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Her house was full, with three friends already staying and two more soon to arrive, because she was a giver: generous and open-hearted. Huber died on June 29. Tim’s students knew he climbed. When he had arrived in Yosemite there were just two 5.10s. Using gestures, the officer ordered John to remove his film from the camera. Tim’s students knew he climbed but they had no idea what Tim and Jason Wells would routinely throw down in their manic Valley weekends. Jim Herson offers this update to his obituary: Last spring Tim’s 13-year-old son, Levi, got a baby pig, Sarge. Among other writings are “In Thanks” and “Nerve Wrack Point” in the classic compendium Games Climbers Play, edited by Ken Wilson, of the famous Mountain magazine in the UK.

She worked at the climbing wall on campus, setting routes and moderating competitions. The end of many a day would find us at The Stockade, the bar-restaurant where wait staff included Bob’s lovely wife to be, Jennifer “Jenny” Kelley Brennan. Even though she would have never referred to herself as a feminist, her incredibly independent life reflected just that quality.

Analytics, and a terrific climber in the period just post the so-named Golden Years of Yosemite and California climbing in the 1960s.

“I remember the first time I saw him demonstrating his new-fangled Friends on Tomorrow’s World by jumping off Millstone. After that I saw Huntley only when I was in Boulder for climbing. On your turn, you may manipulate a single block and attempt to make as many steps laterally or upwardly as possible. After she officially retired from the trade to dedicate her life to the Himalayan Database, Elizabeth continued to cover Nepalese affairs for ambassadors, entrepreneurs and development officials. A fund has been set up in her name to support upcoming female guides in the CSGA.

The traditionalist knows there is a time and place to give up.”. Known for her sharpness and her formidable interrogation skills, she would grill every mountaineer coming back from a Nepalese expedition peak trying to establish whether he or she really did what they claimed. She is a junior math major at UCLA. As American climber Pete Takeda put it for an article in Rock and Ice, “If there was a Mount Rushmore of American climbers, Jeff Lowe’s face would easily rate Jefferson’s spot. My wife, Betsy, and I moved from Tucson to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in 1975, and I met David a couple of years later. Jason would talk about learning to climb with his Uncle Jim, and how he valued those early experiences. [9] One of the issues is if the height is from the rock summit or includes the ice and snow, which can add a significant amount of height.

… [Read the full obituary here]. Tim told her she could get through it. She off-handedly responded,  “Well, I can’t. He wrote the article and took the photos then published in the November 1962 issue. Tim’s fundamental guiding principle was deceptively simple: make others better. She had so much energy she would run or skin up a mountain before a full day of patrolling. when he died on June 2 in a fall from El Capitan with his close friend and climbing partner Tim Klein.

Photo: Bruce Normand.

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