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It's impossible not to well up every time. Or the top song??

and he knows its trues. I am doing it for my dance solo song for the women in anguish and worry for their soulmates. A few months before he died and we had listen to this song together in the truck. I truly cant stand them and neither can most people. I love the song, but jus' sayin'.

i have seen my Father Cry a total of Three times: You've given and sacrificed so much for your country(ies) and/or state(s). As a kid I'd dream of bears and tremble to my toes, Till old Tige come up to my bed and nudge me with his nose, Then my fears would melt away and Tige would go lie down.

This song makes me cry everytime i listen to it, and even more so when I watch the video.

thank you metallica, this song gives me life. this song should be wayy up there on the list, this is a great song about war, this is the best and the saddest song about the military ever.

List. * Thank you those of those soldiers who serve our country, and fight to made our freedom enjoyable! Sad song. it's a song on how a soldier promised to come home but it's for his funeral. They have the right to say whatever they want to say. How are Dems celebrating Biden's big lead? And he falls into it. It kind of says it all. It's actually about a man who lost his son in Afghanistan and drives his truck to deal with the pain. Also, mistakes happen in war, and i think that is more what he is talking about versus soldiers violating UCMJ. American Soldier – Toby Keith It's One Thing... to protest, demonstrate, and disagree inside the U.S.....and it's a different thing when you're a public figure (like a Popular Band)... and tell Foreigners that you're Ashamed of Calling your President... a Texan. He told a crowd at a concert it was about his dad dying. Ive deployed 3 times and fought and seen my share.

I've known recruits of all kinds and country was always a factor. They supported our troops, just not our president. I play it every year at this time.Some people just don't understand that when I listen to songs like this one it makes me feel like I am just one step closer to my dad, who I never even got the choose to met because he died a month before I was born. They opened up for Lacuna Coil.

trust. For no greater gift has man, than to lay down his life for love. You belittle my service and all soliders with your rants. He uses very direct phrases, e.g.

What do you like more 80s country,90s country or the last 20 years of country music?

For soldiers going to war, remember those left behind. These are the most popular top 10 soldier songs recorded to date. Soldier – Eminem This song talks about the soldier fighting for his life and the scars he bears from his experiences in war. I'd drift on back to sleep without another sound. My uncle was a green beret. It refers to the failed 1916 Easter uprising in Ireland, and how some folk still can't let go of the hate and bitterness even after several generations, using it to justify to continuing the violence.

Needs to be higher! Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. They have always supported the members of the armed services.

This song is so heart wrenching.

About giving your all for your country, should be higher up! I want to thank all of the soldiers that commented in this song. the video has nothing to do with the meaning. I'm glad people appreciate my work. My father was an army ranger, and when I was smaller even to the age of 15 I always wanted to do what he did. As an infantry soldier this song is all facts. Then through the mist I saw a light and mother in her chair, And I reached down to pet old Tige but he wasn't there, I'm thankful Mom you had old Tige these three lonely years. This song is a military song. Just because a music videos usually alter the true meaning of a song. This song is AMAZING and should move to the top of the list! very touching.

My dad is in training and I miss him so much I cry every time I think of him. Your email address will not be published.

Got me to thinking, cuz my mom had this song and I was young. A reminder of what we fight for, brings tears to the eyes of my grandfather who fought in WW2 every time he hears it, as well as There'll Always Be An England, i just came back from a war - Darryl Worley. it's by Bo Donaldson and the Hey woods, actually. you should never let anyone get to you, you sacrificed more than most will ever sacrifice, don't ever hate the fact that people look at you funny or make fun of you for what you sacrificed. Ive seen neighbors come ad go, but i never knew what it was truely like until a very close cousin of mine joined the national guard. But when the "devil'a clock struck midnight" we had to go back to killing. Every time I hear this song it evokes real emotions, and things I cannot express in words alone. Ive noticed most of the people who dont like this song arent fighting men. Beautiful.

It was written in the aftermath of the War of Las Malvinas ?

it pulled me through my boyfriends deployment, even if it's one of the saddest. Ive been singing this song for as long as i can remember. This song is not about a young man leaving for war. Soldier Side – System of a Down Brendon's voice is amazing and the song is wonderful.

I have a similar situation but my dad died nd every time I drive his truck it makes me feel like he's right there with me RIP Dad, I feel the same way my uncle Johnny is in the army he's in Afghanistan right now his daughters 1st my cousins 11th and my 16th birthday yesterday.. This. Tear-jerker.

My son told me about this song; it really got to me. But doing so in the Homeland (United States) is One Thing. So maybe you should be a little more grateful to those who are risking and even giving their lives for your freedom, even if it takes them away from their families. and i think thats what they were getting at. Genre – Rock, 3. They played this song at my brother's going away party before he deployed. However it is from the soldiers point of view and it may not be all but it may be some who like and understand and those of u who do congrats. do your research before you comment, not even close, about the lead singers dad dying of cancer. your amazing and i love you all ! Also, I am doing this song for the husbands that never got the chance to be back with their family.

He realises that doing all of the things he did, didn't make him a hero of war. Thats why I love this song so much. It is about a soldier coming home on leave missing his wife and child. Take it as a compliment because you made it back and not all can say that.

I think the Lord was sending Tige and I followed where he led, Knowing well without his help that I'd be good as dead, Tige inched along this way and that going rough and slow. Whoever said that the title is the only thing having to do with a soldier is retarded..."Its all over...for this unknown soldier" The war is finally over in his head because death is the only escape for battle. And bring them safely home. I put alot of effort,into writing just a dream. The story is about a soldier that comes home from the Vietnam(?) Heard it on country radio--gave me chills and I sent to my friends in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Please share below so that we can add it. He was a very quite, and tortured man. it remids me of my dad when he was deployed. he breaks down. this song is a good song...and when u have a family menber in .

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