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On October 7, 2016, Edgar Matobato was turned over by Senator Antonio Trillanes to the Philippine National Police after an arrest warrant was issued to him. A 1981 allegation by McGehee about CIA involvement in the. [173], She has since been active in whistleblower advocacy, speaking at the 2019 celebration of National Whistleblower Day. [171][172] When Enron was investigated by Congress, Watkins testified about the fraud at Enron and her experience going to Lay about the issues in the company. It took the OSC four years to vindicate Levernier, ruling that the Department's retaliation was illegal – but the OSC could not reinstate Levernier's security clearance, so he was unable to regain work in nuclear security.

SEC whistleblowers are encouraged to file claims with the SEC for any incidents they believe are illicit or illegal, and rest assured they can do so anonymously if they prefer. More recently, the fearless Masbatena said she has obtained information that would shed light on the infamous "tanim-bala" (planting of bullets) scheme at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), which has been going on since 2012. Settlement Agreement. After she raised concerns about this to Cullo and USAGM chief of staff Emily Newman, Lennon says, she lost her access to classified information in a “clear and explicit retaliatory action.”, Controversial hires have continued despite the criticism. An advocate of women's rights, she also uncovered the sex for flight scandal which victimized several female Overseas Filipino Workers in the Middle East.

Following the split of the international organization hundreds of congregations, schools would change their affiliation with the organization.

This will usually be something you’ve seen at work - though not always. The City became the target of two federal investigations[188] and in November 2006, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission entered an order sanctioning the City of San Diego for committing securities fraud.[188].

Percival filed a Qui Tam Whistleblower claim under seal in 7/2011 alleging that USIS had defrauded the U.S. Government by submitting unfinished background investigations to the government for payment. No. Qwest was the only telecommunications company to require, Swiss tobacco control advocates and alumni from the University of Geneva who revealed the secret ties of, Radack, a DOJ lawyer, told Newsweek that the DOJ both lied about and destroyed documents regarding, Dr. David Lewis was a senior research microbiologist with the, Marvin Hobby was a top ranking corporate officer at, In 2001, Dr. Aaron Westrick was the research director for, John Roberts was a former Unit Chief in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s, Richard Maok Riaño Botina AKA "@hackerFiscalia", Attorney General's Office - Technical Investigation Unit (CTI), "A former computer expert in the attorney general's office, Richard Maok, has been transferred from his job after compiling data documenting that phone calls from inside the attorney general's office had been made to the phones of presumed paramilitary members in northeast Colombia. CIV-94-1357-A).

In 2009 Moore spoke out about his warnings to the, Exposed the SEC's failure to pursue investigation of.

Turner, who testified in front of Congress last week, also alleges that Pack “crossed the firewall” that is meant to protect the journalistic independence of USAGM’s news networks from political interference, including by removing an Urdu journalist who had done a piece on former Vice President Joe Biden.

06-4004 (Eastern District Pennsylvania), Political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union, French National Centre for Scientific Research, Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union, High-speed Anti-Radiation Missile (HARM) missile, French Institute for Research and Security, United States Environmental Protection Agency, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), Maralinga: Australia's Nuclear Waste Cover-up, British atomic bomb test site at Maralinga, Winter Olympic bid scandal for the 2002 Salt Lake City games, United States Securities and Exchange Commission, High & Dry: John Howard, Climate Change and the Selling of Australia's Future, Scorcher: The Dirty Politics of Climate Change, House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, National Security Whistleblowers Coalition, Canadian House of Commons's finance committee, United States Transportation Security Administration, United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Philippines Jueteng (illegal numbers game) whistleblower, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, United States Department of Homeland Security, U.S Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, Russia's involvement in the 2016 United States presidential election, Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, "A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation: U.S. Congressional Documents and Debates, 1774–1875", "West Kirby anti-slavery campaigner Edmund Dene Morel is remembered with memorial windows at West Kirby Library", "Pearl Harbor Review – The Black Chamber – NSA/CSS", "Hall of Honor 1999 Inductee – Herbert O. Yardley – NSA/CSS", "The Man Who Told FDR About the Holocaust", "John Paul Vann Lieutenant Colonel, United States Army", "After 30 Years of Silence, the Original NSA Whistleblower Looks Back", "Psychiatry in post-communist Ukraine: dismantling the past, paving the way for the future", "Watergate and the Two Lives of Mark Felt: Roles as FBI Official, 'Deep Throat' Clashed".

Roger D. Wensil was America’s first nationally recognized whistleblower at a nuclear weapons facility. Escobar Qui Tam Rewards", "Trillanes: PNP custody of Matobato 'temporary, "Treasury Official Charged With Leaking Bank Reports to Journalist", "Treasury official charged with leaking records related to Russia probe", "Treasury employee charged with leaking financial info on Trump team was arrested with flash drive in hand, prosecutors say", "Whistle-Blower Is a C.I.A.

He was then transferred from Sweden to a position in New Jersey, a change that he characterized as a retaliatory demotion. 1395nn or the Anti-Kickback Statute at 42 U.S.C. If the total amount collected is less than $2 million, or if the individual makes less than $200,000 a year, the IRS whistleblower can only earn up to 15% of the total amount of back taxes collected. The SEC notes that potential SEC whistleblowers phone the office frequently, to ask if they should report an act, or update information on a complaint that has already been submitted. While some argue that the programs that Snowden discussed were, in fact, illegal and/or unconstitutional, they are actually technically legal under the law.

Joins Whistle-Blower Suit Over Background Probes", "DOJ joins whistleblower suit against company that vetted Snowden, Alexis", "Nzobonimpa Manasse aravuga ko umutekano we ubangamiwe", "Secret Recordings Expose Cozy Relationship Between Goldman Sachs and the NY Fed", "SEC Rocked By Lurid Sex-and-Corruption Lawsuit", "Investigation into Misuse of Resources and Violations of Information Technology Security Policies within the Division of Trading and Markets", "NYSE hires former Homeland Security chief", "Chinese Army Unit Is Seen as Tied to Hacking Against U.S.", "Edward Snowden comes forward as source of NSA leaks", "Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations", "Part of Witness K lawyer Bernard Collaery's trial will be heard in secret", "Meet John Tye: the kinder, gentler, and by-the-book whistleblower", "How One Stubborn Banker Exposed a $200 Billion Russian Money-Laundering Scandal", "How one man uncovered a money-laundering scheme involving $230 billion", "Howard Wilkinson | Danske Bank Whistleblower - Kohn, Kohn & Colapinto", "Explainer: Danske Bank's 200 billion euro money laundering scandal", "Danske Bank whistleblower testifies at European Parliament", "Howard Wilkinson testimony before Danish Parliament - Q/A with Stephen Kohn Whistleblower Attorney", "How the Danske Bank money laundering scheme involving $230 billion unraveled", "Panama Law Firm's Leaked Files Detail Offshore Accounts Tied to World Leaders", "Supreme Court to review 'implied certification' in Medicaid suits", "Escobar Supreme Ct Ruling Expands False Claims Liability | Universal Health Services", "Universal Health Services v. U.S. ex rel.

Sandra Martinez Cam, who is a native of Batuan, Masbate, Philippines rose to fame after exposing several scams involving public officials and agencies in the Philippine government. Shortly after accepting the position, Snowden leaked thousands of classified NSA documents to the media regarding, among other things, surveillance tactics being employed by the U.S. government on its citizens.

Snowden formerly worked for both Dell (the computer company), and the CIA, before being hired by an NSA contractor in 2013. Another of the six officials who filed the complaint, Marie Lennon, who was director of management services, alleges that the Office of Personnel Management had said that USAGM had exceeded its authority in trying to hire four new staffers for temporary positions and that she was worried that Pack was bringing these people on board to “politicize” USAGM.

He testified against the HMO industry in the U.S. Senate as a whistleblower. ", "Swiss Banker Blows Whistle on Tax Evasion", "Swiss whistleblower Rudolf Elmer plans to hand over offshore banking secrets of the rich and famous to WikiLeaks", "Julian Assange vows to reveal tax details of 2,000 wealthy people", "Swiss banker Elmer re-arrested over Wikileaks charges". In 2011, Manasse Nzobonimpa made allegations accusing a group of officials of the Burundi Government (including the President Pierre, Pandhare was a bureaucrat belonging to the Irrigation Department in the Indian state of, Carmen Segarra discovered that Goldman Sachs did not have a conflict of interest policy when it advised, In May 2012 Meikar published an article, admitting that he had donated cash to Estonian Reform Party in 2009 and 2010, coming from unknown sources and given him by co-politician, In 2012 Deltour's leaking of 28,000 pages of confidential documents revealing how multinational companies routed funds to lower corporate tax bills, gave rise to the, Former State Department official John Tye released an editorial in.

Magnitsky had alleged there had been a large-scale theft from the Russian state sanctioned and carried out by Russian officials. The same month that Snowden leaked the documents, he fled to Russia, as the U.S. Department of Justice filed charges against him for stealing governmental property, and for violating the Espionage Act of 1917.

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