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You can also study a full list of all disasters: Disasters during 1600 - 1799; Disasters during 1800 - 1849; Disasters during 1850 - 1899; Disasters during 1900 - to date . The poor wretch's tortures were increased ten-fold. A mining accident is an accident that occurs during the process of mining minerals or metals. For this purpose a scaffolding, with two or three men provided with tools suited to the work, was lowered down to the depth of the injured part. The Scottish Mining Website provides information on the history of Scottish mining, compiled from old reports, gazetteers and newspaper articles. [Fife Herald 25 April 1872], Paisley - Miner Killed - John Beveridge, miner, 30 years of age, residing at Inkerman, was killed by a heavy fall of metal from the roof while working in the Blackstone Mineral Company's pit on Saturday morning. It would appear that about seven o'clock in the morning Mr. Davidson, the manager of the works at Inkermann, along with several other men was engaged making some alteration upon the steam pipe leading from the boilers to the engine at the pit-head, and while so engaged the pipe suddenly gave way; scalding Mr Davidson and three other men more or less severely.

A very melancholy accident happened on Thursday at Lochwinnoch:- In a coal pit near the lake, seven men were at work, when the water got in upon them, by which they were all drowned ; and we are sorry to add, some of them have left numerous families to lament their unfortunate fathers.

He had not gone far, however, when he got among foul air, and to the calls of his companion no answer was returned. deceased had been boiling a meal of potatoes, and from their appearance [Caledonian Mercury 5 January 1805], A most dreadful accident happened on Monday morning, at the Hurlet coal work, near Paisley. [Caledonian Mercury 31 March 1792], Skeleton Found In Coal Pit – On Saturday last, a skeleton was found in the old workings of a pit at Lochlibo, parish of Neilston, and was interred in the Neilston churchyard.

a miner, named James M'Ghee, a native of Ayr, while employed at his work being able to utter a syllable. He was in the act of placing a hutch upon the cage at the pit bottom, when, through some unexplained cause, the cage was put in motion before he had finished. [Glasgow Herald 24 December 1859], Serous Accident At Inkermann - Yesterday, a serious accident occurred at the Candren ironstone pit, near Inkermann, belonging to Messrs. Merry & Cunningham, from the bursting of a steam pipe. While many hurried to the scene of the accident, others, anticipating the worst, posted off on horseback for the assistance of medical men. He was employed in an iron pit between Linwood and Johnstone, the property of Messrs Dixon & Co. , and was crushed to death by the falling of a portion of ironstone upon him. The deceased acted as night watchman, and [Oxford Journal - Saturday 24 August 1839], A fatal accident occurred on Tuesday After reaching the bottom, they had not proceeded far, when they smelt the firedamp, which in a short time went off, and drove them in different directions, singing their clothes and hair.
[Scotsman 5 September 1888], Fatal Mining Accident at Pollokshaws - A Pole named Peter Youfkufkif, twenty-nine years of age, residing at 92 Govan Street, Glasgow, was killed at Giffnock colliery, near Pollokshaws, last night. [Glasgow Herald 31 December 1866], Paisley - Accident At Inkerman - A miner named James Gilmour, about 18 years of age, residing at Inkerman, met with an accident while working in a pit there yesterday morning.

Information about disasters within the UK mining industry durng which 5 or more miners died. The third man - James M'Lachlan, Pollokshaws - who was burned about the arms, was able to proceed home. - In the early part of this week, one of the colliers at the Victoria Pit, at Househill, having, contrary to express orders, entered into a forbidden portion of this pit, an explosion of fire-damp ensued, occasioning the death of the unfortunate man, and of so serious a character, that the very stoops of the pit ignited, and the interior has continued to burn throughout the week. The skeleton is supposed to be that of a young man – one of the seven drowned 52 years ago. [Scotsman 12 September 1913], Fatal Scalding Accident at Giffnock colliery - At Giffnock colliery, in the eastern district of Renfrewshire , yesterday morning, a lad named William Cairns, employed as an ash wheeler, lost his life.

[Edinburgh Advertiser 18 September 1821], On Monday night, a young, man, about 18 years of age, fell down a coal pit at Hurlet, and was killed. The fate of Thomson was characterised by almost unparalleled horror. One of them, by a sudden spring aside, was wholly uninjured - one had a piece of his scalp torn off, and the other nine were crushed to death.

The foundation of the disaster was laid nearly a century before, when the Merthyr Vale Colliery, a coal mine, was opened in the area.

Welcome to Scottish Mining Villages. He had sustained, in addition to serious burns on the face and upper extremities, a dislocation of the left hip joint, a fracture of the left foreleg, and a severe compound fracture of the right foreleg. While a miner, named George Higgins, was engaged at his work, he incautiously approached a mine that he had fired, under the impression that it had previously exploded, and the result was that he was most seriously burned, about the head and face particularly.

He was sent to the Paisley Infirmary. The poor fellow was conveyed to the Infirmary at Paisley, but it is questionable if he will survive. He was working in the mine, when a portion of the roof fell in, and he was suffocated.

For the later period customs accounts reveal shipments of coal for foreign markets. - Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Alexander Foulds, one of the managers of the coal pit of Messrs. Barclay, north of Clyde near Renfrew, descended the pit, in company with another man, to make some inspection. The inhabitants of Barrhead and Neilston, both near, were resigning themselves to the mirth of their Reform Jubilee; and the overseer taxed the poor colliers with what would have amounted to nothing more than a desire to disinter themselves to seek an afternoon's refreshment in the light of day.

The pit in which the circumstance happened is the property of Mr Dove and is known by the name of the Wellington Pit. An iron instrument, used as a sort of gauge, had fallen from the scaffold above, through an opening in the mid-walling and, in a descent of sixty fathoms, had attained a momentum which destroyed at once the life of a highly valuable and excellent man. [Aberdeen Journal 21 August 1839], Nine persons killed Monday last at Househillwood coal-pit, Paisley, by the falling of a foot and a half of "till" from roof of the room in which they were sitting - the room not wrought in for five months, and no danger apprehended, particularly as two miners had examined it only a few minutes before catastrophe occurred - funeral took place Tuesday, attended by Mr. Galloway (proprietor) and a number of respectable inhabitants of Paisley, besides a great portion of their fellow-workmen - indeed so great was the interest excited that the Abbey Church gates were beset by crowds of persons, besides throngs of individuals in Abbey-street, and small knots extending a mile and a half from Hurlet, whence the mournful procession passed - this melancholy event shed a deep gloom over Nitshill, and although number of coal-pits are situated in neighbourhood, no accident anything like this has occurred for many years - verily "in the midst of life we are in death. On reaching the vapour with the lamp, it exploded with tremendous violence. The pit was then closed, and in all likelihood must for some time remain so, for the purpose of aiding the extinction of the fire.- Renfrewshire Advertiser. His collar-bone was broken, and he was so much injured internally that he died in the course of two hours afterwards. Medical practitioners were on the spot with all possible speed, and every exertion was made to alleviate the sufferers. Dr. Taylor, the medical officer, of the works, was early in attendance, and, assisted by Dr. M'Hutcheon, of the Infirmary here, dressed the wounds of the sufferers. [Scotsman 22 March 1913], Fatal Accident at Giffnock Colliery - A fatal accident occurred yesterday afternoon at Giffnock colliery, near Pollokshaws. Scottish mining saw its peak in the early years of the twentieth century, during which 10% of the Scottish population was involved in the industry. shovel in his grasp. This section contains newspaper reports on selected accidents in Renfrewshire. A horse at the mouth of the pit was killed, and the whole machinery blown to atoms. The deceased, who was much respected by all who knew him as a sober and intelligent man, has left a wife and family to lament his loss.—Paisley Advertiser. It is uncertain whether the accident was occasioned by the explosion of gun-powder or foul air. sinking a pit at Inkermann, sustained serious injuries under the following circumstances:- He ordered the miners to descend the shaft along with him, which they did - the number of individuals being five men and two boys. The deceased was only fifteen, and the younger brother nine years of age.
Two of the men who were beside him were fearfully burned namely, John Easton, who has suffered most, and Andrew Downie, both young unmarried men, residing in Renfrew. [Glasgow Herald 15 July 1844], Explosion at the Victoria Pit. [Scotsman 7 October 1922], Fatal Coal Pit Accident At Barrhead – Two Men Killed, Serious Coal Pit Explosion near Johnstone, The Recent Coal Pit Explosion At Johnstone -, Paisley - Fatal Accident In An Ironstone Pit, Fatal Scalding Accident at Giffnock colliery.

He was engaged at his work when a stone weighing about half a ton fell upon him. It would appear that while a miner, named M'Murray, was engaged at his work, a large quantity of ironstone fell from the roof upon him. In clearing the old workings of the pit, last week, the above skeleton was found, together with a pair of shoes and a few buttons. Mitchell and Muncey are somewhat severely burned, while Mr. Davidson's injuries are chiefly confined to his hands, arms, and face. About nine o'clock, while the men were at work, the inflammable air in the pit took fire. Two of them - George White a brusher, Pollokshaws, and William Marshall, coal cutting attendant, Surrey Street, Glasgow - were badly scorched on the hands and face, and had to be removed to the Victoria Infirmary. The result was that his head was caught between the cage and the lining of the shaft, and nearly severed from his body, which was dragged for about two fathoms before the engine could be stopped. [Scotsman 17 November 1921], Man Killed at Giffnock Colliery - A fatal accident occurred in Giffnock colliery yesterday afternoon, to a miner named Duncan M'Ewan, who resided at 28 Rosendale Road, Pollokshaws.

A young miner named Alexander Smith, who lived at 51 John Street, Glasgow, was working at the coal cutting machine when he was caught in the wheels and terribly mutilated, both legs being torn off.

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