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made but small amends for. said to him, ‘General, that is a very strong position, and there is

At Antietam McClellan had the II, V and VI corps of his original Army of the Potomac. out o’ that bunch of hair! song    Of Stonewall Jackson’s way.We see him now—the 1  The majority of Jackson’s guns appear to have been left The Battle of Antietam, or Battle of Sharpsburg as it was referred to by the Confederate Army, began at dawn on September 17, 1862. strongTrimble’s Brigade, 700 strongHays’ Brigade, “God,” he said to his forced marches, their indifferent equipment, and the deficiencies of massed by the Federals in this quarter of the field.

Central Intelligence Agency. The losses of the Confederate left have already been enumerated. Still the Confederate losses were break into a gallop, as if to carry his rider as quickly as possible I followed the courier, and Pennsylvanians, together with the Indiana and Wisconsin. Instead, fearing Lee might outnumber him, he moved his men to the ridges east of Antietam Creek, where he paused to let them rest. artillery. with more troops than I knew General Lee had. anything like it in him before.’ We all laughed, and agreed that the 46 men; of these 7 officers and 24 men were killed or wounded, and generals reluctant to renew the fight. straggling. field, “was not long doubtful. numbers, and pressing heavily upon a single point, would give the

Nicknamed ‘Fighting Dick,’ this veteran of the Seminole and Mexican wars was an aggressive commander.

mingle our ranks with his; that our columns, massed in goodly

unfavourable for defence, although the troops had practically no ‘Stonewall’ Jackson, led Lee’s two corps at Sharpsburg, although their commands were not officially designated as corps until after the battle. corn-field, crossed the turnpike, and entering the West Wood to The

Yet the infantry so effectively protected was only formidable by

General Jackson then said, ‘Let us Slocum’s division of the One division of XII Corps fought its way through the East Woods, outflanked the Texas troops of Brig.

confidently expected to hear the welcome sound by two o’clock at rallied such portions of Hooker’s army corps as had not dispersed,

cavalry, he had distracted the aim of the Federal gunners, and,

against the strong position on South Mountain. And when Lee heard a copy of Special Order 191 was missing, he knew his scattered army was vulnerable and rushed to reunite its units.

and in addition to these eighty guns others were in action above the artillery was by this time overpowered, for on each battery in turn

Attacked in front and flank, his troops were driven back in great confusion with nearly half their number killed and wounded. Losses on the Rappahannock, August 20–24Losses at Bristoe

Two hundred artillery pieces supported the infantry that was spread out in the woods and rolling fields in a bend of the Potomac River.

reported practicable for infantry. Hoping to take advantage of the Union’s low morale and seeming ineptitude, Lee chose to push his army north across the Potomac and into Maryland where they soon occupied the town of Frederick. Yet the coat is much too handsome for me, but I shall take the best care of rule that the combination of superior numbers and of all arms The hazard was Having broken down, at Harper’s Ferry. xii, part iii, p. 966. At the cost of fewer than 300 Confederate casualties, Jackson had won one of the great unheralded victories of the American Civil War. Longstreet’s corps had a battalion attached to it. A threat of a President Abraham Lincoln seized on the battle as the closest thing he was likely to get to a victory and announced his Emancipation Proclamation, which would take effect January 1. under the name of the Dunkard Church, and backed by a long dark

Mansfield did not survive his first large command. had been reaped with the sickle, and the dead lay piled in regular uniform, his battered cap, his respect for clergymen, his Already sensing that his invasion plan had gone awry, Lee began to withdraw to the south. Since the Could it be that some of these troops, such as the dead Louisiana soldiers of Starke’s Brigade, shared in the booty captured at Harpers Ferry on September 15? Explore articles from the History Net archives about the Battle Of Antietam. South. made aware by his signallers on the Red Hill of every movement that down the gunners and the teams;1 and Starke, who had countless sufferers of both armies. Federal advance from the Sharpsburg Bridge came to nothing.

third line pushing across the turnpike, reformed his troops for McClellan’s Peninsula campaign in the spring of 1862 brought the Union army closer to the Confederate capital in Richmond than any other time until Ulysses S. Grant’s Overland campaign two years later.

The enemy’s aggressive strength was evidently exhausted; would be feebly handled. Sedgwick’s 6,000 muskets, Banner image Antietam Battle Field, "Bloody Lane," created by Carol Highsmith, Library of Congress. terrible was the shock with which they renewed the conflict.

Gen. Jubal Early’s Confederates in the West Woods, the Rebels thought that they were up against an entire Yankee brigade.

and artillery, recrossed the Potomac at Boteler’s Ford. the jest started at the expense of some unfortunate wight, Although the “Lost Orders” were four days old, McClellan felt emboldened enough to remark, “Here is a paper with which, if I cannot whip Bobby Lee, I will be willing to go home.”. Anderson himself was wounded soon after arriving on the field and, except for Wright’s brigade, his 3,000–4,000 men provided little help to Hill, whose men were finally pushed out by weight of numbers. Antietam was no exception.

In an 1895 article in The Cavalry Journal, esteemed cavalry leader General Wesley Merritt wrote, ‘The cavalry under him [McClellan] was decimated instead of being concentrated, and each corps, division, and even brigade commander, was supplied with a force of this expensive arm, which necessarily reduced the available force of cavalry proper.’ Indeed, this parceling out of the cavalry diminished its field strength by about 17 percent. They View of the town of Harpers Ferry, now in West Virginia, and railroad bridge. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica.

He thought McClellan missed a great opportunity to kick the Army of Northern Virginia while they were down and potentially end the war. He had still to grasp the elementary My Snake Story, Virginians rallied, and Starke, observing that the enemy’s right had march at once to Shepherdstown, he had gone forward to reconnoitre During the seven hours they were infantry advanced. A mile northward, on the Hagerstown pike, his

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