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The Horned King is the main antagonist of Disney's 1985 movie The Black Cauldron. As the film starts, a voice-over explains the legend of the Black Cauldron: "Legend has it, in the mystic land of Prydain, there was once a king so cruel and so evil that even the Gods feared him. [Prologue:] Legend has it, in the mystic land of Prydain. Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition (townsperson). The Black Cauldron is a 1985 animated film.

―The Horned King. But those who have not avoided it often sing the film's praises, rather than singling it out as one of the weakest animated features in the studio's canon. in the film however, he is spared till the last movie and gets stabbed and beheaded by dallben. Since no prison could hold him, he was thrown alive into a crucible of molten iron. The antlers are presumably where he gets his name.Arawn sends the Horned King to capture the oracular pig name… Horned King The Black Cauldron was then taken away by the Witches of Morva, possibly to make sure that it will be never found again. For uncounted centuries, the Black Cauldron lay hidden, waiting, while evil men searched for it, knowing whoever possessed it would have the power to resurrect an army of deathless warriors, and with them, rule the world.".

There his demonic spirit was captured in the form of a great Black Cauldron. Since no prison could hold him, he was thrown alive into a crucible of molten iron. The Black Cauldron is a cursed artefact that can resurrect an army of deathless warriors. In addition; "Once Upon a Halloween" displays Arawn coming into the possession of a potential client, whom upon attempting to repent, he promptly devours her whole. The Horned King is described as a huge man wearing armor (except for his arms, which are naked and stained crimson), a red cape and an antlered skull mask.

He was the first Disney villain to die in the film since Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty. Darkwing Duck (Cameo)House Of Mouse Wickedpedia is a FANDOM Movies Community.

The mainantagonist was originally to be Arawn.

The spirit of Arawn, an evil king, is imprisoned in it.

Other names Disney War Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community.

In The Chronicles of Prydain series, the Horned King appears only in the first book \"The Book of Three\". but before he could tell anyone, the horned king almost finds him in the chambers but fails at it because he is heard from creeper that the cauldron was found so he leaves. However, the animators felt people would like him better since he had horns (such as Maleficent and Chernabog). the horned king sat on his chair strangling creeper because he lied and as before, he calmed down and swore the children would die if the cauldron is not found. the horned king is also seen earlier trapping the young James several years earlier. Feature films He tries many ways to find the cauldron such as Eilonwy's magical floating bauble and Taran's oracular pig, Hen Wen. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition (townsperson)

in the book of three, the horned king is a war champion and sent to find the oracular pig but when said his name, he dies.'s Top 30 Disney Villains Countdown,, His late voice actor, John Hurt, sounds like Tirek, an equally dark evil villain from G1. He is Arawn's champion and the War Leader of Annuvin.

The Black Cauldron is a cursed artefact that can resurrect an army of deathless warriors.

Tired of this, James tried to attack but got stabbed by the king,s sword and Billy got his head off trying to kick and stab the evil lich in the stomach and just to be mean, he also kills the friend.

After the Horned King unleashes his army of Cauldron Born, Gurgi flings himself into the cauldron to stop the army. in this series, the horned king has a much bigger role than last time in fact, most say even though he is the villain, he is actually the main character! However, the fanfiction Donald and the Black Cauldron shows a coalition of Shady Sides stealing the cauldron from the Witches of Morva and once more trying to use it for dark purposes. His main goal was to find the Black Cauldron and use its power to unleash an army of immortal warriors called the Cauldron Born. Since no prison could hold him, he was thrown alive into a crucible of molting iron.


he told the brothers, he could revive the lost ones only if they find the cauldron so they go out and do it while he lazily watches up on his castle throne.the Horned King also shares many similarties with Carface from All Dogs go to Heaven both are the films main antagonist and both desire to get what they want the Horned King plots to get his hands on the Black Cauldron and use its powers to conquire the world Carface plots to kill his business partner Charlie and run the casino himself and use Anne Maries abilities to communicate with animals to make a fortune and both often abuse their minons when their plans fail the Horned King Creeper and Carface Killer and both of their lairs collasp after their demises the Horned Kings castle self destructs after the Horned King is destroyed by the Black Cauldron and Carfaces Casino sinks to the bottom of the river after Carface is eaten offscreen by King Gator and both their minons are seen after their bosses death Creeper is seen flying away on a gwypthiant mocking the fall of his former master and Killer is seen pushing Anne Marie safely to shore from the burning ship.

The Black Cauldron has never been widely resounded with audiences.

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