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[63] From 1941 to the end of 1943, population dropped from 3 million to less than 600,000, as people died in battles, starved to death or were evacuated during the Siege of Leningrad. Official throughout the Russian Federation according to Article 68.1 of the. [74] The superior executive body is the Saint Petersburg City Administration, led by the city governor (mayor before 1996). SKIF focuses on experimental pop music and avant garde music, Electro-Mechanica on electronic music, and Ethnomechanica on world music. "Allegro" is known for suffering some big technical problems from time to time, which sometimes result in significant delays and even cancellation of tourists' trips. In 2006 the city legislature re-approved Matviyenko as governor. Swedish colonists built Nyenskans, a fortress at the mouth of the Neva River in 1611, in what was then called Ingermanland, which was inhabited by Finnic tribe of Ingrians. A winter minimum of −35.9 °C (−32.6 °F) was recorded in 1883. Among the believers, the overwhelming majority of the residents of the city are Orthodox (57.5%), followed by small minority communities of Muslims (0.7%), Protestants (0.6%), and Catholics (0.5%), and Buddhists (0.1%). In 1725, Peter died at age fifty-two. 25 October] 1917, the Bolsheviks, led by Vladimir Lenin, stormed the Winter Palace in an event known thereafter as the October Revolution, which led to the end of the post-Tsarist provisional government, the transfer of all political power to the Soviets, and the rise of the Communist Party.

Solemn descriptive names like "the city of three revolutions" and "the cradle of the October revolution" used in Soviet-era are reminders of the pivotal events in national history that occurred here.

The 1994 Goodwill Games were also held here. The oldest ones is LIVIZ (founded in 1897). Onegin (1999) is based on the Pushkin poem and showcases many tourist attractions. In the 1920s and 1930s, the poor outskirts were reconstructed into regularly planned boroughs. Legends of the club include Alexander Belov and Vladimir Kondrashin. In 1972 Boris Grebenshchikov founded the band Aquarium, which later grew to huge popularity.

Mean annual precipitation amounts to about 25 inches (634 mm), with the summer being the wettest period. In 2008 the first two berths opened at the New Passenger Port on the west of the island. At that time it included the Leningrad Suburban District, some parts of which were transferred back to Leningrad Oblast in 1936 and turned into Vsevolozhsky District, Krasnoselsky District, Pargolovsky District and Slutsky District (renamed Pavlovsky District in 1944). The Siege of Leningrad proved one of the longest, most destructive, and most lethal sieges of a major city in modern history.

It is Russia's second-largest city after Moscow. [citation needed].

The city is remembered as the scene of the February (March, New Style) and October (November, New Style) Revolutions of 1917 and for its fierce defense while besieged during World War II. ", "Jean-Baptiste Le Blond, architect in St. Petersburg, Russia", "The common characteristic of Saint-Petersburg", "Ленинградская область в целом: Административно-территориальное деление Ленинградской области", "The Russian historian giving Stalin's victims back their identity", "Russian Photos Trace Images of Mortality and Memory", "CАНКТ ПЕТЕРБУРГ ВАЛОВОЙ РЕГИОНАЛЬНЫЙ ПРОДУКТ в 1998–2003 гг", "Newsline - June 14, 1996 Yeltsin Signs More Power-Sharing Agreements", "The Rise and Fall of Power-Sharing Treaties Between Center and Regions in Post-Soviet Russia", "Will Saint Petersburg share the same fate as Moscow?

The city has 221 museums, 2000 libraries, more than 80 theatres, 100 concert organizations, 45 galleries and exhibition halls, 62 cinemas and around 80 other cultural establishments. With the emancipation of the serfs undertaken by Alexander II in 1861 and an Industrial Revolution, the influx of former peasants into the capital increased greatly. [77] The Constitutional Court of Russia moved to Saint Petersburg from Moscow in May 2008. Buses carry up to three million passengers daily, serving over 250 urban and a number of suburban bus routes. [45] This agreement was abolished on 4 April 2002.[46]. The minorities of Germans, Poles, Finns, Estonians and Latvians were almost completely transferred from Leningrad during the 1930s. The project was not completed but is evident in the layout of the streets. The shipping company St Peter Line operates two ferries that sail from Helsinki to St Petersburg and from Stockholm to St Petersburg.[117].

A number of canals also have been cut to assist drainage. Omissions? Updates? Among the city's more than fifty theatres is the Mariinsky Theatre (formerly known as the Kirov Theatre), home to the Mariinsky Ballet company and opera. The largest lake is Sestroretsky Razliv in the north, followed by Lakhtinsky Razliv, Suzdal Lakes and other smaller lakes. Among his students were Igor Stravinsky, Alexander Glazounov, Anatoly Liadov and others. [24], During its first few years, the city developed around Trinity Square on the right bank of the Neva, near the Peter and Paul Fortress. [123], After the assassinations of City Property Committee chairman and vice-Governor Mikhail Manevich (1997), State Duma deputy Galina Starovoytova (1998), acting City Legislature Speaker Viktor Novosyolov (1999) and a number of prominent businesspeople, Saint Petersburg was dubbed Capital of Crime in the Russian press. Moving the city centre further from the border with Finland, Stalin adopted a plan to build a new city hall with a huge adjacent square at the southern end of Moskovsky Prospekt, designated as the new main street of Leningrad.

Other notable museums include the Central Naval Museum, and Zoological Museum, Central Soil Museum, the Russian Railway Museum, Suvorov Museum, Museum of the Siege of Leningrad, Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, the largest non-governmental Museum of contemporary art in Russia, Saint Petersburg Museum of History in the Peter and Paul Fortress and Artillery Museum, which includes not only artillery items, but also a huge collection of other military equipment, uniforms and decorations.

Today, in English the city is known as "Saint Petersburg". A newly built Terminal 1 of the Pulkovo airport was put into operation on 4 December 2013 and integrated international flights of the former terminal Pulkovo-2. On 12 May [O.S. With a population of roughly 5.4 million inhabitants,[9] it is the fourth-most populous city in Europe, the most-populous city on the Baltic Sea, as well as the northernmost metropolis in Europe and the world. The city was divided into five boroughs, and the city centre was moved to the Admiralty borough, on the east bank between the Neva and Fontanka. A law acknowledging the honorary title of "Hero City" passed on 8 May 1965 (the 20th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War), during the Brezhnev era. Here's everything you need to see, do, and eat in St. Petersburg. These included the town of Terijoki (renamed Zelenogorsk in 1948). While living in the United States, his writings in English reflected on life in Saint Petersburg from the unique perspective of being both an insider and an outsider to the city in essays such as, "A Guide to a Renamed City" and the nostalgic "In a Room and a Half".[104]. On 26 January 1924, shortly after the death of Vladimir Lenin, it was renamed to Leningrad (Russian: Ленинград, IPA: [lʲɪnʲɪnˈgrat]), meaning "Lenin's City". The authorities have recently been compelled to transfer the ownership of state-owned private residences in the city centre to private lessors. Before that, only pontoon bridges were allowed. The Naval Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Kronstadt. Greater St. Petersburg—the city itself with its satellite towns— forms a horseshoe shape around the head of the Gulf of Finland and includes the island of Kotlin in the gulf. Saint Petersburg has a single-chamber legislature, the Saint Petersburg Legislative Assembly, which is the city's regional parliament.

The climate of Saint Petersburg is close to that of Helsinki, although colder in winter and warmer in summer because of its more eastern location. The 2010 Census recorded the ethnic composition as follows:[59] Russian 80.1%, Ukrainian 1.3%, Belarusians 0.8%, Tatar 0.6%, Armenian 0.6%, Jewish 0.5%, Uzbek 0.4%, Tajik 0.3%, Azeri 0.3%, Georgian 0.2%, Moldovan 0.2%, Finns 0.1%, other – 1.3%. [80] The new port is part of the city's "Marine Facade" development project[81] and is due to have seven berths in operation by 2010.

St. Petersburg's amazing founder It was the sheer force of will of St. Petersburg's founder, the first Emperor of Russia, that in two decades saw the development of a thriving modern city where before there had been only marshland, and this was far from the only incredible achievement of Peter's 40-year reign. Вступил в силу 13 мая 2000 г. Опубликован: "Собрание законодательства РФ", No. Due to its northerly location at ca. Mravinsky's term as artistic director of the Leningrad Philharmonic—a term that is possibly the longest of any conductor with any orchestra in modern times—led the orchestra from a little-known provincial ensemble to one of the world's most highly regarded orchestras, especially for the performance of Russian music. Besides the Neva and its tributaries, other important rivers of the federal subject of Saint Petersburg are Sestra, Okhta and Izhora.

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