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"Community Shooting Review Board" Is Another Ploy To Cover Up Eureka Police Killing of Tommy McClain.

Eureka Police Department . (pg8 Days of Action 2012 booklet), CHANTS Against Police Brutality! Explore reviews, menus & photos and find the perfect spot for any occasion.

Empowering education on how to survive police encounters. MARCH through neighborhoods & to police stations. Eureka Police Officer Cress, who has stolen many of our signs in the past and used to show up daily at the Occupy, made the arrest today, December 25th. Redwood Curtain Brewing Company Beer Eureka Budwei Xd4fz Image Redwood Curtain Brewing Co Open In Eureka What S Good Online Menu Of Redwood Curtain Brewing Company Restaurant Arcata Redwood Curtain Brewing Co Find Their Beer …

INCARCERATION:  Holiday Gift from Paul Gallegos to Occupy Eureka. He had just turned 17 on Dec. 9. The author sent this report to the Eureka Police Department and to the Eureka Times-Standard.

The food truck is a nice addition. Richie was a resident of Hoopa California and was a member of the Hoopa Tribe. 604 C St Eureka, California 95501 (707)441-4060. 604 C St Menu. CANDLELIGHT WALK Honor The Victims And Survivors Of State Violence, 10:00pm Cesar Chavez Park (14th & E, Eureka)                ALL NIGHT VIGIL To Protest the Criminalization of Sleep, with FILM SCREENING, Wednesday, Oct 23  MEMORIAL DAY FOR CHRISTOPHER BURGESS. (Read More to see photos of the Eureka Officers who beat Martin), Born Jan.6, 1990            Killed Oct. 23, 2006. Stop the school-to-prison pipeline!

18 reviews of Redwood Curtain Brewing "Super fun spot. Nice vibe. After officials jailed the person who was filming for eight days, wasted the impoverished county's money, and spent nearly two weeks in court claiming that the videotaping woman's behavior put the officer in grave danger, a jury voted ten-to-two for acquittal.

Richie and Carlie were welcomed by their older sister, Celina, 12 years, and 6-year-old brother Carlos Jr. Richie was a graduate of the Hoopa Valley Tribal Child Development Program and Trinity Valley kindergarten class of 2002. SUN NIGHT, MAY 13 at 8:30PM: Gathering/Rally at Occupy Eureka for Hans: STALWART ACTIVIST GOING TO JAIL. Know Your Rights; Make report; Peoples' Writings; Honor and Resist for Victims; Friends of MOVE; Reports, Responses ; End Torture in U.S. Orange with sienna undertones in color, fruity esters and light spice aromas with a silky smooth mouthfeel.

[The 32 names of people arrested have been omitted from the below message for the purpose of this website post].

Pickup *** THESE PRODUCTS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PICKUP *** No need to wait at our tasting rooms for … Hans was preparing to go to trial on Monday, but we all know that from the court system, it can be very difficult to get any justice (or to avoid being screwed). March for Chris Burgess, murdered by Eureka Police Officer Oct 23, 2006. Please Write a Letter ASAP to the Eureka PD for Return of Occupy Eureka Property! Redwood curtain brewing company beer redwood curtain brewing co open in menu of redwood curtain brewing company redwood curtain brewing co find their. Know Your Rights; Make report; Peoples' Writings; Honor and Resist for Victims; Friends of MOVE; Reports, Responses; End Torture in U.S. The jail told Anne that she is going to be in solitary, even though solitary or "maximum" is supposed to be for people who have problems with other people in the jail- it is not for people to be put in simply because they were arrested during political activity. Days of Action Against Police Brutality   Oct 22-23, Siehna and her Daddy, Martin "Freddy" Cotton. My eyes were very tired from driving 630 milesin 12 hours from a photojournalism trip to Nevada andthen back to Eureka: one of my favorite American citiesuntil this morning. The resounding jury decision could not have happened without the years of dedication by Redwood Curtain CopWatch; the courage, strength, and graciousness of Marty Cotton Sr.; the critical solidarity and organizing of the Oscar Grant Committee; the generosity of a few righteous Oakland attorneys; the networking and sharing of resources by Berkeley CopWatch; the bravery of the civilian witnesses to tell the truth; and the sharp, brilliant, hard work from the Cottons' attorneys, Vicki I. Sarmiento and Dale K. Galipo.
On Friday, May 11th, Hans Ashbaucher took a plea bargain in the case from his November 12 Occupy Eureka arrest. Martin died in the jail cell of blunt force head trauma.

You can't buy their ales in stores, only on tap at a handful of local outlets and at the brewery's own tasting room (open on Friday and Saturday afternoons only). 6:00pm Carson Park (Carson & H, Eureka -on the Carson end)              MUSIC FOR THE PEOPLE- Live Concert, Dinner, Speak Out! He seemed determined from the outset to prove me guilty of   a) DUI   b) using illegal drugs  c) having weapons       none of which has any basis in reality. Humboldt DA's Office, Resulting In Systematic Threats to Civil Liberties, Occupy Eureka Persists In Strength Despite Ongoing Arrests and Police Repression (Dec19,2011), Eureka Government Blatantly Supports KILLER Cops: Johnson, Harpham, Winkle, Laird, Whitmer. A fine balance of mild malt and subtle hop flavors. Just give me 45 days. The jail guards (Sheriff's Dept) have told her that she will be in there for up to five days (lies, intimidation) and has told her several different charges/reasons she was arrested on a warrant- so that is not clear. Very good business for the east side of eureka. Chris Burgess was well-loved by many in the community, WAS NOT VIOLENT, and had been thrown into the juvenile "injustice" system when he was very young.

Richie was tragically taken from us on Dec. 18 at approximately 2 a.m. in Willow Creek, Calif., in an altercation with the California Highway Patrol.

It is about the Community Shooting Review Board, a public relations stunt, a sham, created by the Eureka Police Chief after his officers killed Tommy McClain in cold blood. I'll get rid of 'em all.” --Humboldt Sheriff's Ken Swithenbank to Chamber of Commerce about HOUSELESS PEOPLE in SoHum, See actual page10 of 2012 booklet attached or if you click on READ MORE. In broad daylight, officers pummeled Martin's head and body, then brought Martin to jail, never giving him medical treatment.

Redwood Curtain CopWatch. We want to share strategies and empowering education on how to survive police encounters. Medical care could have saved his life. Menu.

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