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Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. Lee is an iconic villain yet this role calls more for obscure or mysterious than frightening or sinister. | Rating: 3/5, August 24, 2007 And Lee, while loving the film to his grave, never considered it horror. | Top Critics (11) .would be to ruin the twist! Allow Facebook friends to see your upcoming events? No commitments, cancel anytime. HOW DOES A SECRET MOVIE CLUB SEASON PASS WORK: If you buy a Secret Movie Club All-Access Season Pass (access to all movies we’re showing within one season), you get entrance into every single movie we show throughout that time (including any screenings or special events we may announce at a later time; so your value may increase!). .we can offer complimentary tickets to future screenings (as long as they haven't already sold out & aren't special differently priced events). Saturday, July 18, 2020 @ 8p, Netflix Streaming Service: THE WICKER MAN (1973, dir by Robin Hardy/written by Anthony Schaeffer, streaming, UK, 100 mns).

THE WICKER MAN, we humbly submit, accomplishes both these things. Always allow yourself 20 extra minutes to find parking. |, March 22, 2020 When you purchase the 5-Pack just write us at: before the 1st screening of that season and name the 5 movies you would like to see. If you are planning on attending, consider pre-purchasing a $6 All-Day Validated Parking Pass (which we offer as an Add-On for all Million Dollar Events). Sylvester K Super Reviewer May 13, 2014 [Full review in Spanish]. Directed by Robin Hardy. There are many great public transportation options near the Vista & Los Feliz 3 including a Metro subway stop at the Vermont/Sunset station which is about 4 blocks from both the Vista & Los Feliz 3 Theater. BUT. Sergeant Howie (Edward Woodward) arrives on the small Scottish island of Summerisle to investigate the report of a missing child. We always save you a seat. An outsider is lured to the cheery summertime frolics of a pagan festival – all Maypole dances, flowers in the hair, and libations downed with no questions asked.

This film is not so much a horror film as it is an unusual mystery about a clash of cultures that defy understanding, and within one region of one nation. I liked the cast; Woodward is perfectly cast, even better than the well-known Christopher Lee. Michael Sheen, the island’s mad prophet, knowingly stepped into Lee’s shoes to complete The Wicker Man bingo card more than Midsommar.

Along with a handful of other films in the post-hippie era, including Witchfinder General and The Blood on Satan’s Claw, it essentially founded a subgenre, “folk horror”, which brought new and queasy possibilities to ancient rites and timeless British settings. He unearthed old superstitions by drawing on all aspects of British pagan history, from maypoles to Morris dancing, wanting to explore the temptation to go wild but also the apprehension, in a Christian age, of mortal sin and its consequences. We want to keep this very reasonable since folks have to have Netflix to start with.

In respect to our origins (and because the programmer is superstitious), we will always announce our upcoming seasons, special events, and speakers via the email list first before posting to any other social media. The Wicker Man is one of a kind – a slow-burning cult sensation, practically disowned by its producers on original release, which has built up its myth in fits and starts. It’s always better to just write us directly at: to inquire about tickets. All you have to do is come to our table ahead of each movie or event, give us your name, and get your ticket. Here, he’s horrified to discover that the inhabitants have abandoned Christianity and are practising a form of Celtic paganism – but little does he know what shape their next sacrifice is going to take and how personally he is threatened by it. It archaic, today, like a pagan cult Brady Bunch.

In some rare instances, a film print will arrive to us in such poor condition that we deem it will be more distracting than entertaining.

Coming Soon, Regal While Cinemafantastique termed The Wicker Man "the Citizen Kane" of horror films, I believe this is an excellent and fascinating film but that designation is pure hyperbole. The Wicker Man - Rent Movies and TV Shows on DVD and Blu-ray. OTHER QUESTIONS/COMMENTS: You can always email us at: or send a message through our Facebook page: @secretmovieclub35mm. We won’t be able to verify your ticket today, but it’s great to know for the future. Click that link then click the NP in upper right hand corner. Important Warning: Never buy tickets from anyone you do not know personally. There are short musical numbers that almost come out of nowhere and they just don't fit, and moments that could have been tense and dramatic often come off as purposely silly. When the gobsmackingly dreadful 2006 remake with Nicolas Cage came out, the modest strengths of Hardy’s film suddenly seemed all the more obvious, because that version strained rabidly to be a thriller in all the places where his had held back. Besides being a great horror film, The Wicker Man is a marvelous time capsule of the 1970s. These passes are available up to the start time of the first screening of a season at We screen our movies in the mornings, in the evenings, and at 11:59p at night.

. The fact that this bizarrely earnest, unpolished, unevenly acted film is so widely imitated as a genre favourite is one of its odder miracles.


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