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Rush goalie. Stavros and another Whitehouse-Higson creation, Loadsamoney, became hugely popular and Paul and Charlie suddenly found themselves as overnight comedy sensations. John Thompson played plenty of wonderful characters on the show, but his finest was comfortably Louis Balfour, the ice-cool host of “Jazz Club”. … Perched by the fireside with a drink firmly in hand, his incoherent stories are punctuated with the odd  unexpected phrase which always raised more questions than it solved.

many others, who, despite their sketchy and gritty beginnings, became the 'cult characters' and cherished all around the world.

He ended up on the same estate as his old friend Whitehouse and an up-and-coming comedian, Harry Enfield. The Meaning of Red – Doctor Who Short Trips 10.10 audio review, Doctor Who writers book collection: Adventures in Lockdown, The electric costumes of Doctor Who Series 12. He may veer off on some unintelligible tangents, but Ron ultimately always comes back to that indelible comforting image, “young boys, in the park, jumpers for goalposts. The Fast Show loosely relies on catchphrases, long-running gags, and character comedy , which influenced shows such as The Catherine Tate Show and Little Britain. The fun comes it waiting to see exactly how it will happen. Jeremy Cheatham shares his hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, with ‘Fast N’ Loud’ co-cast, Richard Rawlings. The ballad of Ted and Ralph is one of unrequited love and unspoken affection. This time that involves the pair meeting a customer who gives as good as he gets, much to their obvious disappointment. was a BBC comedy sketch show programme that ran for three seasons from 1994 to 1997 Hedrick and Haaland also serve as the show's showrunners.
They’re very simply shot as talking heads, otherwise it would look like we were trying to recreate that time again and we’re too old for that. quiz show Shooting Stars and the second called "The Fast Show - Farewell Tour" in 2002.

series. The series is produced executively by Tim Hedrick, Bret Haaland, Vin Diesel, Neal Moritz, and Chris Morgan. The trio would meet down the pub and try to make each other laugh.

This page has been archived and is no longer updated. The Fast Show is set to be revived for a one-off special later this year.. 'The Ultimate Fast Show Collection' was released in October 2007, and a special show was held at the Dominion Theatre in London, featuring recreations of some old sketches and new material. The Fast Show. However, they disagreed with Whitehouse and Higson's view that it should not be 'the Paul Whitehouse Show' and that they should assemble an ensemble cast of relative unknowns. In 2007, it was announced that the BBC and 2entertain were to release a box set of every episode of the Fast Show, and some kind of reunion was planned. All of them solid gold, but all too often overlooked. Meanwhile, Higson continued his studies and graduated in 1980. The Fast Show loosely relies on catchphrases, long-running gags, and character comedy, However, he did not see himself as a natural writer,and asked Higson, who had a word processor, to help him.

It was in 1977 when two young punks by the names of Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson met at the University of East Anglia in Norwich. The close bond between Ted and Ralph represents a rare foray into genuine poignancy for the show too, and while the will they/won’t they tale of repressed attraction is hilarious to watch, it can also be strangely heartbreaking. The Fast Show ran for three series and a Christmas special. It’s testament to The Fast Show’s incredible depth of quality that narrowing this list down to a manageable number proved to be so exceedingly difficult. There followed a 'Farewell Tour' in 2003, after which the cast parted again.

'The Last Fast Show Ever' was broadcast over three nights in the festive period, and gave many characters fitting endings, including Ted and Ralph getting together. Affable country gent Ralph tried repeatedly to spend time with his loyal handyman Ted and the excruciating awkwardness it generated saw Charlie Higson and Paul Whitehouse on sparkling form. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, the clamour for more became irresistible, and the cast reunited for a special in 2000. In December 1993 the programme was commissioned under the working title 'The Fast Show' (which was disliked by both creators but remained the title because, according to Whitehouse, 'we either couldn't be bothered or weren't talented enough to think of another one.'). They also wanted to keep the show fresh and not destroy its legacy. On iPlayer. They decided to pursue this path, and wrote a series of sitcom pilots- including 'Dead at Thirty', which featured their future colleague Mark Williams in the main role- which all bombed. Billy Bleach: The ultimate pub know-it-all whose attempts at making change is mesmerising to watch unfold.. Dave Angel Eco-Warrior: Admit it, your singing his theme tune right now aren’t you? Fast Show DVDs, Videos and audio cassettes are available from the BBC Shop and other online retailers. They spent most of their time performing in their band, the Right Hand Lovers. And so a beautiful partnership was born. The show had two national tours: The Fast Show Live in 1998, with the cast of the BBC spoof Therefore, they decided to put the show on hiatus, apart from a national tour, 'The Fast Show Live' in 1998. which influenced shows such as The Catherine Tate Show and Little Britain. The couple’s greatest moment came when Ralph interrupted Ted and his pals in the pub and delivered some extremely difficult news, all while also getting involved in their raucous drinking game. Therefore, the duo became prominent writers on 'Harry Enfield's Television Programme'. On TV.

The masters of the not-so-subtle innuendo, these two tailors, played to campy perfection by Paul Whitehouse and Mark Williams, are relentless in their dedication to smutty insinuation. Roy and Renee: Poor put-upon Roy can’t help but put his foot in it with his motor-mouthed wife.

“Far cry from small boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts. Relentlessly suave and unapologetically pretentious, Balfour introduced us to a cavalcade of oddities over the years.

Yes, it turns out that season 14 was Aaron Kaufman’s last with the series. The first series introduced characters such as Unlucky Alf, Billy Bleach, Bob Fleming, As it turned out, Enfield had just been given his own BBC show. Ron Manager is a glorious amalgamation of various old-school football pundits who hark back to a rose-tinted yesteryear and who speak almost exclusively in cliches. When he appears on screen with his long-suffering and eternally patient wife Katie (Arabella Weir), you know the peace and tranquility will soon be broken. These are the characters who were not only always hysterical but also without whom the show simply wouldn’t have been the same…, “Tomato – Ted – aubergine – your – potato – wife’s – turnip – dead.”. The show had two national tours: The Fast Show Live in 1998, with the cast of the BBC spoof quiz show Shooting Stars and the second called "The Fast Show - Farewell Tour" in 2002. Swiss Toni: The man who can make literally anything be about making love to a beautiful woman. Ken and Kenneth (The "Suit You" Tailors), Ted and Ralph, Ron Manager, Arthur Atkinson and So, they went back to the BBC, who appeared to have a change of heart. However, the reaction to series one was muted at best; the show was panned by critics and a ratings flop, and it was in danger of being cancelled. Like most reality stars that go shows, Aaron Kaufman’s reason for leaving the show is very similar to having some time-off and rediscovering himself. Aaron Kaufman technically is a former Fast N’ Loud cast member as he left the show in 2018.

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