different hair ties to braid her unnaturally long hair, Engaged to Eugene (at the end of Tangled the Series), Married to Eugene (during the events of Tangled Ever After.

Princess of Corona (formerly)Queen of Corona However, she does view Mother Gothel as her maternal mother despite being kidnapped. The song received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song at the 83rd Academy Awards in 2011. [25][26] Once she made up her mind to audition, Moore "chased after" the role, auditioning for it twice.

Having been reunited with her parents, Rapunzel tries to adjust to her new life as a princess, receiving help from Pascal and her lady-in-waiting, Cassandra.

"[95] Variety's Justin Chang described Rapunzel as a "bland, plastic" heroine, likening her to a Barbie doll.

[69] Rapunzel appears as a playable character in an interactive adventure-themed[70][71] video game based on the film, entitled Tangled: The Video Game. Even in Rapunzel's teeth, the way she talks, there's something a little bit wonky in the placement of her teeth, and things like that were designed so that she was more real, true and appealing.". Desperate to retrieve them, Pascal and Maximus sneak out of the chapel while Rapunzel and Eugene say their wedding vows. Last Appearance After watching the completed film for the first time, Moore was disappointed with her own performance because she felt that her voice sounded "shrill". Ruddiger, horrified by Varian's actions, frees Pascal, who in turn frees King Frederic, who then freed Arianna. (He is later discovered to have survived.) Rapunzel gets the idea of hiding the hair under an oversized wig, which helps well enough despite its awkwardness. "[11] At one point, Disney had been considering casting actress Reese Witherspoon as Rapunzel.

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