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It could even be the eponymous Rebecca, Maxim's dead wife whose ghost serves serious "not like other girls" vibes.

'The Great British Baking Show's Breakout Star. The scarcity of resources is a financial one, but the cards are dealt based on gender.

Obvious reasons include: That one’s 80 years old; no one watches black and white movies anymore (except you and me); and, most suspiciously, Hitch’s “Rebecca” — his first Hollywood film and a deft three-point landing it is — is unavailable anywhere for streaming at the moment.

511, This story has been shared 506 times. Netflix Like 2017's Get Out and 2019's Parasite, Rebecca serves up a spoonful of horror to make the social commentary go down. After Jane falls into a state of despair over her schizophrenia, she encounters new sources of love and life with surprising results. Was 'Emily in Paris' Really Filmed in Paris? The costumes and scenery are all beautiful, but these depictions of Dame Daphne du Maurier's torn and tortured characters are as flat as a flounder with the dialogue frequently over-forced to the point that I wanted to cringe. The butlers stand board-stiff, although their eyes move like they’re in old creepy portrait paintings. The novel is narrated by Mrs. de Winter, and one of the central tensions of the book is the contrast between the sophisticated prose and the frustratingly passive and disempowered main character. James, who has had a very busy few years (“Downton Abbey,” “Cinderella,” “Baby Driver”), brings an ardent innocence to her nameless heroine that effectively keeps us on her side. Goodbye honeymoon, hello baggage. : Rebecca (1940). This story has been shared 4,767 times. The story is less of a whodunit than a who-should-we-root-for (and how bad should we feel about our choice?)

Mrs. Danvers, whose machinations in the novel target the narrator directly, does one better in the film, instead tricking other women into doing her dirty work.

One scene is scored by sledgehammers on harpsichords, the best way to punctuate the ratcheting-up of suspense as the film stomps on the gas and guns it through a collection of plot points on the way to a hasty and dissatisfying conclusion. She knows what she wants. Schadenfreude personified -- monsterified. Looking for something to watch? Did anyone seriously think they could do it better than Hitchcock? Wheatley’s movie sticks close to Daphne du Maurier’s 1938 bestseller, which already reads as a first-person movie on the page, and he quickly situates us alongside the untested young woman who will become the second Mrs. DeWinter (Lily James).

So MANDERLY has a solid three, maybe four thousand bad vibes wafting among its museumlike halls and palatial drawing rooms, through which poor Maxim sleepwalks. I will say this is a handsome film, lovingly photographed with lots of evocative lighting and ornate set pieces contributing to the gloomy ambience.

File under feet, swept off of. In the movie, though, Max is sometimes an ass, and often under great stress, but he's never an overwhelming force of nature.

It also inserts a sex drive. ", Dame Judith Anderson was nominated for a supporting Oscar for playing Mrs. Danvers in the first film, Armie Hammer and Lily James in "Rebecca. It's notable too that his most vicious, unforgivable act of violence against a woman, vividly described in the book, is narrated but not visualized in the film. The young Mrs. de Winter is haunted and mocked not just by the older, more sophisticated, and (it is revealed) sexually profligate Rebecca, but by her older, more sophisticated self, who narrates the book.

4,767, This story has been shared 4,676 times. John Serba is a freelance writer and film critic based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. A woman's life is turned upside down when her criminal parents invite an outsider to join them on a major heist they're planning. This isn’t much of an updated Rebecca; for too much of the film, Our Protagonist is a passive mouse ground up in the wheels of class warfare, and if you believe her impassioned change of character in the final act is feminist, well, you haven’t seen the last several Disney princess cartoons. The loss of Manderley and the exorcism of Rebecca are symbols of Mrs. de Winter's liberation from her older, weaker self. In addition, there’s another talented British director aiming to prove his chops to US studio brass — or Netflix executives, which is currently the same thing. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. ("I can see myself now, unsuitably dressed as usual, although a bride of seven weeks, in a tan-colored stockinette frock, a small fur known as a stone marten round my neck, and over all a shapeless mackintosh, far too big for me, and dragging to my ankles."). The effects are really pretty poor - especially at the end, too, and all in all it has straight to tv written all over it! And nobody seems to be over it.

In the book, it's not exactly clear what the supernaturally continent Max sees in Mrs. de Winter. But the book retains a unique and lingering power. And it has a Titanic upper-lower-deck/Fukunaga’s Jane Eyre/watered-down Todd Haynes quality to it. After a swift romance, Max proposes marriage. Everyone behaves themselves in this “Rebecca,” whereas the point of the book and the first movie is that our worst behavior is always floating just below the waterline, ready to bob to the surface at the wrong moment. By the same token, it means that Mr. de Winter is less imposing.

If they cannot convince them that there is any point in a "reimagining", then they don't get to make it...!

(There’s the DVD, obviously, and a bootleg version or two on YouTube if you move fast.).

The love affair begins with a hint of this paternalism when the adorably unsophisticated narrator is turned away from a fancy restaurant terrace on the sun-dappled shores of southern France.

She tries oysters, enjoys driving cars, throws herself into organizing a ball at Manderley, and confronts the formidable Mrs. Danvers on multiple occasions. A remake of an Oscar-winning movie based on an enduring Gothic novel maybe seems like a bad idea, but Netflix and director Ben Wheatley tackled Rebecca anyway. So Mrs. de Winter, the character, draws much of the wit and intelligence of the novel's narrator into herself. In the movie, it's obvious the two care for each other as intimates. 'Emily in Paris' Star Lucas Bravo Says Critics "Are Right" About Cliches in the Show, 'Fargo' Season 4 Has Finally Found Its Central Story, 'Fargo' Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: The Doctor Is Out, 'Fargo' Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: The Snowman Cometh, Jessie Buckley Is the Existential Tour de Force 2020 Needs.

Like Rebecca, the Mrs. de Winter in the movie is a sexual being.

Their disproportions are evened out.

Maxim won’t talk about her. It's a story of finding one's strength through love. Lily James and Armie Hammer in a scene from "Rebecca."

Armie Hammer and Lily James in the 2020 Netflix adaptation of Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca, directed by Ben Wheatley. 4,310, This story has been shared 1,696 times. Our Call: SKIP IT. But the characters are DOA, it never really catches fire as a psychological thriller or a passion-fueled romance and you’ll ultimately feel like this was done a lot better a long time ago in a pre-retro era, when shadows and fog enveloped Mrs. de Winter in a cloak of damp melancholy.

Without spoiling anything, let's just say the palpable relief on the narrator's face in the Netflix adaptation, upon the revelation of the circumstances of Rebecca's death, is the most chilling part of the film. The first young Mrs. de Winter and the second older, narrator Mrs. de Winter, virgin and whore, are always divided, always a haunted double-self.

Directed by Ben Wheatley. Frustratingly, there’s little of Ben Wheatley to it, a feeling that the film is about to erupt sideways in some weird, compelling way. And suddenly, in these very, very brown and insanely overdecorated environs, he’s cold. Ben Wheatley has been turning out spiky, funny, hard-to-categorize movies from his home base in Brighton, England, for over a decade; “, Lily James and Armie Hammer in a scene from "Rebecca.

", Let’s get this out of the way at the start: Why on earth would you need a new adaptation of “Rebecca” when the 1940 Alfred Hitchcock version, a best picture Oscar winner, still exists?

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That way, we might be spared sterile, charm free efforts like this from Ben Wheatley. Memorable Dialogue: “All marriages have their secrets,” Maxim says to his new wife, which is a fart-in-church comment if I’ve ever heard one. “Rebecca” hardly has him coming to America.

1840s England, acclaimed but overlooked fossil hunter Mary Anning and a young woman sent to convalesce by the sea develop an intense relationship, altering both of their lives forever, After a whirlwind romance in Monte Carlo with handsome widower Maxim de Winter (Armie Hammer), a newly married young woman (Lily James) arrives at Manderley, her new husband's imposing family estate on a windswept English coast.

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